Old Shale

Pattern: Old Shale Shawl by Amanda Clark

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Colour # 51108

Needles: U.S. #10 / 6mm circs

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I was asked to knit a prayer shawl for someone in need recently. I was given a pretty plain knit and purl pattern but it seemed a bit boring and monotonous.

I wanted to knit something that would be unique to the recipient. A shawl they probably hadn’t come across before keeping in mind that it had to be big enough to wrap up in and keep them cosy.

This shawl fit the bill exactly. Old Shale is a free pattern on Ravelry and knits up quickly on 6mm’s with worsted weight yarn. I think this would make a wonderful blanket style shawl with a bulky yarn too.

Choosing a colour to knit into a shawl for someone you have never met can me a lengthey process. My LYS said people most often chose purple for prayer shawls so I knew I wanted to skip the purple if I was trying to make this shawl unique. I picked out a few colour options and then let my trusty side kick have the final say. Hopefully the recipient likes pink.

I used Berroco Vintage so the shawl would be easy to take care of. It’s washable and I won’t have to worry about someone throwing it in the wash and shrinking it into something T sized.

I will definitely keep this pattern in mind for future prayer shawls.

Hopefully this shawl will bring much comfort to its new owner.

11 thoughts on “Old Shale

  1. That is gorgeous! My aunt was diagnosed with cancer, this is her third battle with is horrible disease. This pattern is perfect for a prayer shawl. Thank you Kelky for such continued inspiration

  2. I love the photos you took, and the shawl is quite lovely. I’m knitting a baby blanket with Berroco Vintage right now. It’s not bad for 60% non wool yarn to work with. I hope the recipient likes it too.

  3. Gorgeous! You’ve opened my eyes a little – normally I steer away from triangle shawls as I don’t like the way they fit… but when they are THIS big, you can do whatever you want with them! Love it :)

  4. I love it!! What a beautiful pattern. I don’t usually like the typical triangular, cover the shoulders, shawls that I see on Ravelry. This shawl is gorgeous. Nice and big to keep you warm but still delicate and lovely as a wrap.

  5. Gorgeous colour, gorgeous shawl, love everything about it. Modified to be square wouldn’t this be a great blanket? You’re really knockin’ em out with all these FO’s!


    2nd thought when I saw the picture: How is it you live in CANADA and are wearing shorts?!?! It was almost below freezing here last night o_O

  7. This is a nice pink – not too ‘pinky’. I’m sure your shawl will bring much comfort to its recipient.

  8. What a loving, thoughtful thing to do. The color you’ve chosen paired with the pattern makes for a beautiful shawl. I absolutely love the size this turned out.

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