Aidez – Prize alert!

Another week has come and gone and sadly I didn’t get ANY work on my Aidez this week.

That hasn’t stopped any of you from knitting up a storm though!

We have our first finished Aidez!!

Stacie knit her version in 13 days!

She used 2 different colours of Cascade Ecological Wool and alternated them every 2 rows to create a great striped effect  on her caridgan.

Stacie chose to knit her fronts at the same time and kitchener stitched them together at the back of the neck.

Great job Stacie!

Lacey is using a stunning green in Cascade Eco+ and knitting her Aidez in one piece.

She’s making great progress especially considering she has 3 little’s to take care of.

This one is going to be stunning!

Georgie is knitting her second Aidez with us. Her first Aidez was in a lovely cranberry colour and one of the first coloured versions I swooned over. This time around she’s using a more neutral colour called Light Graphite in New Lanark Aran.

She is changing the cables up on this one and I’m loving what she has chosen. Can’t wait to see this one completed!

I was kind of overwhelmed with how many of you have decided to join in the KAL so I’ve decided to add a little prize draw into the mix.

Anyone that finishes their Aidez and provides pictures by November 24th will be entered into the prize drawing.

I’ll be announcing different prizes here and there throughout the KAL so keep your eyes peeled.

First off are prizes from my three favourite designers

Carol Feller

*Copyright Joseph Feller*

 I’ve done testing for Carol for the past couple of years and enjoy it so much.

Carol’s designs are always interesting and unique and definite must knits.

Carol has kindly offered up one of her patterns to a lucky winner. *winners choice*

Tanis Lavallee

*Copyright Tanis Fiber Arts*

Tanis is a girl after my own heart!

Her designs are comfy and stylish.

Something you can look fabulous in when you leave the house and not have to worry about adjusting  your outfit or being uncomfortable in all day.

Tanis is offering one pattern *winners choice* to a lucky winner.

Lily Kate France

*Copyright Lily Kate France*

Ahh sweet Lily!

I’ve watched Lily design from the young age of 12.

Right from the get go she designed wearable/fashionable pieces. There aren’t  many of her designs that I haven’t knit.

Lily is offering up her 3 newest patterns, Hinksey, Alysha, McKee to three lucky winners.

So how did you all make out with your knitting this week?

Any issues or questions with your Aidez?

Don’t forget to upload your pictures to Ravelry or you can email me them if you aren’t on Ravelry so I can include them in the weekly updates!

Happy Knitting!

17 thoughts on “Aidez – Prize alert!

  1. I am going to have to bow to Stacie’s knitting prowess….13 days…wow!! It looks great. So do the prizes…I didn’t even know about the prizes! Fun 😀

  2. Wow! 13 days!

    I am so close to being finished, I should be done with the actual knitting this afternoon.

    The prizes look awesome!

    (And, I am in love with Lacey’s green one.)

  3. well seeing someone done already should light a firecracker under my butt. I have one sleep done and the ribbing on the second….time to start working the needles!!!!

    Love your sweater Stacie

  4. Cannot believe how quickly Stacie knit that cardigan up! Wowsers! Loving the progress shots – Lacey’s is going to be gorgeous..

  5. I finally got started on mine this weekend…had trouble locating the yarn/colour I wanted and then I swatched but when I started knitting I realized it was coming out too small…so I started over this weekend. Thanks for giving a deadline and offering prizes…that will keep me motivated!

  6. I love that subtle striping in the 1st Aidez! And the deep green in the second one is just gorgeous. So is the gray in the third one – Love them all! Exciting prizes, too!

  7. oh my. i have GOT to get my knit on! sweet prizes! haha. sadly , my aidez hasen’t been getting any attention. just much booth knitting going on right now… but i really hope to change that soon. eeks! everyone is doing such an amazing job! xo

  8. Great prizes, great progress pics! Haven’t gotten much work done on mine this week either, but it’s inspiring to see how others are doing, and the lure of a prize sure helps! 😉

  9. Oh my goodness, a finished sweater?! I am in awe!

    And now prizes? You’ve upped the ante on my target date now 😉 This KAL keeps getting better and better!

  10. Finally got a chance to swatch and cast on the back. Have completed the ribbing. Seeing all the finished projects is very motivational not to mention the great prizes as well.

  11. It appears that I may have cast on two sleeves yesterday… gauge is pretty good though row gauge is out. I blame my very local LYS cos they had a 20% off sale and some Eco+ may have fallen into my hands.

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