Aidez – Sleeve 2

Goodness these weeks are flying by fast!

We have two more people joining in the KAL this week









You have all been busy knitting up your Aidez’s and we have THREE more finishers this week!

Before we get to their lovely shots I’ll show you the bit of progress I’ve made.

I’m almost to the decreases for the cap on my second sleeve. Once I get these few things I’m working on finished up I’ll have more time to devote to it. I can’t wait to get into the back panel.

I know you are all waiting to see some FO’s so lets get right to it!

Georgie’s Aidez that I showed a progress shot of last week is actually complete!

Georgie switched up the back panel on her Aidez using a pattern from a 1970’s Patons booklet.

I think she made an excellent choice! It makes the back look not so bulky as it does with the original pattern.

There very well may be some Aidez morphing in my future!

The only other adjustment Georgie made was to lengthen the sleeves a tad as she found them too short with her original Aidez.

Sara of LundenKnit’s also finished her pumpkin coloured version.

If this isn’t the perfect Autumn sweater I don’t know what is.

Sara notes that her Cascade Ecological Wool did grow about two inches when blocked so take note of that if you are extending the length on anything.

Sarah aka Hot Cheese also finished her Aidez!

Sarah used Rowan RYC Soft Tweed for her version with no mods.

She went up a size creating a lovely cozy cardigan that can cross over in the front. A perfect Fall/Winter piece for her wardrobe.

I really like the overlap and am hoping to have a similar amount of ease in the front mine too.

So three finished cardigan’s in one week!

Not bad ladies! I’ll be back next week with more WIP pics so make sure you get them up on Ravelry so I have lots to choose from!

How is your progress coming along??

14 thoughts on “Aidez – Sleeve 2

  1. These all look great! I reached the top of my first sleeve, I’m a little thrown off by the final decreases once all the stitches are gone from the sides of the central cable.

  2. Loving these finished sweaters!

    My progress is slow and steady. On 3rd trellis repeat ( fronts to the same pt) Still hoping for the late Nov. finish to qualify for draw prizes (’cause this knitter is seriously prize motivated – lol!)

    Must. Keep. Knitting.

  3. All the sweaters look so pretty. I’ve started my second sleeve…… So I’m picking away!!!!

  4. They all look great! I’m wishing I had more time to dedicate to mine, I’ve got the body done up to the beginnings of the arm holes, now I have to knit the sleeves to the same point and then join them. All in good time!

  5. ohmy! they are amazing! i had to re-start the entire project yesterday. hahah. too many knitting things on the brain? maybe. oh well, i’m about halfway done my first sleeve :) xo

  6. That pumpkin Aidez is fantastic!
    Mine is almost done as i already have about 8″ of sleeves.
    But when I think of all the seaming… keep your fingers crossed I manage to do that.

  7. It’s been a slow go around here because of chilly weather…I’ve had to knit a few toques :) I am going to sit down with this sweater this evening.

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