H is for…..

Well seeing as i’m really awful at keeping up with the ABC Along i’ve decided I’m playing by my own rules. We’re skipping G for now, if anything good pops up I can always backtrack but for now lets talk about H.

                                                                      H is for Heidi.


You’ve all heard me talking about my knitting friend Heidi before but I don’t think I really told you how talented this girl is!! Heidi taught herself to knit a few years ago and started churning out these amazing felted bags which she sells in Etsy. They aren’t just any old felted bag, she does the most amazing embroidery work on each of her bag, each one unique and different but all are exquisite. Her Etsy shop is Lilibeth’s Garden, go have a peak. Also have a look at her sold items and you can really get an idea of her amazing work.
Not only does she knit, she crochet’s, draws and has a definate pull towards the fiber arts. *Soon I will have her into rug hooking, it is only a matter of time*
We have known each other for a few years and while knitting brought us together we have discovered how much we really have in common. Her husband says its crazy how alike we are, and that we could be sisters. Very true very true, but let me tell ya I could only dream of having a sister like Heidi.


                                              H is for Heidi a wonderful and talented friend!

F is for….



Now that our snow is FINALLY gone,and I say FINALLY with my fingers crossed, we are discovering lots of things throughout the property we have missed out on and or overlooked. During the past month Moose has been cutting down deadfall’s and brush to make way for pasture land. I seem to be exploring that part alot more, looking for any new little thing that hasn’t caught my eye.  Alot of the dead trees seem to be the nicest to look at, during this time of year. While all the other trees are leaf less and brown the dead trees seem to come to life. Green moss hanging from the branches, bark peeled back to reveal a lovely golden inside and delicate little white and brown fungi growing off the truck.


I can’t help but stare at the intricate detailing on each little shape. Wondering how they formed to what they are now.


Flickr has many other different types of fungi seen here here and here. Is it just me or does anyone else find the colours and composition of these little things fascinating???

D is for……

                                                                 D is for Duffle Coat






            Pattern:  Duffle Coat by Zoe Mellor in Double Knits

            Yarn: Cascade 220 green 8903

            Needles: US size 7

           Start Date: January 2008

           Finish Date: 24th February 2008

*Waves white flag* Ok Jeanne, you win, I’m done with Moss stitch for a while!!! This project was getting very monotonous at the end, I just wanted it to be done but what a cute outcome.

I love this little duffle coat, and although duffle coats are supposed to have toggles I couldn’t find the right toggles. I found plain wood ones but nothing at all like the dark stained toggles I had imagined. Mum came down last week with some mini buttons, a miniture version of what I have stashed away for a special cardi. I placed them against the coat and it was instant love. I couldn’t have picked them out better myself. She only brought a card of 4 as she didn’t realize there were 8 on the coat so when we were out yesterday I popped in to Fabricville and got another card. An pleasant reminder from Missyvanee to hurry the frig up and finish it already *and no she didn’t say it like that :)* was all that was needed to pop those buttons on this afternoon and get some pictures taken. Sometimes all thats need is that gentle nudge for me to get something done. Thanks Missy!!

D is also for Drive

All you need to do is say the words “Wanna go for a Drive?” and tails are wagging like helicopters and paws are dancing all over the hardwood floors. No not Moose’s paws!


Molly and Boston’s of course. Molly is pretty low key and doesn’t dance about as much as Boston does on a regular basis but when you say Drive she is gone to the truck like a lightning bolt.  She runs from one side to the other wondering which side she’s gonna get in. She WILL push her way through Boston to get into the truck first, while poor Boston has some trouble getting his footing for the step up.

Molly is the console driver, she has to have her head rested on the console, close to dad of course, while Boston likes to look over my shoulder or rest his head on the bench seat and look at the cars behind.  They are our constant driving companions and I couldn’t ask for better.

C is for……..

In an effort to catch up on the ABC along here is my C post.

                                                      C is for Casting on Cobblestone!


Finally I have a few knits out of the way so I could Cast on for this sweater. I’ve only had the yarn for a little over a month…… every day it would stare at me, BEG me to Cast on. I’d tell it well, maybe tomorrow once I get that duffle coat of my needles. Then it was well, I really should finish the sleeves of that sweater I’ve been working on since 2007…. FINALLY it is all done, FINALLY I can Cast on. I’m using Queensland Kathmandu Aran which I bought at Webs last month. I’d wanted to use the Skye tweed that the pattern calls for because there is such a great defination with the stitches but everyone knows its now discontinued and I sooooooo missed out on the big sale at Webs last summer *sigh* So the lovely site that is Ravelry had some great finished Cobblestone’s made with the Kathmandu. I checked on Webs and at 4 dollars a ball how could I go wrong. I cast on for this on the 26th and let me just tell you how fabulous this yarn is. I was expecting it to be rough and arany but it is soooooo soft and just scrumptious to work with. Finally after working about 5 inches with the stuff I looked at the label…. 85% merino, 10% silk, 5% cashmere…. Holy crap that would explain it! Now I’m wishing I would have got more of this stuff for a sweater for myself. I’m having the greatest time knitting this pattern, I don’t know what it is exactly that is captivating me, its just knit and purl after all but there is something about the two side sections of purl that has me in a trance. I can’t stop knitting!! I say to myself ok I’ll knit till the next purl section then go do something, but when I get to that purl section I have to knit it, and when I’ve done the purl section I have to knit the next section and when I knit the knit section I have to knit the purl……… ahhhhh the cycle is endless but it sure is making the body go quickly. I’m alot farther on than this picture now, I may have the body finished up today or tomorrow as there’s only 5 more inches or so. Moose just might be able to wear it this year yet :)

Enough about Cobblestone, are you all wondering how the clogs turned out and what Moose thought???? If your not then why the heck aren’t you!!! *grins* Ok really though the clogs are felted. Moose loves them, and can be seen prancing about in them during the evening’s. That makes me one happy Donkey!


and it just hit me….. C is for Clogs!

       Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Clogs Men’s Medium

       Yarn: Lion Brand Felting in Chocolate, Patons Classic Merino Wool in Old Gold

       Needles: 9mm circs

       Start Date: Feb 20th 2008

       Finish Date: Feb 22nd 2008

So as you all know I ran out of brown, 6 rows too short and had to use the gold for those extra six rows because of this I had to felt that slipper a little bit more to catch up with the other. They turned out wearable in the end and thats all that matters I guess. I will be knitting this pattern again, in the near future, as I plan on making a pair for my mum and dad for when they come to visit.

Next post will be all about Hooking, for Monika, you will be able to see just how its done. Maybe not ALL about hooking, you’ll have to wait and see :)


B is for ………




Ok if you didn’t know what was coming for the letter B, you needed a *tonk* in the forehead like on the V8 commercials :) B is for my Boy Boston.

Standing at 2ft tall

Weighing in at 80 pounds, this dog is pure muscle.

Nicknames: Bosty, B-man, B, Bos, chicken neck, Buddy, Bosty Bostonator.

Excerise regime: running 10 km with Moose and Molly, every other day, sometimes every day. Running like a wild bohemian around the property, twice daily going for a walk *in Boston’s case run* down and around the trail. Chasing the butt off Molly and don’t forget chasing the 4 wheeler.

Favourite toys: Anything thats chewable, but they don’t seem to last long. Currently the favourite is the stuffed doggy dice and orange hockey ball. Also enjoys chewing mum’s yarn and hand knits when she’s not looking.

Best Buddy: Besides mum its Molly, but I love anyone who will give me attention and i’m quite partial to Granda *my dad*

Favourite Activities: I enjoy chasing Molly, pulling her tail and making her chase me, digging in the snow, chasing the birds in the sky, I like to run after them and know that some day, I will catch them. Running after the 4 wheeler. Stick my head in the garbage *dad especially loves this one, I know its wrong but I still do it, them immediately take myself over to the bad mat to think about what i’ve done :) * I also love to eat bark from the wood in the basement. And yarn did I mention yarn????

Out of all the pets I’ve ever had Bosty is the most loveable. I had cats that preferred to lie on dad or mum instead of me and even Sockies would rather lie on dad but then came Bosty. I don’t know why but he picked me to come to for hugs and loving and I am in heaven! FINALLY my very own pet that favours ME over anyone else :) When i’m on the computer his front paws are hung over my lap and rest his head on the keyboard. When i’m knitting on the couch he wants to be up on my knee getting pet too. The other night he went so far as to get his whole body up and on my lap, like he thinks he’s a miniature lap dog or something???? He’s sooo fun, although hyper at times but I wouldn’t change him for the world. He is such a character and everyone comments on the different sides of him.

When he’s lying across my lap I sometimes wonder why someone would want to give this, then little guy away, but I guess you truly have to understand the dog. Boston is a ball of energy, and if he doesn’t get that run off then he can be a Bohemian in the house. Cesar says Excerise, Discipline THEN affection and I’m a firm believer. Bosty’s previous owners I’m sure were overwhelmed with a dog that wasn’t getting the excerise he needed, therefore not listening to discipline and missing out on the affection. I’m sooo glad we came upon him and were able to make him a part of our family. 9 times out of 10, actually I believe 10 times out of 10 its not the dogs fault its what WE as human’s aren’t doing that we should.

Adopt a dog, save a life, enjoy the love and affection they will give you for years to come.                                                




A is for…….



There are many things I love about where we live. Mostly we love our property. I’ve always dreamed of having alot of land, nothing special just something we could frolic about on, my kids could explore and play, much like I did when I was younger and somewhere my dogs could just let loose anytime.

When we came to look at the house, after two other places not passing tests etc, it was all on a whim. Moose had been scouring the property webpage and thought, hummm what the heck lets go see it. The moment I stepped out of the truck I was in love and the house was just an added bonus. There was enough room to roam and play on AND have some left over to turn into our future dreams. 

We are so very fortunate with what we have and are thankful everyday when we step outside to take the dogs for a walk on THE trail. Its nothing fancy just a muddy piece that Moose drove over back and forth with the tractor to make it somewhat walkable for us humans. That trail has served us well for Moose’s snow shoeing, 4 wheeling and of course tobogganing *our style* behind the 4 wheeler.

For the first time in years I am outside after and during snow storms playing in the snow with the dogs, sitting up on the high snowbanks made from plowing the driveway and just plain out having fun. Since moving to Canada I’ve never actually owned a proper pair of snowpants….. crazy I know. It was always just jogging pants under a pair of shellsuit pants. My mum and dad got them for me for christmas this year and it really makes being outside so much fun, knowing I am warm.

I’m super excited for what new things could be happening to the acreage this year, but if it doesn’t I’m still thankful for what I’ve got and will enjoy it to the fullest.

Laura usually ends her posts with “Take care of every little thing”

I’d like to end mine today with : “Be Thankful for every little thing”

Have a good weekend!