Aidez – Ready, Set, Knit!

Well here we are ready to get our knit on!

This group has grown from a few friends wanting to knit this cardigan together to a group of ladies across the globe ready to tackle this .

There are 25  29 of us ready to cast on with more joining everyday!

Please check the list below and let me know if you are joining and I’ve some how missed your name.








I did two gauge swatches for my Aidez and ended up going with the needles from the first swatch.

Swatch one was knit with 10.5mm’s the needles called for in the pattern. I ended up with 3.5 sts by 5 sts. I wanted my stitch gauge to be on and wasn’t that concerned about it being a tad bit longer. I can also just knit to the length I want if I have to as well.

Swatch two was knit on 10mm’s. I ended with 4sts by 5.5’s. I thought I might knit a larger size at a slightly smaller gauge to create somewhere around a 34 but a lot of people have commented that they found it small fitting. Well I don’t really think that 100% accurate. The Eco Wool that sooo many people have used for this cardigan is bulky weight where as the original Aidez was knit with a super bulky so the Eco would indeed create a smaller cardigan than called for if they used this yarn.

That being said I’m going to go with the needles called for in the pattern, cast on for the 36 and then adjust the length if need be. I would normally knit a 32 but I don’t want this to be too fitted so hopefully this will work in my favour.  I also usually need to add length to patterns so I really don’t think I will have a problem.

 I’m casting on for sleeve number one today.

Anyone new to my blog will come to realize that I like to knit my sleeves first and get them over and done with while the pattern is still new and fun. No SSS (second sleeve syndrome) here!

I’ve added a link to the bottom of this post. Just add your name and blog post/url for ravelry so we can keep tabs on your updates/ how everyone is doing and chat about our progress. If you have your project on Ravelry please tag it with CCOAIDEZKAL so we can find everyone’s projects! For those of you that don’t know I am CelticCastOn on Rav and my project page is here.

So tell me, how did you get on with your swatch?

What part of Aidez are you casting on for today?

So excited to cast on with you!

Now let’s get knitting!!


22 thoughts on “Aidez – Ready, Set, Knit!

  1. That’s a really good idea to make sleeves first and skip the SSS! And having said that I cast on for back :-)
    And there’s more of naugthy Justyna to come – I skipped swatching too (I’m a teribble swatcher!) and just cast on hoping for the best :-)

  2. I am totally going to live vicariously through your Aidez kal, I want an Aidez for myself but don’t have the imte to knit it right this second… soon enough I’m sure!

  3. I also got gauge on the 10.5 needles using Cascade Eco. I usually make a 34, but I think the 36 should be perfect for this style, and I may also have to lengthen the torso. I can’t wait to cast on after work this evening!

  4. Just curious if you washed your swatch. I’ve found that yarn often changes after it’s washed and I have to adjust based on that.

  5. I’m going to be living vicariously through this KAL too! So excited to see and read tips from various knitters on this sweater. I’m hoping to get yarn for it as a birthday gift in October!

  6. I started on the sleeves as well although if I’m honest, I generally wing it and use the first sleeve as a swatch. It works more than it fails but it sometimes feels like a very lazy way of knitting!
    Loving the yarn as it knits up, will add a link once I have some visible progress to share :)
    Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s progress, I love the colour choices I’m seeing so far.

  7. OK my second gauge swatch is almost dry. The first one I did I had 13 stitches in 10 cm. This is why we swatch, right?? Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress.

  8. Great idea to do the sleeves first! I chose to go with the originally called for needle size, and am knitting it seamlessly. I’m also doing the size 36″ since it’s known to run small. Did Eunny Jang’s tubular cast on too. Hopefully I’ll have some pics to post later on today. :)

  9. I’m a day behind but I did my gauge swatch this morning and I’m right on. So I’ll be using size 10 1/2 (6.50mm) needles and my stash of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in light beige. I like your idea of working the sleeves first, I might do the same. I’ll be casting on the size 44″ and will be posting progress photos soon.

  10. Way to go ! On schedule. Well, interestingly enough, I cast on yesterday too, for my two His & Hers Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless sweaters with hybrid saddle shoulders (this one and maybe I’ll just pretend I’m in your kal …. lol. (I’ve never been in a kal) Well, we cast on the same day, that’s a good start. You’ll finish before me, I know that much !

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  12. I’m so excited to be joining in this KAL. I’ll be swatching tonight and will blog about my Aidez on Friday so I’ll link up then! Great idea to knit the sleeves first — I’ll likely do the same as I do get SSS!

  13. I’m joining along, too (Rav stacieknits). I was watching Emily’s podcast, and it was too pretty to pass up!

  14. Do you have a page where knitters are posting comments or questions on
    the Kal?
    I have my yarn and will swatch today and begin!! I do not have a blog.

  15. I started a few days ago, just found out about this KAL, from Preeti at Ramblingroses. Never particated before, not sure what goes on exactly, but looking forward to finding out.
    I am knitting on a 6mm as my knitting tends to be on a loose side.
    I started on the back, about third done.

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