Aidez KAL

It’s that one sweater I have loved since the moment it was published.

I knew I must knit it and I even bought the yarn……. but STILL it is yet to knit it.

I fell in love with the gorgeous back panel of cables,

Aidez by Cirillia Rose

The horse shoe cables that flow down the sleeves,

and of course that all over comfy, I want to curl up in you with a good book feel.

A TON of people have knit this cardigan already!

There are 2127 Aidez projects currently on ravelry and I shall be 2128…. or around that number because I’m not the only one about to embark on a cabley journey.

Heidi, Sarah, Michelle and I are having an Aidez KAL!

We are going to cast on and knit our way through Aidez helping each other along the way and having a good old natter while we go.

There is plenty of space for more Aidez lovers!

If you have wanted to knit it but just haven’t got around to it now is the time!

Won’t you join us?

We’ll be casting on September 24th and sharing updates weekly on our blogs until we all finish.

Leave a note in the comments if you’d like to join and I’ll add you to the list!

28 thoughts on “Aidez KAL

  1. That is a awesome sweater! I have always admired. It will be fun to watch all of you knit it. Can’t wait to see what color you choose.

  2. ohmygoodness. that’s at the top of my que too! i have to wait and see if i can join in though. i realllly want to BUT i have to finish another test knit first, and be ready for Knit City… so i’ll keep ya posted! love it! which yarn do you have at the ready for it?

  3. You know I’m in! Just have to finish mini me’s top and then I can cast on guilt-free. Should be able to manage it, especially since I don’t have the yarn yet to distract me.
    Have never knit with Eco+ before and am excited to try it!

  4. I would love to take part in the knitalong, I love cables and this pattern is beautiful Hopefully you all will lkeep me accountable and I will actually finish, I’ve had so little motivation to finish anyhing in recent times, but starting something is no problem.

  5. OK I’m in. I have read so many tips and mods on this pattern that my head is spinning…tight sleeves, lengthening the raglan, knitting a hybrid size…glad we have a couple of weeks before the KAL starts! I have my yarn and am ready to swatch.

  6. Well, this looks as comfy as you like, with pj’s and a book (a comfy chair in fuzzy background is a must) or, dressed up for a town day with scarf and wide-wale corduroy pants too, a real statment of ‘country girl’. I am roped into my own KAL (EZ seamless) and won’t be casting on with you ,but I’ll be trying to keep pace with you all the same. You Go Irish Girl !

  7. I’m glad someone else is doing a KAL, I was afraid I missed out on this sweater! Do you know the KAL’s estimated end date? I’d like to make this for my mom as a Christmas gift. It’s a bit daunting to think of making a whole sweater by then along with other gifts, but I think a KAL would help me feel less overwhelmed!

  8. The Aidez has been on my mind (and mental queue) since forever! I’ve had the yarn for the sweater for over a year but haven’t yet cast on. Hmmm, okay, I’ll join you all! Thanks for the push .. I mean nudge. ; )

  9. Calendar is marked, now to dig out my very marked-up-with-notes copy of the pattern! Can’t wait to finally see my own Aidez come to life!

  10. I would love to join! I need an Aidez in my wardrobe this winter, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to swing it right now, too many other things on the needles! I’ll be watching from the sidelines.

  11. Feel free to use the “luvinthemommyhood” group as your thread base if you want to start a topic for the Aidez KAL. I don’t mind :) I know you have all been chatting about it in there so I’m game if you ladies want to use the forum in there :)

  12. You will definitely love this sweater – both the knitting and the wearing! I love mine to bits. I’ll be following everyone’s natter as the KAL progresses, have a blast:)

  13. I also have wanted to knit aidez for a long time and I just bought the yarn for it. Count me in.

  14. I would like to knit this sweater and I wonder if I could just follow along with
    you and the other knitters without writing about it. Are you going to blog here
    about it or on Ravelry? I haven’t purchased yarn as of today so I am not sure
    I can start when you all start but I really want to knit this and I would like to read
    what advice you or the others have to offer.

  15. I just ordered the yarn for this projectand want to join you. I’ve never knit-a-long so this will be a first. I’ve saved some notes in Ravelry for knitting this seamless, just have to figure out what size once I get the yarn.

  16. I have had the yarn for a year, just waiting for the right time and this is perfect motavation! Thank You

  17. I’m in! I got some Cascade Eco too, colorway 8049. I’m going to wind it and swatch this weekend so I’m ready to start on Monday.

    I’ll also be talking about the KAL on my videocast. So excited!

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  19. What a great idea! This has been on my wist list for a long time. It is number 52 (in a cast of thousands) in my queue. I have a bunch of stuff on needles but I don’t care. I would love to join your knit along! (I am a day late).

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  21. I’m soooo in….I bought the yarn for this many months ago, I’ve lost track–it was on sale at Dizzy Sheep. My daughter will be so happy to have her sweater. She only picked out this pattern about 2 years ago!!.. I just found this today, but I’m ready to get started.

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