Aidez – Front

I made some good progress this week finishing the back and starting on the left front.

With a little under 3 weeks left to go I figured I had better try to pick up the pace a bit.

Did you make any progress this week?









We two finished cardigans this week!!

Jess knit her lovely Aidez is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in the colourway Wallaby.

I love how those cables really pop with the bulky yarn.,

She did a smashing job!

Christine aka Duncanch finished her Aidez as well.

Knit with Cascade Ecological Wool, colourway 8016.

The only mod she made was to make the sleeve and armhole circumference bigger so the sleeves weren’t so tight.

This is the first sweater in many years that she has knit and she is very pleased with the result as well she should be.

How great does she look in it!

Alaina aka Flyingmuse is busy working up the fronts of her cardigan using an undyed version of Cascade Eco #8015.

Dana is on Aidez number 2!!

She’s using different cables for this green version using Polar by Wolle Rodel.

I’m interested to see the end result.

Helene is working her version in chocolate truffle Country by Naturally Caron.

She’s choosing to knit it all in one piece.

Emily aka oohfancypants and lovely face behind the  Whatcha Swatchin Podcast added some diagonal pockets to the fronts of her Aidez.

Very practical because what is a cardigan without pockets??

I’m going with pockets on mine as well but they will look a bit different to Emily’s.

Did you get any knitting done this week??

Time is a tickin!

6 thoughts on “Aidez – Front

  1. I have the sleeves done! I’ve cast on for the back. I haven’t got pics so far – weather has been very average for pic taking and umm I forgot today when it was only partly overcast….

  2. I managed to kinit both sleeves. I knit them in the round which made it really quick. I went up a size with the sleeves but they still look very slim in their unblocked state. But I am optimistic and hope that it will be fine after blocking. I guess I just have to trust my gauge swatch…

    Claudia x

  3. I know I’m uber-late to the game, needed to wait for some birthday $ so I could buy yarn. I started November 1 and have both sleeves done! Now to cast on the front!

  4. Hi Kelly, I finished the back and started the decreasing for the left front today. I did the decreasing methond as the pattern said, I did not change it. Wondereing what everyone else did ?

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