No Snow Blues

Winter has been anything but spectacular so far this year. We had a few dumpings of snow although nothing has really stuck for any length of time. Last week it was -37C ┬ábut during the middle of the week we had a huge wind and rain storm with temps going up to 10C…… Mother Nature just doesn’t know what it wants to do this year.

The wind storm we had caused mass power loss across the province, trees were dropping like flies and people loosing shingles left and right.

What we are left with is straw coloured grass and lots of fire wood to cut up for next year…..

I’m glad that through all of this I at least have some pretty knitting to look at.

I’m testing Splitstone for Alicia Plummer in the most gorgeous shade of Cascade 220.

My Rav project page

The colour number is 9456 in case you are interested.

The cable pattern adorning the front of this one is very intuitive and is making for a quick knit. I only had two skeins of this in my stash but managed to track down another one from my LYS. I’m currently at a stand still while I wait for it to arrive.

In the meantime I’m enjoying looking at this brilliant blue.

It is definitely helping the “no snow blues”.

11 thoughts on “No Snow Blues

  1. What an interesting pattern. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.
    Here in Ontario I also wish that winter would act like winter!

  2. I know what you mean about the no snow blues. Every time it starts to flurry here in Pennsylvania I hope for a big snowstorm… But no luck yet. We haven’t had a really decent snow in quite a while! On the bright side, I finished my Aidez cardigan and it is wonderfully warm and squishy. :)

  3. The colour is gorgeous – clear and fresh. Just what we all need right about now. It’s been a funny old winter in the UK too – hot and cold and windy…. come on Spring!!!

  4. Here in Boston, we’ve supposedly got “snowpocalypse” headed our way, and I won’t lie, I’m wishing for a little of the no-snow blues. My car doesn’t like to go places in the snow! However, snow days make for EXCELLENT knitting time.

  5. What a gorgeous shade of blue! Can’t wait to see this one completed.

    We almost never have snow where I live, so I’m always dreaming of it! When you do get some, take lots of photos for me!

  6. gorgeous cables and colours – can’t wait to see the finished vest! we’ve had a weird winter here as well – no snow, warm and little rain. weird for vancouver – usually it’s grey and rainy and damp and cold.

  7. That WIP looks really nice in the blue, what a great color! We’ve had a weird winter here too… our crocuses are blooming already!

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