Aidez – Progress and Prize Alert!!









How did you make out this week? Were you able to squeeze in any knitting time?

Here’s an update from some of our Aidez Knitters!

We have two more finished Aidez this week!

Dana finished her Aidez in a beautiful sunshine yellow in Soft Wool.

She did note  that her yarn grew when blocked as well.

Looks like it will be perfect for Fall and Winter and especially nice for cuddling up in!

Megan aka Just Run Knit from Stockinette Zombies finished her Aidez.

She had a little trouble getting her knitting to behave like her swatch.

The cardigan ended up being too small for Megan but her daughter scored a new cardi out of the deal so all is well.

How cute is that mini Aidez??

Justyna aka Lete is on the home stretch with just the sleeves left to do.

She is knitting them up two at a time!

Mindy aka KeepinEmWarm is motoring right along on the back of her Aidez using Cascade Eco.

Christine aka Duncanch finished her back panel this week and is ready to cast on another piece!

I have another PRIZE ALERT  for you this week!

The lovely Sarah from Fripperies and Bibelots who makes my most favourite stitch markers EVER,  is kindly donating one set of Ringo’s to a lucky winner!

I love everything about these stitch markers!

They are completely snag free and come in adorable colour combo’s.

I use nothing but Ringo’s!

We are at the halfway mark of  our KAL this week!

How is your Aidez coming?? Can you finish on time??

Don’t forget to link to your blog below so everyone can follow along!

9 thoughts on “Aidez – Progress and Prize Alert!!

  1. Gah! The mini Aidez is awesome and too too cute!

    Those look like great stitch markers, I’ll have to check them out.

  2. I am in love with this pattern and one can NEVER have enough stitch markers. I have some my daughter made, some I purchased, and at one time or another, I have used all of them!!!

  3. Beautiful color! I’m just about finished with my back and look forward to starting the front panels. I hope I do finish on time :)

  4. I love keeping up with your KAL… even though I have too much going on right now to knit with you gals, I did have my Mum purchase me some 100% British wool just for this pattern… now I must make a visit back home soon to pick up the yarn, I want to cast on! Love seeing everyone’s progress… and I’m off to purchase some stitch markers :)


  5. That mini Aidez is so cool!
    Mine is almost ready. All parts are blocking now and keep your fingers crossed I don’t mess up the sewing part. :-)

  6. Hello,
    I was wondering, if it would be too late to join the knit-along? I followed it from the beginning, but was still waiting for my yarn to be released in the stores (I wanted to try the new Drops Love you 2). Anyway, last week I finally cast on (I decided to try seamless) and I am halfway through the back and fronts. I haven’t made any photos yet, but I would love to join the party :-)


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