Old Man…

Old Man winter has arrived!

Yesterday was our first snow storm of the season. Surprisingly the Ridge didn’t get as much snow as other parts of the province but there is enough to play and slide in so that’s all that really matters.

My boy adores the snow and spends much of his time looking exactly like this.

Molly on the other hand is getting older and can be seen shivering when she’s been outside for a while. I caved and bought her a winter jacket this year that will hopefully keep the cold off a bit.

Shepherd’s have such deep chests though and getting a jacket to fit right is challenging. There may be a hand knit sweater in her future as well.

My girl has been enjoying the snow too. Her favourite snow activities include shovelling and clearing off the car haha How long will that last?

A snowy day is also a perfect time to do some swatching, frogging of old projects and finishing up current projects in time for a fresh start in the new year.

What are you plans for the final weeks of 2013?


Sorry for the radio silence everyone.

I’m having a few issues with my host that I’m trying to sort out. I’ve had no blog access or email so if I owe you a reply bear with me as I catch up on everything.

After two weeks with buckets of rain,

I’m glad that we are finally getting some sun on The Ridge.

We’ve had lots of  outdoor fun,

and there’s been a good deal of knitting too!

I’ll be back shortly with more details!

Easter Recap

Well… Boss had a good Easter!

He was pretty pumped when we woke up to snow on Easter Sunday. It snowed all day and we ended up with over a foot of snow!

Moose wasn’t exactly enthralled to have to plough the yard so our parents could get in.

T was hard at work last week making some Easter nests for our guests.

We used Chow Mien Noodles

Melted Chocolate

Peanut Butter

and Mini Eggs.

Not something we would normally have around here but I think we only ate one each and sent the rest home with everyone. It was fun to bake something together that she could easily decorate on her own.

Don’t they look pretty displayed in her basket?

Her Basket also housed the eggs we dyed during the week.

Instead of dipping we left them to soak during nap time to get the most vibrant colours.

I’m glad to say that that snow melted in just two days and we are back to dead grass…… for now.

I Heart Aran

Pattern : I Heart Aran by Tanis Lavallee

Yarn : Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in natural

Mods: Added two inches to the length of the body. In retrospect I should have added 4.

 Lengthened sleeves to 20 inches from cast on edge to under arm.

Rav link to my project

Well it sure did take me long enough to complete this one. I had 70% of it done in September of last year before I gave my head a shake, realized my gauge was OFF and it was going to be too tight. I’m amazed at how much knowledge I have gained since then with my sweater knitting.

I love that this pattern combines the simple stockinette and a big cabled section. It makes for an enjoyable knit! Just enough cables and the right amount of stockinette.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Fisherman’s Wool this time. Now I’m not sure if it was just a crumby lot or if the natural yarn just differs from the nature’s brown I used but the natural wasn’t an even spin. There are think and thin bits throughout and it makes the sweater seem like it has imperfections through out. It seems to be a lot thinner than the brown too. My Classic Raglan and I Heart Aran are both knit with the same size needles and gauge but I Heart Aran is definitely more airy and lighter in weight overall.

The collar is the perfect touch that makes this sweater so cosy.I did omit the button, it just wasn’t my style.  Every time I see it I think of sitting in a ski lodge by a roaring fire with a warm cup of tea.

A great little sweater that might just be the ticket for Ireland next month. It’s kind of hard to pack at this time of year. Today Belfast is 14 C , 10 degrees warmer than us right now  but I have a feeling with the rain and damp I’ll be needing a sweater as well.

I’ll be able to decide more next week when I can see the long range forecast I suppose.


We were supposed to get a big storm yesterday… everything was cancelled…. but our 10-15 cms of snow only amounted to a few inches in the end with lots of freezing rain. I was excited at the prospect of actually HAVING some snow this winter that didn’t end up getting washed away by rain the very next day but again luck wasn’t going to go my way.

Freezing rain however is better than rain… at least for sliding!

As you can see the dogs love to get in on the action too.

Poor Molly couldn’t get the brakes on fast enough, the ice was playing havoc with her back legs.

Then of course there is the chase!

I can remember growing up we had farmers fields behind our house with an access road that ran into them from our driveway, now this is teen years I’m talking so it was when we lived here in Canada. When everything was iced over and hard we used to zing down that road on crazy carpets with not a fear in the world. We would be out there for hours at a time surfing, going down head first and of course making jumps. It’s a wonder I still have all my bones in tack not to mention my teeth.

T of course picked up on the love for sliding right away. Sliding down and then gun hoe to get right back up that hill and slide again.

5 or so more inches of snow wouldn’t go a miss and would  help out our efforts when trying to avoid running into tree’s and large rocks!

It’s also a  little hard to get stopped right now digging your heels into the ice.

Nevertheless it was a great way to spend the morning with my two favourite people!

Our driveway is a complete sheet of ice right now, we could easily skate on it.

We have before!

Classic Raglan

This sweater is the epitome of comfy!

Pattern: Classic Raglan Sweater by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in Nature’s Brown

Mods: I did have to lengthen everything to fit my long torso but other than that the numbers worked out great for me.

The Fisherman’s Wool was great to work with, I love a good, warm workhorse yarn and this one fit the bill perfectly.  The colourway, Nature’s Brown is such a beautiful  heathery shade that makes it stand out from other solid shades.

My only wish is that they had more of a colour choice. There are only so many garments you can make out of the same 3-4 colours that fisherman’s wool comes in before it gets a bit boring.  I do however have plans for another one using a coloured yarn from my stash, maybe a third too!

It’s -14 out today so the photo shoot didn’t last long….

Throw the jacket off, run to the right spot, click click click and reverse the process.

If the weather says this cold I think I”ll be living in this sweater for the next few months and I’m not a bit bothered by that!


Molly wanted to let you all know its SNOWING!!!!

To those of you that have been griping about NOT having snow *cough cough* MONIKA! You are welcome to come play in my yard.

It started to snow this morning on our walk round the loop and it’s still coming down. The forecast shows rain for this afternoon but I’m hoping that it will continue to snow for us where we are so high up.

The ground is starting to freeze making these big ice heaves we like to call ice crystals. The dogs love to eat them.

Yesterday I made 90 Oreo balls and 2 dozen chocolate rice krispie treats to sell to raise money for a friend who just found out they have eye cancer. Moose took them to work with him and I told him not to bring ANY home!

Here’s the recipe just in case you want to make some, they are delic!


  • 1 pack of Oreo cookies
  • 1 block of soft cream cheese
  •  candy melts or baking chocolate
  • some parowax to thin out the chocolate and give them a nice shine

Grind the entire package of Oreo’s up in a blender or food processor. Our blender broke a while back so I used the old-fashioned throw them in a Ziploc bag and beat the tar out of them with a hammer. Worked well :)

Melt chocolate in a double broiler or small slow cooker pot add parowax as needed.

Pour in a bowl and add cream cheese mixing it in with your hands until you get a dough like consistency.

Roll into small balls and place on a baking sheet covered with wax paper.

Place them in the freezer for approx 20 minutes until they are hard.

Pick up each ball with a toothpick and dip them in the chocolate, you’ll probably have to use a spoon if it’s a bit thick.

Place in the freezer again to harden the chocolate and Volia!

A dozen of these in a cookie tin would make a perfect gift.


I’m so glad I took pictures of Julissa when I did.

That evening it started to snow and the next morning I woke up to this….

T and I took advantage of all that white fluffiness.

She took her first sled right of the season around the loop,

and built her first ever snowman!

She chose what we would use to decorate him while Boss and Molly worked on destroying him…. Boss stole his arms multiple times, Molly was digging into his side trying to get Boss to play with her and they both started to eat his mouth that was made of crab apples.

He managed to survive until the afternoon. T woke up from her nap, looked out the window and declared ” OH NO! WE HAVE TO STAND HIM UP!” The only snow left in the yard was that of a crumpled snowman.

There will be plenty more snowmen I am sure. We’re predicted to get another dumping on wednesday.

Busy Busy Busy

Things are super busy right now.

  • T is back into the swing of her Fall activities
  • We have been running here there and everywhere.
  • I’ve been wrapping up test knits
  • Packing for Knit East this weekend
  • Blocking a shawl for a swap at Knit East
  • Preparing to leave my baby overnight for the first time
  • Thinking about a mindless project to take with me
  • Not to mention laundry, and general house cleaning too.

But in the midst of it all I dropped everything when T requested a picnic lunch.

This is the second day in a row we have enjoyed a picnic lunch outside. We have been having beautiful weather these past few days and I wasn’t about to say no to some time in the sun with my girl.

We of course had a few other attendee’s at the picnic…

One has to be watched very carefully, he has a sniffer like no other and just can’t resist when it comes to food.

The other is more laid back but she certainly wasn’t about to miss out if Boss took the plunge.

We enjoyed some great outdoor time, playing in the sand box and getting some raking done.

Now that naptime has arrived I better get back to getting things done around here.