I’ve had a lot of comments on my new blog look so I think its about high time I tell you about the lovely lady behind it all.

© Luvinthemommyhood

Shannon of Luvinthemommyhood created a wonderful new look/logo for me.

I knew “kind of” what I wanted and left the rest up to Shannon’s creative talent. I was a little nervous leaving it up to Shannon, even though I have seen tons other sites she has created because….. what if I didn’t like it?? That is laughable now! She most definitely captured me in a sense I don’t think I could have even come up with and I really love it!!

Thank you so much Shannon!

If you haven’t visited Shannon’s website I highly suggest you do. She has a lovely community involving knitting/ sewing and family life.

She’s currently doing another KAL, this time Downton inspired. We are all knitting a project with a Downton feel while watching Season 3. I may have already watched Season 3 but you bet your boots I’ll be watching it again.

On top of all that Shannon designs her own patterns too.

I recently whipped up her Stasia Cowl pattern.

If you are craving a quick knit with a unique construction then this is the cowl for you.

Stockinette and garter stitch stripes made for a great car project. I finished it up in one day, a perfect instant gratification knit.

I used Berroco Vintage DK that I had left over from my Ravi cardigan.

The pattern calls for worsted and is quite bulky on 8mm needles so I knew that I could get away with a dk weight and still have it be cosy on me. I also went down a needle size with the dk in order to accommodate for the switch in yarn weight.

The construction of this cowl is unique leaving you a double layer around your neck without having to loop it around your neck, sure to keep me warm during the cold snap we are currently experiencing.

I found myself wearing it around the house too a perfect cosy companion!

Are you looking for something cosy to knit this month??

7 thoughts on “Stasia

  1. Irish Girl… you wear it *so well* ! I know you’re bound for big success, you have all the right elements ; style, great modelling talent, awesome designs ! I’ll be following you for years to come :) . Happy New Year to you and yours as well !

  2. I love the new look of your blog, it’s so “you”!! Shannon’s latest cowl pattern is great too – she is one talented gal!

  3. The ‘Old English Teacher in Indiana’ wants to know if all of you little knitter-girls are also keeping-up with your New Year’s resolve to read more? (Hint-hint) I am working on several new WIP’s, and one which may pre-date some of your actual births! :-) keep knitting and readin everyone!!!!!!!!!

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