I better get this one in before we’re into 2013.

The other gift I knit this year was Surefire Hat by Susan B Anderson.

This was for a friend that is finding it rather chilly when walking her dog *a shepherd I must add* ( totally off topic T can pick a shepherd out anywhere and I often hear “Mummy did you see that shepherd, that was a shepherd mummy!” from the back seat)

I did some secret squirreling to get the style and possible colours right on this one. I found out she was receiving a new winter jacket this christmas with a bright purple zipper so I went with the purple and the other colours just fell into place.

I knit this with 4 different colours of  Cascade 220. I didn’t end up using the striped sequence that was on the pattern and there was definitely ripping and re knitting to get the sequence the way I wanted it but I think it turned out well in the end.

My Rav project page

I originally did the crocheted edging but didn’t like the look on this particular hat in the end so I did an i cord bind off. I always do an i cord bind off with the ws facing, I think it looks nicer that way. I also lined it with black fleece for warmth and because the recipient finds wool itchy.

You should note that this hat is knit on 5mm needles and as a result is quite airy. It definitely needs the lining but if I were to knit this one again I think I’d knit it with the yarn held doubled throughout to hug the head a bit.

I think it was well received. It hopefully will go with her new jacket and keep her warm when she’s out in all the snow we have received this week.

11 thoughts on “Surefire

  1. Sure could use such a hat today, here in mid-MO. the snow we’re getting is a wet snow and coming straight down.

    Your purple is perfect for today’s shown-ness! !

    I used SW 220 for the first time knitting daughter’s hooded scarf. Am eager to see how it holds up.

    Yep, love the stripes!


  2. What a great hat! My niece would love that one and I’ll have to remember it for this coming year :) Happy New Year to you Kelly!

  3. Spectacular! I think yours looks better than the pattern itself. I’m very interested in learning how to line a hat, was it difficult?

  4. Oh, that’s lovely! The stripe sequencing is unique and works so well with the colors. A fleece lining is a nice touch to a gifted hat, too.

  5. what a cute hat! I love that you lined it with fleece, I find that a knit hat alone is not enough to stand up to the winter wind.

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