The Final Countdown – Prize Alert

This is the final week of our Aidez KAL.









Sorry for the radio silence last week, things were super busy and as it was nearing the end of the week I thought I’d just wait and post on Monday.

Soooo have you all been knitting up a storm trying to get your Aidez complete before the deadline?? I’ve seaming up the last bits of mine and I’m still contemplating whether I want to add pockets to it or not. I’m thinking I do.

 I’ve got one more prize to show you today but lets look at some finished Aidez first.

Kimberley Kpbailey breezed right through her Aidez starting on November 1st and finishing the 18th.

She used Cascade Eco Wool in 8018.

You can check out her mods here and guess what??

She likes seaming!!

Jessica jska510 knit her Aidez in Cascade Eco Wool as well.

She also commented that seaming wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be!

Whoop Whoop!

Emily oohfancypants finished hers and added those great side pockets.

A cardigan is not a cardigan without pockets in my opinion!

Emily used Cascade Eco Wool as well in colourway 8049.

As I said before today is the last week to get your Aidez finished to be entered into the drawing for prizes. The cut off date was November 24th but I’m going to give everyone until Monday the 26th to get pics up on Ravelry or send me a picture if you are not on Ravelry.

All those who finish on time will be entered in for the previous prizes I have blogged about as well as……..

My lovely friend Michelle mickerr has generously donated two bags from her Etsy shop for this giveaway.

We have the mini box bag!

This is an ideal bag for socks, mittens, or hat you have on the needles. It meaures  7″ x 4″ x 2 3/4″ and would also work well to keep your knitting notions in for bigger projects.

Michelle’s bags are fully lined with co-ordinating fabric and super cute.

She also makes drawstring bags and this one will be up for grabs too.

The drawstring bags are a medium sized bag measuring 9″ x 10 1/2″.

Again it is fully lined with co-ordinating fabric.

Michelle does custom orders as well so if you are looking for a set of bags in matching fabric you can get in touch with her through her shop.

She has been selling lots of these locally but just opened up an Etsy shop so head on over and show her some love.

Thanks so much Michelle for offering up these great prizes!

Now lets hunker down and get are cardigan’s finished!

There will be a parade of FO’s next week and well as the winners of the prizes.

9 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – Prize Alert

  1. Goodness, I’d better get the back done, it all blocked and then seamed. I only have the shoulder area of the back plus 5cm to go of it… only a few days to go 😎

  2. Finished knitting sleeves yesterday Nov 18th, all knitting complete. So today wil be starting to seam pieces together, will be a slow process for me, it`s a been awhile since I`ve done such a big

  3. Another round of beautiful cardigans … well done! I’m on the down hill stretch and frantically working on the right front panel. I love your new website look Kelly, it’s perfect :)

  4. Awww, I really fell down on this one … love seeing everyone else’s FOs which is inspiring me again but I won’t be wearing my Aidez anytime soon. ; (

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