A pair!

Neopolitan Socks

Pattern: My own picot edge, 60 sts socks with Eye of Partridge Heel

Yarn: Trekking 126

Needles: U.S. size 2 DPNS

Start Date: June 26th 2008

Finish Date: July 6th 2008

These were soooo close to being twins it wasn’t funny but as you can see from the two they ended up being a few rows short of that. I’m not crazy about so munch white being at the toes either but thats just me being picky.

My first attempt at the eye of partridge heel. I turned out ok but next time I will use a solid yarn to show it off a bit more.

More pics can be seen here

Halleluiah we have HIGH SPEED! I thought I was never going to get to blog again. We are finally getting settled in our new house.Sockies is having a grand ole time out here,she’s always wanting to go outside and now has a massive cement slab to roll about on, I think she forgot how nice the summer time is, and its sooo quiet out here that she’s not scared by every little movement. Just incase you don’t believe all that here is is maxin and relaxin

Its been beautiful out these past few days safe a bit of rain here and there, lots of bike rides, short or long, we take anything we can get right now. After church today we had some burgers on the barby

then headed out on a little trip to see mum and dad. They bought a place down on the water not far from here and are working at it bit by bit waiting for their house to sell. Hopefully it will sell soon so they can start building and not be so far away. We’ve also been getting used to the large amount of grass we now have to tend too and all the new trees and shrubs that I have no clue about. I mowed the grass with the tractor for the first time last sunday, after I got used to the gears I was off to the races and it was actually quite fun, lets hope it stays that way 😉 We’ve also discovered that we have, well what we think is an apple tree. One of Moose’s co-workers was at the house last week and his wife said she thought it was an apple tree but didn’t know if it was a crab apple or an actual apple tree. Can anyone help me out?? Here’s what it looks like right now.

Oh one last thing we discovered about the house. We have a few little friends here, not mice but……. squirrels. Thankfully they aren’t living IN our house per say, just in the porch lol I must add that the porch is not attached to the house and the eaves are open to the outside so they really aren’t doing any harm, well yet anyway. I discovered them one morning when I grabbed my knitting and went out through the porch to the deck with Sockies to knit. Sock was in tow and as soon as I walked into the porch I heard a flutter, I looked up thinking there might have been a bird trapped in there only to discover two squirrels staring me down. I quickly backed up and called Sockies back into the house after that. They were chirpping wildly at me, how dare I invade their domain :) Since then we’ve discovered not 2 but at LEAST 5 of them. They are awfully cute and for right now they aren’t doing any harm, so my porch can be their home, or hang out, whatever they are using the rafters for. Here’s a little sneak peak at a few of my fuzzy friends.

Well I’m off to do some knitting I do have an FO for next post which I promise will be much soon than the last one!


Disappointment and Ecstatic Excitement!!!

Holy crap WHERE DO I START??????

Well lets start with…..

The Disappointment: The house we were all set to buy failed the water test miserably so we have decided to go no further with it. We now have on month to find a place to live :(

The Estatic Excitement : Upon finding out that the house was a no go, Moose hopped back on MLS to see if there was anything new on the market that we hadn’t yet looked at. Welllllllllllll there just so happened to be a house with 30 acres in the area we had orginally been looking for land in. The pictures didn’t really do it for us but we thought hey 30 acres of land is a nice little chunkie we may as well go have a look. I got home from work and off we went straight away to see it.  It’s set in a pretty secluded area *obviously when its on 30 acres huh*, back off the road, fantastic view of the valley, its 1000 ft elevation up there, its just altogether EXACTLY what we were looking for. The house was surprisingly VERY nice inside compared to what the pictures show. We of course will want to make it ours and put our own touches to it but right now its perfect to move into. Soooo before we left our agent we had put an offer in. It was weird cause we both walked in and BOTH said WOW I love it! We got walking around and I swear I could have moved in right then and there, all my ties to the house we just sold had been cut instantly, I’M IN LOVE!!!! I don’t want to get my hopes up just in case but HECK MY HOPES ARE ALREADY UP!!! I couldn’t even sit down to read blogs last night OR knit I was too wound up! Prayers and finger crossing and whatever else you do would REALLY be appreciated on this one, I don’t even want to think what i’ll be like if we don’t get it.

I’m sure you were wondering how Heidi got along with all that sock yarn huh!

Here she is with her favourite of the bunch, and if it wasn’t MY favourite too I probably would have given it to her but I LOVE THAT YARN! I’m waiting for a special pattern to pop up to knit it into. Although Heidi and I have only had three knitting dates so far, it is VERY safe to say that we like the EXACT same things lol Very weird but I think its good. We buy the same patterns and then find out after the fact that we both have then, we both love tweedy green yarn, and green yarn in general hahah I have no problems knitting the same patterns and picking the same yarns that just means we both have seriously good taste :) We joked about having to call each other before church to make sure we are not wearing the same thing. You can see in the picture Heidi’s first sweater, its the cabled cardi from Knit 1 spring mag 2007, when she told me she found a pattern for her first sweater I laughed and said I bought that mag for the same pattern! GO FIGURE!

Our summer time visitors are back:

I love these little guys soooo much, even though they do tear apart our garbage and leave it all over the deck. Sock seems to not mind them, she’ll sit and watch them, then paw at the window as if she wants to go out and play with them. I think really she is saying *Geez, you guys sure do look like me but from the looks of those black circles around your eyes, I think you need to get more sleep* I hope the new owners are nice to the little guys!

As you can all see, Sock has no problems catching up on her sleep. She’s found a nice mix of wool and alpaca to bed down on while I try to find out what the heck I did with my spray bottle so I can block that sucker!

I have been working on a secret knitting project, I’m about half way through and I’m loving every minute. Maybe you’ll get a sneak peak next post. I’m off to bouce around the house, hopefully I’ll hear something before I go to work!

New mouse in the house!

So there’s a new mouse in the house…. we call him Mr. Indestructable and no he’s not in the wall.

He’s stuffed! With catnip :) and he’s Socks NEW favourite toy! If you’ll remember he recieved Mr. Mouse from Thomas and Amy a while back but she chewed the eyes off him, making him blind Mr.Mouse. She still likes to chuck him about though, eyes or no eyes :) Taking into concideration how Sock likes to tear things apart, Miss Laura sent Sock, a mouse she designed for her that she couldn’t tear apart. He’s made out of a thick felt, everything seems to be sewn on the inside, *am I right about that Laura?* and he’s got the cutest little embroidery floss whiskers. He is sooooooo incredibly cute and Laura took the time to make that by hand for my little Sock!!! awwwww We love Laura!! So I suppose your all wondering what Sock thought of the new mouse huh!

*ohhhhh this box smells yummy mum. I wonder what this is???*

* Holy crappppp mum!! Its NIP!!!! I love you mousey ohhh I love you!*

*puuurrrrrrrrrr puuurrrrrr, rub rub*

*ohhhh soooo happyyyyy*

 No Sock did NOT pee on the bed, its actually a huge slobber spot when she was finished playing. Poor Mr. Indestructable was sopping wet too! Mr. Indestructable can be seen flying around the kitchen floor at any given time throughout the day.