This is another sweet test knit for Elena of Anadiomena Designs.

Knit with more of that yummy pink Malabrigo lace this cardigan is like a soft fluffy cloud.

Rav project page

A delicate open cardigan that gently falls to the side pairs beautifully with her favourite sun dress.

There is always the option to pin it closed at the side with a small brooch if desired as well.

As always Elena adds little details that truely set off her garments.

This ruched sleeve is one of those incredibly sweet touches.

I love that I can grab this at a minutes notice, throw it in my bag and I have something to cover her shoulders that doesn’t take up much space and is light as a feather.

T decided she needed to carry a stick with her when I was taking these pictures in the pasture. It wasn’t until I took this last picture that I thought “My goodness doesn’t that just look like a minature version of Kate Davies?

It shouldn’t be much longer before Citrus is available for purchase.

Before I get a flood of comments saying they wish this was in adult sizes too I’ll save you the bother.

 There is an adult version being test knit right now and you may see some progress of that shortly.

9 thoughts on “Citrus

  1. Featherweight cardigans are probably some of the most useful knitted garments… Though often forgotten when in search of new projects! 😀 T looks great in this. Love the details and the colour looks great on her (and the dress)!

  2. Those shots are so cute ! T is adorable in that dress and cardi, and yet she is adorable at all times of course. I agree with the ruching on the sleeves, a fantastic design element. Now I want one, too :)

  3. It was the third picture for me. i thought – “she looks like Kate Davies with those braids!” I was going to say that exactly. I’d love to see a picture of a young Kate next to T’s picture.

  4. Playing catch-up on all the lovely stuff I’ve missed on and off your needles! Love this sweater on T in her Kate Davies braids – cute!

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