Knitting woes and a come back!

Things don’t seem to be going right for me knit wise this week.

Monday I realized I was using the wrong weight of yarn on a project…..

Today I realized that I made a mistake at the beginning of a shawl I started now that I’m halfway in…..

I was feeling rather frustrated about my wasted knitting time until I pulled out my blocking board to pin out this beauty!

These are the gorgeous cables from a sweater I just finished.

The pattern in Elia by Julia Trice and the yarn is the very scrumptious Colour Adventures Bella Worsted in Sour Cherry. What an amazing pairing!

All will be revealed shortly!

I can’t wait to show you the finished sweater. Its my first sweater knit with a hand dyed yarn!

I hope you have been having more lucky with your knitting than I have at the moment. Tell me, what are you knitting?

16 thoughts on “Knitting woes and a come back!

  1. Seeing your Elia in that gorgeous yarn and colorway surely overrides any knitting woes you had earlier this week!

  2. Oh, I hate it when it it feels like the knitting isn’t going smoothly! thank goodness you have a lovely cabled thing blocking, it looks gorgeous from the teaser shots.

  3. I cannot wait to see the big reveal! Your knitting is impeccable and Sour Cherry looks like such an amazing color! Hope your shawl boo-boo can be fixed

  4. oh dear. frogging reall really sucks. but your sweater looks amazing!! can’t wait for the big reveal! xoxo

  5. The color is gorgeous and the cables are wonderful. Cannot wait to see the finished article!

  6. I love the cables. Right now I am crocheting a blanket for my mom who is graduating from grad school next week. I’m almost finished.


  7. I hate when things just don’t go right with knitting. I mean, the worst thing is you rip it out and start over…it’s only knitting. But, I’m also a process knitter. I love having FOs but I’m all about the process.

    My knitting mojo just came back a bit so I’ve been working on finishing up my two socks (both second socks)…and I’ve been dreaming about what to start next :)

  8. That red is totally edible isn’t it?! It’ll look gorgeous on you – and I’m digging the cables. Oh, I HAVE to do some soon!

  9. It looks so beautiful, Kelly.
    I am right with you on the knitting woes….I have had a couple of months of knitting and frogging!

  10. hi kelly, those cables are gorgeous and that color is so rich and juicy! sorry about the knitting woes, those are the worst. you asked what we are knitting….i’m working on Sibella in a little KAL with Stephanie at Millefeuilles and I also started a baby cardi, and waiting impatiently to get started is a summer shruggy thing. I’ve gone all polygamous. hope you have a better knitting week ahead.

  11. I know that feeling all too well. Sometime I lose my sewing knack, or my cooking knack, or my knitting knack. SO frustrating. But the good news is that eventually, it comes back.
    Working on my Vodka Lemonage sweater (ravelled here: and also need to sew up my Whispering Rose vest ( Summer is almost here, and then I hope to complete them!

  12. What a gorgeous combination! Amazing how much knitting you managed given the renovation work going on (which is going to be SO worth it, I’m sure!)

  13. Wow, what a beauty. I love the juicy colour.

    I’m working on a sample for Carrie Bostick Hodge in Quince and Co’s yummy Lark (yes, I’m lucky!)

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