Business Casual KAL -Travelling Stitch

I made great progress last week on my socks. I’m cast on one sock in each colourway and have been tandem knitting them back and forth. This method seems to be working out well for me and Iove being able to play with both colours at the same time. I managed to turn the heel of each sock this week.

 The Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Brick.

This colourway seems to be pooling a bit but I think the colours are close enough that they won’t be that noticeable once they are complete.

Tanis aptly named this colourway Brick. The colour is spot on!

Wandering Cat Yarns Barn Cat BFL in Parrotfish

I thought this was going to be a variegated skein but to my surprise when I started knitting I realized it was striping. I’m really enjoying this colour combo, reminds me of the beach.

Now how have your socks been coming along??

Woweee! We have two finished pairs of socks already!

Sara of LundenKnits knit her socks in a mere 3 days! Incredible.

She used Tanis Purple Label Cashmere Sock in Sliver Plume.

I love the shades of grey with subtle pops of pink in these socks.

The colourway is a special kit colourway and not available through Tanis shop.

I believe Sara has a second pair on the go already!

Monika of Smoking Hot Needles also finished her socks in 3 days.

I want these ladies sock knitting stealth for sure!

Monika knit her version with Wandering Cat Yarn’s Alley Cat BFL in the Fern Gully colourway.

Everyone else’s socks are looking good!

Here are a couple of WIP’s from this week.

Left to Right : Versions by DeadlysmurfLaina and Hotcheese

Left to Right : Versions by Fancybell, Redknitz, and Tracylw.

Make sure your projects are tagged CCObusinesscasualkal because there are ton’s more WIP shots to come next week!

I’m going to leave you with a short video of how I do the travelling stitch. I know some folks are having a bit of trouble so I’ve tried to explain how I do it.

The video was a quick job because I have a sick little girl at home so hopefully this won’t confuse you even more!

Travelling Stitch

13 thoughts on “Business Casual KAL -Travelling Stitch

  1. Love those FOs. I hope to finish my pair over the next couple of days and I have thought of casting on another pair as well. It is such a fun pattern to knit.

  2. Okay I am one of those that has been having trouble..and I still consider myself a new knitter (started summer of 2011)…so the C2B and the C2F are called the Traveling Stitch???? That method does seem a bit easier, but I am fine with the cable needle too….for me I was confused between the two stitches and wrote a post-it cheat that I have to refer to..

  3. Fabulous video. I’m knitting the second pair with twisted stitches, and it’s going much faster. I’m too afraid of cabling without a needle with this tiny yarn and needles, ha. On those above I actually used the 5th DPN as a cable needle….

  4. Both your socks are coming along real nice. Your video isn’t confusing at all, thanks for sharing! Hope T feels better soon. I’ve been dealing with a very sick kid all week too :(

  5. Thank you so much for this video. I love the look of traveling stitches but have never tried them. Just found a traveling stitch hat pattern which writes out each line of the hat. That pattern and your video should really get me somewhere. Also, as a sock Recipient (as opposed to sock Knitter) I was rooting for Business Casual. So very glad to see all the wonderful examples. And think it would look great as a knee length sock, too!

  6. I’ve been lurking on the ravelry thread for this KAL, there are so many gorgeous colour/yarn choices for this pattern, and they al seem to work. Yours are looking great, the Brick and Parrotfish versions are both really pretty.

  7. This is my favorite sock pattern so far. I usually take at least a month and often only finish one sock. I made these over two Sundays while watching movies. Casting on for Take 2 today.

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