Miss Lancelot


Pattern: Lancelot by Solenn Couix-Loarer

Yarn: Cascade 220

 Mods: My only modification was to go down to needle size for the ribbing. It was suggested in the pattern if you want it to be a bit tighter in those areas.

My Rav Notes

A test knit for Solenn and my first test of the year. Solenn made this gorgeous sweater for her son and when I saw it I knew right away it would look fabulous on T too. I was thrilled when she asked me to test for her.

I knew I wanted colour for T’s version I just wasn’t sure what colour. I wasn’t really thinking of red until I saw it at my LYS and knew right away that it was the perfect colour for a  Miss Lancelot.

 Clean lines and a sophisticated look make Solenn’s pattern great for boys and girls, not to mention wearable and in style for many years to come.

Lancelot ranges in size  from 1 yr to 12yrs. It’s knit bottom up in the round for minimal finishing and fuss.

I was kind of worried that T would grow out of this before the Fall but after blocking she seems to have some more room and definitely enough length to hopefully last through to next year. She is now in a 4T eek!!

As for the photo shoot… it was the most difficult one by far. She started off marching through the trees saying “Here comes the marching girl for the camera!” but then it turned into a full out run everywhere! It was kind of difficult to capture a good shot in .2 seconds before she took off again.

14 thoughts on “Miss Lancelot

  1. LOL You managed to get very cute pictures considering you were working with a moving target. That red with blue undertones is a great color on T. She’s so cute and you make stunning sweaters for her!

  2. hi kelly, it’s been ages! i hope you had a good trip back home, I was thinking about you. I love this red on T, very rich color and looks snuggly too. She’s adorable in it:) Hope all is well with you…we are doing fine.

  3. Ohhhhhh…I cannot wait to make this! As soon as I saw her Rav project when she first made hers I was drooling! How lucky are you to test knit 😛 Great job!

  4. eeep! I love this pattern. LOVE IT! And it looks awesome on T. You’ll see lots of wear out of this one I bet!

    As for the er – challenging photoshoots – I so hear you. My girls will humor me for all of about a second. And then? It’s “catch me if you can!”

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