Tiny Dancer

Growing up dance was my passion, I took class twice a week and attended many festivals and competitions. From the moment I woke up my feet were tapping and I danced anywhere and everywhere. I spent many hours in our living room practicing routines or making up my own to music.

Of course when T arrived and was a girl it was my hope that I might have passed on a little bit of my passion to her and that she would enjoy it as much as I did.

I enrolled T in dance in September and kept my fingers crossed on the way to her first class that it might be something that she liked. If it wasn’t something she enjoyed that would be fine we would find something else that she loved but I had to at least try and see.

I took T to that first dance class and sat at the edge of the room watching. *parents were allowed to stay for the first week only* The music came on and the children started to follow the teachers movements. Some of the children were crying and running over to their parents and some just surveyed the scene but T…… she was hands on hips, bending her knees, shuffling like a pro *I did teach her a few things before hand to see if there was interest*

I didn’t have my camera with me that day,unlike the rest of the parents but I will forever remember that huge smile and her enthusiasm for what she was doing.

After the class I got into the car and cried like a baby. I was so proud of my tiny dancer, she did amazing. I then called my Mum from the car, she wasn’t sure what had happened when she answered the phone to me crying. I then told her how well she did and that I was so happy that she liked it. You see my Mum was with me at every competition I ever attended, made my costumes, watched me practice and danced with me through every step of every routine. She knew exactly what it was like.

There isn’t really a dance dress code at her dance school and while there are an abundance of pink tutu’s, pink, pink and more pink. I just wanted something different for T.

She has been wearing her Artichaut cardigan over her black leotard for the past few months and it is super cute. I’m thinking of making another cropped cardi in the same style for her I just haven’t figured it all out yet.  I did however promise to make her some striped leg warmers.

These are knit with less than one ball of Knit Picks Felici in the Rainbow colourway and improvised the pattern. I knit them on 2.75mm DPN’s but I think I could have gone down to 2.5mm’s and had a bit of a tighter fit. They do stretch quite a bit when worn.

I whipped these up in a few days and she was able to wear them to her last dance class before the christmas break.

Hopefully there will be many pairs of knit legwarmers in this Tiny Dancer’s future.

15 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer

  1. Those are adorable!

    I was never into dance…no ballet, tap, jazz, modern, none of that for me. I wanted to throw a ball around, hit balls with sticks of some sort, and climb trees.

    And yet, my mother still tried to get me to wear dresses…which I begrudgingly did and then climbed trees with them on.

    Little Man, however, loves to dance and I have no idea where he gets it from…

  2. I have always noticed a little bit of dancer’s grace in you and now I know its not just my imagination… T looks great in her dark blue leotard and rainbow legwarmers. Great choice not going for the pink! I’m glad T enjoys dancing too. You must be one proud mama!

  3. Those legwarmers are so cute! Good for T for being happy to stand out in the croud of pink tutu’s. And how fun that you two get to share this passion for dance, maybe she’ll take on your passion for knitting next?

  4. Is she an irish dancer? My gradeschool friends-the McCarthy twins-used to Irish dance & would go to competitions in Ireland! )their parents were off the boat from Ireland)They had such fun costumes! That was the coolest dancing!

  5. Oh how cute… My little one loves dancing already. Whenever music is on she insists on all of us standing up and dancing. I’ve been thinking of taking her to some kind of dancing lessons already.

  6. Aww, that’s the sweetest story, I’m glad she loves to dance just like you did. Those leg warmers are perfect on her!

  7. I’m so glad she liked it…I gave dance a try, tap and jazz, but didn’t stick with it…but I still know how to kick, ball, change…..LOVE the legwarmers

  8. Such happy looking legs, all covered in rainbow stripes!!! I wonder if you might set off a leg warmer trend with your daughter’s class.

  9. Ok, how sad is this: I keep coming back to this post to stare longingly at these rainbow legwarmers, not once even realizing what kind of dancing your daughter (who’s super cute, btw!) was doing! I absolutely LOVE these legwarmers and think I just might have to copy your daughter. I’m glad that your daughter enjoyed her first dance class!! :)

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