Business Casual KAL – Prize Alert

We have more beautiful FO’s this week!

Rhonda of JediKnits finished her pair of Business Casual’s in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Pink Grapefruit. I have a soft spot for the Pink Grapefruit colourway and might have gasped when I saw these. Love!!

Viki of Ruby in Stitches used Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in the Twilight colourway for her socks. Love the semi solidness of these!

Sarah of Wicked Stitches knit her socks toe up and two at a time using Tanis Blue Label in the Dove colourway. Another beautiful grey pair. *Grey seems to be a popular colour for this KAL.

Mel of Knits with Camels used a variegated skein of Tanis Blue Label in the Aquarium colourway. I don’t recognize this colourway, not sure if its an OOAK or an older colour…. I love that this pattern works well with solids right through to variegated’s. Endless possibilities.

  Tracylw knit Business Casual’s for her husband who has a size 14 foot!!! She used  Tanis Blue Label in the midnight colourway.

DivaDar used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi for her socks. Love the striping of this Pleasant Prairie colourway.

SOMESylvie knit her version with Squoosh FiberArts Merino Cashmere Sock in the Blackberry Crush colourway.

RoseHiver knit these gorgeous BC’s out of Tanis Blue label in a OOAK *one of a kind* colourway Raspberry Burst.

Hege of Cloudberry knit business casual’s for her husband using Garnstudio Drops Fabel in colour 300.

Pam of Califishknits finished her socks using Knit Picks Stroll Multi in the atmosphere colourway. Another fun stripey pair.

Well done everyone for finishing your socks so quickly!!

Since we are on the topic of yarn…. how about a few more yarn prizes!

The lovely ladies of Wandering Cat Yarns are generously offering up a skein of their delicious hand dyed yarn as a prize.

 This is Wandering Cat Yarns House Cat.

400 yards of 100% merino in the Water Dragon colourway.

Thankfully this prize isn’t at my house because I don’t think it would ever make it to the mailbox!  Thank you so much ladies for this beautiful prize.

Megan of Stockinette Zombies dipped into her own stash and is offering a skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in the Thrills colourway for one lucky finisher!

Photo copyright Tanis Fiber Arts used with permission.

Thrills was the May 2012 colourway from Tanis Year in Colour Club.

So 3 skeins of yarn are up for grabs if you finish your socks and have a picture of the FO up by March 25th. I do have more prizes coming up but I’m going to hold off on those for a while yet :)

How are your socks coming along this week??

I know quite a few people that finished early have started a second pair!

20 thoughts on “Business Casual KAL – Prize Alert

  1. I’ve been lurking here and on Ravelry. Such beautiful FOs. I haven’t even wound my yarn yet! Too many things getting in the way. Liking that 3/25 deadline. Actually I hope to make St. Pat’s Day as these are going to be a birthday gift.

  2. Started late, after a couple attempts with yarn I wasn’t happy with, I cast on yesterday (changed pattern to toe up) and have finished my first “diamond” in the traveling stitches!

  3. ohhh, that Wandering Cat is gorgeous!

    I love, love, love seeing all the finished socks. Those Pink Grapefruit socks are amazing.

  4. wow these are all so gorgeous I wish I could give socks a higher priority on my must knits… I have never really found a *love* for them.

  5. Wow so many wonderful finished pairs! I’m wearing mine, and loving them. I think I will knit this pattern again some day, because my son liked them ,and my daughter too. :)

  6. All truly beautiful but Pink Grapefruit makes my mouth water. What a yummy color. Didn’t feel I could weigh in on a pattern choice since I wouldn’t be participating, but feel so gratified that my personal (secret) choice was also Business Casual and it is turning out so wonderfully for everybody. Now if only I liked to knit socks…..

  7. hi kelly, those are some impressive FO’s….I’d turned the heal and was zooming my way to the end of sock #2 when I realized my diamonds were off…I really have to master counting better. Ripped out and doing better now. Mis-counting seems to be a thing with me, if you remember my tea leaves. Oh, and thanks for both your tutes, very very helpful. And lastly, I love that water dragon….such a great name and pretty color.

  8. Beautiful FO’s, and yes, Viki is correct, Aquarium is a YIC club colour from 2011. July, I think :)

  9. Oh how gorgeous all these FOs are and how amazingly fast some people knit. Wish I still had as much time for knitting as I had a few years ago… I love how in the variegated yarns the stitches in the diamonds alternate in colour (mostly), and how even in the striping yarn the diamonds still stand out clearly.
    I am knitting my pair in a light, soft grey yarn without ballband, and it seems rather thinner than my usual sock yarn, so I thought I’d do only two pattern repeats on the leg. But still I am only on heel flap #1. But I am positive to finish in time as the end is still several weekends ahead :-)
    Thanks, Kelly for organizing this KAL

  10. I just cast-on today! All of the beautiful FOs (and, let’s be honest- the prizes) are so inspiring! I’m knitting these for my hubby for his Valentine gift!

  11. Everyone is so fast! I don’t know if I will make it… I have many other obligations! Still, I’m glad to participate and follow the beautiful socks everyone is making!

  12. Gah! You beast! You keep doing it to me! Now I have about eleventy-billion more skeins of yarn and kits and patterns I want to buy!
    Plus I am figuring out how to do the socks toe up – I am so wed to my toe up socks, plus i have a sock just past the toe = about right for adding the pattern!

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