Pattern: Splitstone by Alicia Plummer

Yarn: Cascade 220 in colourway 9456

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I finished my test knit for Alicia and I couldn’t be happier with this.

I’ve been hoarding this colour of Cascade for something special.┬áIt’s such a beautiful blue with a bit of a purple undertone. I assumed it would eventually become something for T but when I saw Alicia’s vest I just knew it would have to be a Splitstone for me.

One thing I enjoy so much about Alicia’s patterns is that I never have to lengthen ANYTHING. She has the long torso down to a science!

We took these pictures during a snowmobiling trip through the woods. We had a little bonfire on the trail and toasted marshmallows before I striped off the snow pants to get a couple of quick shots.

Splitstone has already been getting lots of wear but I’m HOPING I will be able to put it away for a few months to enjoy some warmer weather….

The snowfall this morning doesn’t leave me with much hope though.

18 thoughts on “Splitstone

  1. How beautiful ! That color is fantastic on you and the design is wonderful :). Is it still snowing where you live?

  2. That is quite lovely. I’m amazed at how quickly you seem to be able to finish things. I wish I could finish things that quickly…or maybe it’s just because I keep seeing FOs from you :)

  3. Really pretty! And yeah, we still have so much freaking snow with more expected that I’m not sure we’ll ever have a summer this year.

  4. Love how this added a nice subtle pop to your outfit! Very pretty colour and design. Love the pic of your family and dogs too. Your dogs look huge there! What kind of dogs are they?

  5. It snowed here Friday and yesterday. Bah!

    The vest is lovely. I think I have a sweater in that color.

  6. Pretty colour! The vest looks great, and it looks great on you!

    Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve been here. After moving out to BC, I haven’t had any knitting mojo so I’ve been avoiding the knitting blogs too. I did do a new post on my blog though (not knitting, but it’s a new post none the less with a new interest). Hope you’ll stop by!

  7. It looks gorgeous! The colour is perfect for you.
    Yeah, I am hoping that I can put away some of my knits too – no snow here but COLD. Not a chance!

  8. very pretty! How far north are you? My grandparents were from someplace way up there? I think it was Burlington? It used to be a way long drive, but we’ve lost touch with EVERYONE from there! You’re probably further north or west from there, eh? It was warm here today-upper 60s (F) but WINDY!

  9. Love this! You’re right about the length of Alicia’s garments – she does have it down to a science. The colour is awesome on you and the fit is perfect :)

  10. So, so pretty!! I love that family shot, looks like you guys were having a great day. the perfect time to get some awesome FO shots! The cables are so lovely on that vest.

  11. Hello! Is everything okay with you, Moose, and Miss T ? Long time no post- just worrying about you and yours! Love from Indiana xoxo

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