Aidez – Back

 I’ve got progress!

I finished my second sleeve and am making my way up the back.

The back is knitting up quickly along with one of my favourite sweet treats my parents brought back from the home land.

How did everyone do this week??









Justyna finished the seaming on her Aidez and it turned out beautifully!

This picture makes me want to get a crack on and finish mine up.

Hannah is knitting up her Aidez in a beautiful variegated Malabrigo Worsted.

Can’t wait to see how the body works up in this one.

Shannon aka McFeety is knitting her Aidez in one piece with Knits Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in the colour Wallaby.

I love this shade!

Michelle aka Mickerr is working her sleeves up in the round to avoid seaming, she’s currently on her second sleeve.

and Claudia who has recently joined us is getting on like a house on fire knitting her version all in one piece.

We’re on the downward slope to the finish date now…

Can you finish in time?

8 thoughts on “Aidez – Back

  1. eek, I’ve got to get my butt in gear……
    everyones look so great!!!! love seeing the progress

  2. Hi, I ripped the back to correct Row 13 of the trellis pattern, as I didn`t catch the correction on the pattern. I am back on the track again, will be spending some time on it today and get some inches knit up, it really does move fast.

  3. i know i haven’t posted anything yet on mine… and i’ve been so quiet, i bet you think i’ve dropped out.. but i haven’t!! haha. i’m working on the right front… and then seaming. !! hurrah! though i’m officially having to set it aside now while i work on market knitting. i’ve got 2 winter markets back to back.. and i have a feeling they will be busy ones!! xoxoxo

  4. I finished! Actually, I finished a long time ago, but I just put up pictures! They’re up on my blog. I am loving this sweater!

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