Things have been super busy around here and it seems like I only have time to post and go as of late.

Hopefully things will settle down in a bit and I can post some of the other things I’ve been meaning to chat about but until then how about another KAL update.

I finished Chalkstone!

Pattern: Test knit of  Chalkstone by Isabell Kraemer 

Yarn: Rowan Calmer colour # 487

Mods: There were a lot of mods for this one. The xs in the pattern had a bust size of 38 which I knew would drown me so I sized down the pattern to be about a 32.

You can see my notes about specific numbers for the body and sleeves here.

I also had to play around with the raglan decreases to make sure I had enough of the pattern left on the front and back when I reached the neck.

My Rav project page

It took a lot of trial and error to get this sweater just the way I wanted it but I am glad I put the effort in to a create a sweater just right for me.

This is the first time I have worked with Rowan Calmer, such a great yarn that has sadly been discontinued!

It was extra springy, super stretchy and really nice to work with.

When I say stretchy I mean REALLY stretchy! Before I blocked this sweater it seriously could have fit T.

I love the results of the elbow length sleeves.

They really suit the colour and feel of my version making it a great summer sweater.

When I started this knit I thought the colour would not suit me well but upon completion I couldn’t be happier and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of this colour.

*Special thanks to Dad for taking these pics for me*

I’m guest posting on LuvinTheMommyHood today!

Head on over and take a look!

18 thoughts on “Chalkstone

  1. Wow! Stunning photos! Stunning sweater! Stunning model :)

    Oh and ps, I can’t believe how big T is getting. The Oaked toque is so so cute on her!

  2. You look lovely as always. The sweater color really brings out the glow of your skin. You look like you are ready to go for a walk on the beach.

  3. your dad’s a great photographer! the color really suits you and I like the detail on the front/back. beautiful job as always. hope busy is good busy!

  4. Oooh! I love this sweater! The colour is gorgeous and I bet it feels amazing. I’ve never knit with calmer but I remember petting it in a yarn shop once upon a time and loving the feel.

  5. Such a gorgeous sweater! Love it – very flattering. And I hopped over to see your tutorials – why did it never seem that simple before?? Thanks so much for the videos – they are excellent!! Now where is something I can seam… :)

  6. Just when I think you’ve knit stunning, beautiful garments, you go and you do it again… only better ! I agree, that color is a real luscious color for you. Well done Irish Girl ! :)

  7. Just perfect! Love this color on you and great job with the photographs, dad!! I’ve bookmarked your mods for this pattern, what a great way to customize a design so that you’ll love wearing this finished sweater.

  8. Chalkstone est magnifique et te va à merveille !
    je suis ton blog depuis longtemps et j’aime tout particul√®rement ce que tu tricotes.
    Un grand bravo et merci à toi de nous faire partager tout ceci

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