Business Casual – Finished Pair!

It’s time for another update and I’ve got a finished pair!!!

These are knit with Tanis Blue Label in Brick

I knit them with 2.25mm dpn’s knitting 4 repeats for the leg and 4 and a half repeats for the foot.

They are a perfect fit and I couldn’t be happier with them!

Lets have a look at our other finisher’s this week!

Viki chose Tanis Blue Label in Aquarium for her second pair of lovelies.

Laurah3 knit her socks with Yarn Bee Walk Away Sock with PBT.

Mum2x2 used Turtlepurl Yarns Big Turtle Toes for the version she knit for her husband. A lovely manly pair!

Gemfireknits used Cascade Yarns Heritage Quatro Colours for her variegated pair. Love the subtle striping.

Pattymatt used Lang Yarns Jawoll Color Aktion for her rustic pair of Business Casuals.

DivaDar finished her second pair of Casuals. This time using Ella Rae Lace Merino!

Mombeauty chose Knit one Crochet too crock-o-dye for her socks.

Michelle is the only participant so far to knit her socks in two different colours. She used Biscotte and Cie La Douce in Lime and Turquoise colourways.

We’re on the downward slope now, with three weeks left to finish.

I’ll reveal the final prizes next week that will hopefully give you the boost you need to finish up those socks.

10 thoughts on “Business Casual – Finished Pair!

  1. Wow! Everyone is so fast! I don’t know if I’ll make it! There is hope though. Yesterday, I was sick and finished the first sock. Today, I’m sick too, there is a good side effect in the end to being sick 😉

  2. everyone’s socks look wonderful! i’m definitely going to have to queue them. i’m on the lookout for your next KAL so I can join. 😀

  3. I’m almost finished with the first sock, but they’re a surprise for my hubby so not only are they huge, I can’t knit on them while he’s around… However, I believe that I’ll have enough yarn leftover to make a pair for our little one – dad-and-son socks :-)

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  5. Those are really beautiful! I have been checking out the tanis fiber arts and now I must add some to my wish list. The brick colour for your socks looks fantastic. Makes me think more of rich autumn leaves.

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