Sock it to me!

You will never guess what I’m knitting…….

yeah ok the title probably gave it away but HEY I’m knitting SOCKS!!!

It’s been a while since you saw a pair of socks around these parts hasn’t it?

It seems that around the same time every year my knitting cravings turn toward socks. It usually lasts through one pair…. or half of a pair….*ahem* and then the craving vanishes but I’m hoping to rectify that this year. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

I cast on this pair of socks just before Christmas. I wanted plain stockinette, nothing fancy but enough to keep me interested. My mind flew to the many Nancy Bush books that are on my knitting shelf and I knew immediately that I wanted to knit the Welsh Country Stockings. I have been coveting this pattern for years and they fit the bill perfectly for the kind of knit I was craving.

These have mostly been knit in the car or while visiting someone at Christmas time. I usually get a mummy break when we visit others because there are new people to play with. They are flying off the needles quite quickly and I will be happy to have a new pair of socks, almost knee highs at that to add to my arsenal.

So the plan for 2013 is to knit more socks. I have quite a few skeins of sock yarn that are never going to see the light of day if I don’t get them knit up.

Truth is I prefer socks with complicated lace and cable patterns but most of the time they are the ones that steer me clear of knititng socks altogether. So in 2013 I will be using up my sock yarn stash and knitting socks, plain, patterned, colourwork whatever I’m in the mood for. ¬†Just so I don’t fall off that band wagon right away I’ve choosen 6 skeins of sock yarn from my stash to use.

Some I have a pattern in mind and some I don’t. I’m not nailing myself to these skeins either. If after a while I want to switch a skein out or using for some other kind of knit I will but at least it will give me something to go by and hopefully use up my poor neglected sock stash.

There will still be sweater knitting OF COURSE, heaven knows I’d die without my sweater knitting but hopefully I’ll have a few more pairs of socks along with the sweaters this year.

Do you have stash lingering that you are eager to knit up this year???

17 thoughts on “Sock it to me!

  1. Oh my stash…..I have a bunch of Cascade 220 (wool, superwash, heathers, etc) that needs to get used up. I have a couple items that will use some of them but I think I’m going to have to make a sweater for me to use up some of the larger lots. ::sigh::

    Let’s not talk about my stash of sock yarn…

  2. I love knitted socks too but don’t knit them much. But this year I do plan on knitting a few pairs for myself. First in line are the Burning Stripes socks for which I have two balls of Zauberball for.

  3. My sock yarn stash is huge but I have had to swear off socks because I cannot possible fit another pair in my hand knit sock drawer. So I’ve moved on to sweaters. Unfortunately I’ve worked through what little sweater yarn stash I had so I’m forced to buy yarn now.

  4. i love your socks…you are so productive! i’m looking forward to seeing what other socks you make this year! hopefully I’ll get started soon…

  5. It’s been awhile since I knit some socks and I have been craving it! 2013 will also have more socks for me too!

    Those look fantastic!

  6. I love your new sock! I want to knit this pattern too some day. You’ve got a lovely selection of sock yarn. I’m with you there. I’m planning on knitting a lot more socks this year. I do like the look of lacey, and cabled ones, but I like to wear the simple ones best. And, I’m planning on knitting more socks for others as well, not just for me. :)

  7. I’ve been on a sock knitting kick too! For me I love knitting socks at the beginning of the year due to their warmth, portability and the variety of designs. I love what you’ve been working on and it’s great to use up stash, that’s what I’m doing :)

  8. Those socks are fantastic! The reason I started knitting was socks and I have 4 complete pair, and three on the needles….

  9. I just caked up some sock yarn tonight, Kelly! I love having a plain pair to work on at knit night or when you are on the go. I also have the same kroy stripey sock yarn as you…love that colourway :)

  10. I love your socks. That touch of fair isle at the end of the block is genius! I’ve been considering knitting more socks this year too (ok, maybe I say that about everything, but)… Almost everyone here has their own stash of knitted socks and my feet are bare (and that needs to change). I’m sure I will be finding lots of inspiration here this year, though!

  11. I’ve made it my goal this year to knit more socks too! Sadly I’m off to a poor start since I’m also trying to finish a few WIPs from last year. But hey, it’s only January! Still, I’ve got socks on the brain too! Good luck and can’t wait too see what you knit up! :)

  12. I love just the hint of colorwork in your finished sock. I’m determined to reduce my stash by at least half this year and so I’ll be knitting some socks and a bunch of sweaters too :)

  13. I love those socks and they have been on my list to knit too.. but I never buy solid sock yarn. And yes, plenty of in stash stuff I want to use for things I have planned to knit for a while… sigh. Just so little time. And then there are those new Kate Davies patterns I got gifted at Christmas just begging me to go our and get yarn for…..

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