Aidez – One down

It’s been a week already!

We are now up to 32 participants I have linked them all below.








So how did you make out this week? Were you able to cast on? Did you make any progress?

As you know I started off with a sleeve and amongst everything else going on was able to finish it.

I ended up making the sleeve 2 inches longer than called for in the pattern. I have long arms and I prefer my sweaters to go past my wrists otherwise I end up hauling them down all day long so I’m hoping that little bit of extra length will be a perfect fit.

The yarn and needle combo really makes this cardigan flies off the needles, its so nice to knit something chunky every now and then.

I did see some great progress being made by other participants via blogs and Ravelry this week.

Sara from LundenKnits is cruising right along with her beautiful pumpkin version.

Photo Copyright LundenKnits

There aren’t many coloured versions on the go, most of us have chosen to go neutral but I do love seeing bursts of colour here and there. Doesn’t this just scream Autumn?

Heidi from Lilibeth’s Garden  is choosing to knit the body in one piece and things seem to be coming together perfectly!

Copyright Lilibeth’s Garden

Tina of Peacfully Knitting is joining me in knitting the sleeves first.

She’s getting some beautiful stitch definition with the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande she is using.

If you have questions or comments about the pattern feel free to post them here and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can. Others are also welcome to chime in too.

Don’t forget to tag your projects on Rav as CCOAIDEZKAL that way everyone can see your progress. As always if you need help with tagging just ask!

Make sure you link your blog or rav page using linked simply below so we can all visit your progress. All you need to do it enter your name and url !

11 thoughts on “Aidez – One down

  1. Everyone’s projects look awesome! I’ve got fingers crossed to get major knitting in this coming weekend as I’ll have time by myself and will be done with another WIP that has been taking up my time! I can’t wait to see more project photos :)

  2. I just finished sleeve #1, Kelly! I messed up and didn’t notice the purl ridge before the cable starts but i can live with it…not going to frog a whole sleeve for that :) It seems to be true what everyone says…it knits up more quickly than you might think.

  3. I hate to say it but haven’t had a chance to start. Finishing up some birthday gifts that are this week, hopefully this week-end I’ll get started.

  4. I started raglan shaping of the back and I hope to BO this part tonight.
    It does go quickly, that’s true!

  5. Hopefully I will start this weekend, have to finish the baby Uggs since the twins arrived early (knew they would) and I have one bootie to go. I’m going to try to do it tonight then I will be free to knit for myself again!

  6. I didn’t do my sleeves first, but I am working on them now. I am glad I am doing them both at the same time. After doing the back these are rather boring.

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  8. I just finished weaving in the ends! I can’t wait to cozy up in my new cardi tomorrow as our temps will start out in the thirties. Thanks for hosting a fun KAL! I love the pumpkin color, and now am thinking of knitting another (with different cables) in a fun color.

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