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Sorry its been so quiet around here.

We are knee deep in renovations….. spur of the moment renovations at that. For a long time we’ve been talking about splitting our bedroom, which is the length of the house into two. We definitely don’t use the extra space and it could be put to better use as a spare room.

So yesterday we got started!

Of course the only way to reno on the coldest week so far this winter *a frigid -25 C* is to wear stripey legwarmers with your work boots.

Things are going well and T is very excited to help us paint when we get to that point!

On the knitting front, I’ve picked up the only current WIP I have left to finish.

This is the French Braid Cardigan by Tanis Lavallee.

I’m pretty sure I started this the day Tanis released the pattern, Ravelry tells me it was April 26th. It is a top down cardigan and I managed to plow through to the underarms fairly quickly but then I was bombarded with tests and I knew I would need lots of concentration to do the body, so I set it aside until I could devote the time to finish it.

Well….. more than enough time has passed, the backlog is clearing up and I’m finally saying enough is enough. I want to wear this beauty so before I cast on for any more sweaters I’m going to finish this one first.

There was still a problem…. at the time I decided I was going to finish it I was really  craving stockinette and something mindless. I did start something else that I will share with you next time but now its full steam ahead to get this finished so I can wear it. I’m working on the second sleeve which is so close to being done and then I get cruise through the body.

What are you craving with your knitting right now??

11 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. What am I craving right now? Well, I just got a new crochet book for Christmas and my goal is to get through every project in the book. Usually I buy these knitting and crocheting books and never GET to any of them, just derive inspiration from them. This year, by gawd, I’m doing them! Good luck on the renovations!

  2. I’m craving a thick warm knitted Antler cardigan. It’s on the needles right now and knitted along with another Milo for my grand daughter.

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours, Kelly! I’m excited to see the finished sweater – that colour is gorgeous :) and good luck with those renos!!

  4. Well the Shalder cardigan I am knitting right now was just what I was in the mood for. Worsted weight yarn, lots of stockinette, seamless….ahhh! Good luck with the renos!

  5. Good luck with your new renovations. How exciting! I’ve had Tanis’ beautiful cardigan on my queue for quite some time and just may knit it this winter. As always, I’m looking forward to seeing your FO!

  6. hi kelly, good luck with the renovations….i hope it was a good week! i really like that green, very pretty. i’m craving socks at the moment. i’ve never knit a pair so i’m doing a gauge swatch now to see. feels like i’m knitting with matchsticks.

  7. Spontaneous reno… fun!! Can’t wait to see your finished cardigan, it’s going to look so lovely in the heathered green.

  8. I wandered over here from Wandering Cat Studio …
    Renos are such a pain in the butt, but so worth it in the end. Sounds like a great way to use that extra space. We’re starting renos in the spring; transforming our garage into a home gym. Yay!
    Happy Knitting, I love the green. :)

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