Things have been a tad busy up on the Ridge.

For the last week and a half I’ve been busy doing something  I really enjoy……

Ripping and Tearing!

We’ve started phase one of renovations on our house. It will probably take all summer to complete working at it when we can. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see the end result but its going to be slow going as we piece things together.

The first thing that needed to get done was to tear things down.

This week I removed two small decks and a porch off the front of the house by myself.

 *Ice cream breaks included*

Thankfully Moose was home to help rip off the side decks because they were stubborn, and we wanted to save as much wood as we could for a future project.

*The Tiny Carpenter at work*

Everything needs to be off and cleared out by Monday morning because we have a rented toy coming that’s going to get some major play time this week.

I’ll be checking in when I can to show you the progress. I still have WIP’s and FO’s to share too so hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to throw those in as well.

14 thoughts on “Demolition

  1. Wow, that seems like a lot of work but it will be so beautiful in the end! I love following works in progress!

  2. I know you are excited about it, but I don’t envy you. Been there, done that. Can’t wait to see it finished though. Great weather for this kind of work too right now.

  3. From what I’ve seen you guys have such an awesome place! I’m jealous! Even better that you have ability to fix it up yourself.

    Is spring still being stubborn up there? We’ve had snow 3 out of 4 days in May so far.

  4. If I wasn’t impressed enough by your amazing knitting skills, now I’m completely in awe of your ripping skills, too!

  5. Kelly, just look at you !!! THere you go !!!! Hey, I am very familiar with this kind of work, as we built our house, and there was a half decade where I wore a tool-belt most all the weekend and had buff arms from a big hammer !
    Will you and Moose do a major remodel? How fun!!!! How fun for T too !!! Nice to catch up, it’s been a while . :) xx

  6. Oh the joys of home renovation. When we first moved into my grandparents’ house, we decided that it was time to update the kitchen. And if we were going to do the kitchen, we needed to do the bathroom floors and some other painting as well….and the roof, windows, insulation, and, though we weren’t planning on it, the heating and air conditioning. ::sigh::

    I know how much work it can be. I hope you love the end result!

  7. I do not envy you the mess that will be your life….we added on to the kitchen, and are now going out the other way to add a master suite and bath. All summer. Yeah. Sigh. Be nice to have another bathroom, a real closet and a bedroom large enough for something larger than a double bed and two wardrobes.

  8. Can’t wait to see the updates! Looks like a huge job, but luckily you’re young & have the energy! Whew!

  9. I’ve been busy around our house, too, now that we have some warmer weather. It seems like the list is never ending and I am getting so sick of scraping and painting! I actually got a bit of tendentious in my arm after one session. But, now is the time to get it done while there is no snow and before the hot summer temps come!

  10. You knit and rock those demolition tools too! A woman of many talents :) I love your new toy… spotted on Instagram. That’s gotta be such a fun ride!

  11. How exciting! Good luck on getting it done.
    But I have to agree with the others. Having done part of our house, renovations are hard work! I didn’t have walls for two weeks on the back part of the house… Just as well it was summer in Australia and it only rained once 😎

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