KAL Thoughts…

I know there was interest in another KAL and I thought since so many of you want to knit socks this year then we could do a sock KAL this time??

My thoughts would be to start this some time in February…

Left to right : Business Casual by Tanis LavalleeSpot Check by Beth Parrot ,Butterflies Are Free by Rose Hiver

I’ve pulled a few sock patterns from my queue as inspiration and maybe we can all decide on one pattern and tackle it together?

From left to right: Go with the Flow by SockPixieChild’s first sock by Nancy Bush, Cranberry Biscotti by Sweet Paprika Designs, Lateral by Cookie A.

What do you think? Would you be game for a sock KAL?

Is there another sock pattern out there you think everyone will love?

I’d love to hear from you.

19 thoughts on “KAL Thoughts…

  1. I would be interested in joining as I am hoping to add to my sock collection! I would vote for Cranberry Biscotti or Business Casual.

  2. How fun! I would love to join a KAL in February and while these are all lovely patterns, I say either Business Casual or Go With The Flow.

  3. hi kelly, great idea! i’m going to bravely vote for the butterfly socks….one of my goals this year is to do colorwork in addition to socks. it would be nice to have company trying it out.

  4. A socks KAL would be a great reason to hunker down and finally knit some socks for me (or my dad). I really need some new hand knit socks for myself! Yet, can’t help but spoil my dad with a new pair too. Decisions, decisons. The KAL would be a great catalyst!

  5. Count me in! I haven’t taken part in a knit along for such a long time and it was always a lot of fun! I think I’d prefer Business Casual or Go With The Flow but would also knit some other pattern.

  6. I think I’d love to participate! I have sock yarn in my stash and that would be motivating! I may even add finishing the current ones as a personal goal during the KAL!

  7. Ooh… Sock KAL! I think I might be game for this one (despite not being a very sock-ish type of knitter but this knitter need+want some!) I like the “Go With the Flow” and the “Lateral” one.

  8. Ooooh, I’ve never done a KAL but I always have socks on the go and so this might be the perfect one to start! I’d vote for Business casual. So simple yet so sophisticated.

  9. I’m in! I would love to combine this with my self-striping goal, and my vote would be Cranberry Biscotti! Can’t wait to see what is decided!

  10. Not sure if I can join or not, but would love to try. I love the Lateral or Business Casual patterns.

  11. I am game too, Kelly! I can always persuaded to cast on a pair of socks :) I really like the Cookie A. and Tanis pattern, but they are all lovely choices.

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