This is the shawl I knit for my Knit East Shawl Swap partner.

Pattern: Marin by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Colour Adventures Dia Twist DK in Sour Cherry

I must admit when I first saw this pattern among my swap partners favourites list I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I started off knitting a French Cancan in a different yarn but didn’t like the pairing. I decided to mull it over for a while and kept coming back to one picture of Marin that really showed off the shape.

It wasn’t until I cast on and started knitting Marin that I really became intrigued. Knit side to side the construction is fun to knit and completely reversible.

I decided on Colour Adventures Dia Twisted DK  in the Sour Cherry colourway. My swap partner was a red lover and as I’ve said before Sour Cherry in my opinion is THE perfect red. I couldn’t go wrong.

It was hard to part with this shawl in the end. The sour cherry and those scallops really won me over. I think the shawl was well received and looked fantastic with her dark curly hair but I told her I’d gladly take it back if she didn’t love it.

 I can’t get enough on those scallops and would love to knit this one up again in a worsted weight yarn for a bigger shawl.

Knit East 2013

This past weekend I attended a maritime knitting convention called Knit East held at The Algonquin.

This is the second time the event has happened and the second time I have attended.

This year had a fantastic line up of teachers:

Bristol Ivy, Susan B Anderson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Ann Budd, Deb Barnhill and Stephanie Pearl McPhee.

There were so many choices for classes that I had a really hard time choosing and trying to fit everything I wanted into a two day schedule. In the end I took..

Left to right : Design a toy workshop with Susan B Anderson

                Inventive Colour with Mary Jane Mucklestone

Design a Shawl with Bristol Ivy

I thoroughly enjoyed every class, learning lots of new tips and tricks along the way.

Mary Jane brought MILES and MILES of swatches, I think I spent more time oogling those and her samples than anything else. It’s no wonder I left her class feeling inspired and all fired up to knit fair isle.

Susan brought a truck show of toys that were so much fun to look at as well. I think there will be some more toys in my future too.

All 3 of these ladies were so lovely, down to earth and some much fun to learn from.

We had stunning weather for the end of September. It stayed in the 20’s all the entire time.

 We ate Al Fresco all weekend,

We met new friends,

and ate delicious Spinach Feta Dip.

Heidi and I found this little gem on the second day and ended up eating there several times before heading home.

Of course it wouldn’t be Knit East without a…… Shawl Swap!!

Sarah and I organized another Knit East swap.

We had 48 people sign up for this years swap which was amazing.

So many beautiful shawls!

It was a wonderful weekend that was over all too soon.

Very much looking forward to Knit East 2015.

Knit East Part 2

Wow loosing your internet SUCKS! Getting your internet back and only having it work in your cold basement isn’t much better!

I’m happy to say I’m currently on the couch as I type and NOT standing on the cold cement basement floor. Hopefully we are back up for good.

So before I tell you about Thanksgiving weekend and the awesome weather we had I best wrap up Knit East.

You saw the shawl I knit for Sarah. In return I received this beauty from Sarah.

The pattern is Aestlight by Gudrun Johnston.

The yarn is MadelineTosh Sock in Filagree

The colour is most true in this  picture  during Knit East. It rained…my hair poofs in rain… I can’t however explain the crazed eyes I’m sporting. None the less it is a lovely addition to my Fall attire and has been worn a lot already.

The Yarn Harlot was not only a teacher at Knit East, we got to listen to her speak before the fashion show. She talked about the effects that knitting has on your brain and emotional well-being. We are all totally aware of that but it was interesting to hear of  different studies and statistics.

After the fashion show I met Gayle from Maine.  She introduced herself and said she reads my blog.

This never fails to freak me out. Well maybe not freak me out but I find it weird that people read my blog. I post and people comment but it always seems to skip my mind that OTHER people, that aren’t commenting ARE reading.

Anyway Gayle was lovely, I probably seemed more hyped than usual with all the goings on and meeting someone who READS my blog IMAGINE!! hehehhe

I didn’t get a chance to ask her what classes she was taking but I’m so glad she stopped by. Hi Gayle!!

I’m sure you’re all wondering what class I took. Thats up next and will wrap up my Knit East posts.

Knit East part 1

So as  you know I attended Knit East this past weekend in New Brunswick`s lovely St. Andrew`s by the sea.

The event was held at the Algonquin Hotel

Sarah and I organized a shawl/cowl swap for the event.  We ended up with about 20 knitters taking part and we had a great time exchanging swaps.

Here’s a group shot taken by the lovely Heidi.

I knit the  Amberwell Shawl by Judy Marples for Sarah.

I used Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply its a merino/silk blend. I wasn’t sure what I thought of the yarn at first. Its kind of squeaky to knit with, I know thats the silk in it but it was different.  The colour is very saturated making the end result beautiful. I think I could handle a little squeak again if the project were to turn out as nicely.

Love those points!

I don’t overly enjoy knitting lace but I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge. I think  this design had just the right amount of pattern before switching to something totally different. It definitely kept my interest by throwing something new into the mix.

If you noticed Sarah in the group shot wearing her shawl I think you’ll agree that she looks fabulous in this colour. She said she had nothing like it but loved it.  I’m glad it has gone to a good and loving home 😉

One last shot of Sarah with her shawl. *Photo taken by Sarah*

The shawl I received is up next!


My Tea swap angel that is!!! My package hasn’t arrived from my tea pal so Suzy was kind enough to send my info to an angel who swiftly sent me one FANTASTIC WHOPPING PACKAGE!!!!

Kristina, who by the way has just started her very own blog, so why do you all stop by there and welcome her to the blogosphere.

I still can’t get over the kindness of Kristina for sending all these goodies to me. She’s got me down to a TEA….. literally :)

Mango tea, shortbread cookies, MILK chocolate, truffles, chapped hands cream *I seriously was in need of that stuff when I opened the package*, Zingers tea mix for your water bottle which I can’t wait to try, peppermint soap which was the reason Boston was chewing on the outside of the box so much when I got it home, a BIG tea ball *i’ve bought them for others but I didn’t have one of my own*, a set of us 2 dpns in a cute little leather case and wait for it………. 6 skeins of yarn!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!! I couldn’t believe it when I pulled out the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd weight in great pinks and oranges, even more surprised when I pulled out the kettle dyed hand spun yarn but the icing on the icing on the icing of this package was CLAUDIA’S HAND PAINTED!!!!!!! You all know how much I loooooooooooooooooooove Claudia’s!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU KRISTINA!!!!! You are the BEST angel EVER!!! This package was more than I could ever dream of!

Love to all the angels out there!!!!