Business Causal KAL – Final Finishers

The end is finally here!!!

I must say a huge thank you to Tanis for creating such a fabulous pattern that so many people want to knit.

I also wouldn`t have been able to have a KAL with SO MANY PEOPLE without all of you! Thank you for joining in, chatting and cheering each other on. It really has been a blast and so fun to see all these amazing socks.

I`ll have a final sock tally next week when I announce the prize winners so for now lets look at the final finishers!!

Laurence finished her socks using Malabrigo Sock in Azules.

Greenbeanstring used Tanis Blue Label in a OOAK called Mossy

Cccatie used Tanis Blue Label in Dove for her verison.

Valerie of Wandering Cat Yarns used Wandering Cat Yarns House Cat in Cafe au Lait

Hundgestrickt used an unknown yarn in a soft grey for her Business Casuals.

Sparrow31 used Shibui Knits Sock in wasabi for this lovely green pair.

Suuf chose filcolana arwetta classic in colour number 143 for her socks.

DivaDar used Ancient Arts Fiber Crafts in the colour Nigeria for her 4th pair!

 Allison1031 used Marigold Jen yarns BFL socks in the colourway Apple of Megan`s Eye.

 Misstlog chose Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids in mauve for her version.

Porcupine made her socks with Regia Color 4ply in colourway F1904.

Sara of LundenKnits finished her 3rd pair of Business Casuals using Lorna`s Laces Solemate in a colourway called The Bean.

Hazelbranch chose Tanis Blue Label in an OOAK called Sienna Mix.

Anyonecanknit used Tempted Handpainted Sly Grrl in the Dreamy colourway.

FiberJewels used Dizzie Lizzie`s in an unknown colourway for her version.

Evelyn used an unknown stash yarn for her socks, possibly Knit Picks in their Deep Water Colourway.

Kwoodie finished her socks using The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in the colourway Southern Green Stinkbug.

Carambole finished her socks using Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester Socks in the Ocean colourway.

Knitlove8 finished her socks using The Verdant Gryphon Bugga in the colourway Peacock Butterfly.

RedYarnKnits finished her socks using Red Heart Heart & Sole in the colourway Green Envy.

For anyone still knitting ,you have until midnight tonight (atlantic time) to finish your socks and get a picture up to be included for prizes. Don`t give up yet!!

See you all next week for the big announcement!

8 thoughts on “Business Causal KAL – Final Finishers

  1. It has been a very nice first KAL for me! I’m so glad I made it! How many pairs so far? Thank you so much to all who organized or participated!

  2. wowsers! That is a lot of beautiful socks! I am so amazed by the people who knit multiple pairs. Thanks for KAL, Kelly. It was tons of fun.

  3. Thanks for the great KAL Kelly. These are my favourite handknit socks now, and I’ll be knitting another pair soon :)

  4. Yes, what is going to be the next KAL? LOL! That sure would be a lot of pressure for me 😉 It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it! Thank you, thank you!

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