FO: Groovy Socks

Pattern: Groovy Socks by Caroline Hegwer

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Building Blocks

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My Groovy socks were actually finished in December I could just not get the right lighting to snap some pics of these. Turns out my bro has tons of natural light at his house so I took advantage the last time we visited and got pics of a couple of pairs of socks. My Smokestack pics were taken there too, looove that shaggy rug!

I knit these on 2.25mm’s but the pattern yields a pretty tight sock. I’m sure they will stretch with time but I would definitely knit another pair with 2.5mm’s so they aren’t so hard to get on.

This pattern was one of those addictive patterns. A two row repeat and one of those rows is plain knitting…. can’t get easier than that. Perfect socks for on the go and the self striping makes you never want to stop.

I learned this week that Knit Picks is discontinuing Knit Picks Felici.Here I was excitedly waiting for their new colours to arrive. Insert sad panda face here! This is such a hard wearing yarn and really held up perfectly with my hardwood and tile floors. I wears socks to bed, heck i’ve even walked around on my rock driveway with these. Basically if I can’t do what I would in a pair of store bought socks, they just won’t last in my house. There are still and handful of colourways available before they are gone for good so if you want some I’d suggest you get it now! I may have some on the way.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get some of the older colourways before they were gone too. Maybe someone will decide to destash and I will be able to get them.

This was the last Felici colourway I had in stash and I’m going to have to make the ones coming last all the longer.

At least a have a handful of beautiful felici socks to keep me going for a while.

If you have older Felici colourways in your stash that you’d like to sell lets talk.

If you need me I’ll be groovin’ in my new socks!

Peppermint Pukes

The last FO of 2011 that I have yet to blog about., my Peppermint Pukes. These socks were started in Cat Bordhi’s sock class that I took at KnitEast. It was Cat’s Discovery Sock class and we used her recipe to knit them. I was quite surprised to discover that knitting plain socks Cat’s way I only need 48 sts!  Yes my friends 48 sts! That leaves a lot of leftover sock yarn. I have worn  these a lot since I cast off and they still fit great. The only thing I’m not sold on is the way we did the heel. It doesn’t sit right on me and constantly slides up and down but that’s an easy fix. I’ll just substitute Cat’s Heel for a different one and I’ll be all set. I’m also undecided about the pizza toe… it fits well and feels ok on but it looks kind of poofy on your foot.  Looks like I’m still searching for the perfect “vanilla” recipe for my feet but I’m getting pretty close.

Thank you to all that took the time to vote for T’s Rossbeg cardigan a few weeks ago. T’s cardi won in her category and Monika’s shawl won in the accessories. I received my package of goodies yesterday in the mail and wanted to show you what arrived.

The pink yarn is Donegal Yarns  Soft Donegal, and the brown is Plymouth worsted superwash. T has taken to the lanyard and calls it her dog collar :) Thanks so much Carol for the lovely package!


I’m always one step ahead of the game as far as the knitting queue is concerned.

I like to have an idea of what I could knit AFTER I’m finished the current one I’m working on. This usually works and I do finish most of the things I cast on for but right now the WIP basket is in need of a little clean out.

The problem right now seems to be the same problem I had this time last year…. SOCKS! For some reason I just can’t seem to finish a pair without getting distracted by something else. This is also known as  “SQUIRREL” syndrome!

I enjoy knitting socks from time to time but this year I have definitely found a love for knitting garments.

It didn’t help that I signed up for 12 in 2012 and was determined to knit 12 pairs of socks from my stash.

I did manage to finish My Rainbow Brite socks, Taglioni’s and my Peppermint Puke socks which I have yet to show you.

If I had my WIP”s finished then I would have 8 pairs complete which really wouldn’t be too bad its just the FINISHING them I’m having a problem with.

I’m obviously not going to be able to finish them all in less than a month but I would like to finish up one or two pairs so that I can have a fresher start come January.  The bottom right isn’t a sock its my I Heart Aran, the only sweater I have on the go right now. I had to do some ripping due to my gauge being off but I’m getting back on track and would like to have this one done for Christmas.

Anyone have any ideas to help me get these socks OFF my needles and on my feet??