Mystery unravelled….

Well…. the completed socks came before the Tadpole :)

Pattern: Through The Loops Mystery Socks by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn:Louet Gems fine fingering in fern green

Needles:2.75mm dpns

Start Date: Oct 1st 2009

Finish Date: Oct 29th 2009

Kirsten, once again designed another wonderful mystery sock for Socktoberfest. The pairing of cables and lace really made this pattern pop. The socks are nice and stretchy which is a good thing with the water retention I’ve got going on right now.  I would think this would be a great gift knitting pattern if you`re not 100% sure on the size on the recipients foot.  Relaxed or stretched, they look great either way!

I love how the pattern switched from the side of the legs to the top of the foot.  The cable travelling down the side of the heel was also  a nice touch. These socks are nice too look at from any angle!

Socktoberfest Socks complete! 

Widdle Socks

It only seems fitting that this next package from Monika, Biko and Happy arrived just before Socktoberfest got underway.

Tadpole’s first pair of socks!!!

How incredibly adorable are these socks??? 

 I love the garter stitch detail, so unique, I’ve never come across a pattern for baby socks that is this cute. I may have to give this pattern a go and make another pair for Tad. 

Love  that the package was addressed to “My name and Moose!” heheh

I laughed sooo hard when I pulled out this card…

 For those of you that haven’t been reading all that long, Moose calls me Donkey and obvious I call him Moose. This card was just too perfect,  love it when someone GETS me!

Monika chose the cutest fabrics, for these wonderful handmade, double sided bibs.  I couldn’t figure a way to get both sides in the shot so you’ll just have to believe me, they are awesome.

 She also made two wonderful, again double sided burp cloths to complete this wonderful package. I’d hadn’t  heard of a burp cloth until just recently but now I can definitely see how useful they are going to be.

Thank you so much Monika everything is sooo fabulous.

I appreciate the time you took to make and tailor everything to suit my personality!

Sock mystery

My TTL mystery socks are well under way.

With clue one complete I’m excited for what clue two will bring. If they are anything like last years socks they will be amazing! There`s still plenty of time to join in, you can find the first clue here at  Kirsten`s. blog.

Monika gave me the heads up that Michaels had Patons Classic Wool in again. After discontinuing the older version Patons Classic Merino Wool they replaced it with the now Patons Classic Wool. It’s the only place around here to get it so i’m glad its back in stock with new colours.  While browsing the new selection I came across the cutest pattern booklet.

Paton’s has a new sock monkey booklet out that is so cute I just couldn’t leave it behind. There are knit as well as crochet monkey’s, colourful striped monkey’s and even some clothes and accessories for them. I picked up two colours to make the basic monkey, add that to the red skein I already have and I’m ready to get knitting.

There may be a sock monkey family in Tadpole’s future.


So today is officially day one of SOCKTOBERFEST!

I must admit that a few years back before I really got into sock knitting, Socktoberfest was never really my thing. I’d watch people knitting fervently sock after sock hoping to complete multiple pairs before the months end. I didn’t really get it, I wasn’t drawn in by that small portable project you could cart about with you and work on for a few rows here and there. I guess in order to truly appreciate Socktoberfest you must MASTER the art of sock knitting.

Last year’s Socktoberfest brought the first Mystery Sock KAL by Kirsten Kapur of Through The Loops. At that time I could successfully knit socks but I still wasn’t in love with sock knitting, the ole Second Sock Syndrome ALWAYS took over. I joined the KAL anyway because I knew incentive to finish before the deadline to be entered in for a prize would be just the push I needed to get through SSS.

Once the KAL was over I went back to knitting single socks and having to drag myself through SSS months after the first one was complete. Something had to change here, I loved the end result of warm wooly socks to keep my tooties warm but the process was just killing me.

Rebecca gave me a heads up last month about the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry’s Mystery Sock for September. I’d joined this group about a year ago but the thought of knitting socks EVERY month with me having severe SSS would just about push me away from sock knitting altogether. The mention of a Mystery Sock again peaked my interest but what really pushed me over the edge was when I heard Nancy Bush was going to be designing the pattern. THE Nancy Bush??? From Knitting Vintage Socks??? *SWOON*

So September 1st I was ready with yellow yarn *this was the challenge for the mystery sock, they had to be knit in yellow yarn to qualify for prizes.* and my U.S. #1 dpn’s. I cast on, and followed along on the discussion boards for the group to see how everyone else was doing. I noticed alot of people were knitting both socks on seperate sets of dpns at the same time…. hummm that sure would help with the whole SSS and I wouldn’t have to worry about tangled yarn from knitting two socks on two circulars at the same time.  About half way into September Sarah posted about playing Leap Frog with Socks, same concept as those other knitters on the SKA group. I decided  I really needed to give this a go, my sock knitting mojo couldn’t get any worse so what did I have to loose.

I had to restart my Bush Mystery socks as the US 1’s just weren’t cutting it. I moved up to a size 2’s of which I just happen to have two sets. It didn’t take me long to get into the groove of things, 1 cuff then another, then into leg 1 then the other…… hey I could get used to this.

By the last week of September I had a completed SET of socks!!

Pattern: Nancy Bush Mystery Sock for Sock Knitters Anonymous Group

Yarn: Garn Sisu

Needles: U.S. 2 dpn’s

Start Date: September 1st 2009

Finish Date: September 24th 2009

Mods: I used size 2’s instead of 1’s, I did a twisted rib instead of regular ribbing *love the look of a twisted rib*,  I added an extra repeat on the foot as well as 8 straight rows before decreasing for the toe.

This is the first time I’ve ever done a Vikkel Braid, a very neat technique, takes some getting used to but looks great between the ribbing and leg. It was also the first time I’ve used ribbing part way down the leg before switching to stockinette. Top it all off with a dutch heel and a star toe and you have one great pattern! I look forward to using these techniques again in the future.

 I’ll be ringing in 2009’s Socktoberfest by casting on for this years Mystery Socks from Through The Loops, care to join me??

Knitting Through The Loops

It is time!

Although I’m not done showing my finished knits I think its time to show some works in progress otherwise those will just turn into FO’s as well and the cycle will continue. I’ve cast on for a few things and lately i’m having to keep myself calm enough not to cast on for more, its knitters ADD and I caught it from Heidi!!! Everytime I talk to that girl she’s started something new and well I guess it might have rubbed off on me. Thats it no more knitting dates!!! Kidding I’m kidding, I don’t know what i’d do without my knitting dates :)

Anyway as I was saying knitters ADD… after I cast off my Retro Redux I really didn’t have anything in mind to knit. Of course there are hundreds of lovely patterns I WANTED to knit but nothing that was calling me. I’ve come to the conclusion that if it ain’t calling it ain’t getting knit! I always end up frustrated, make too many mistakes and it just turns into yarn being thrown across the room. So for a week I sat, and waited and waited for that “I want to be knit project to show itself to me”, it was one long week let me tell ya.

I was just beginning to wonder if I was every going to knit ANYTHING again when the perfect pattern came to me. Let me back track for just a second here. I’ve already talked about how I was a little nervous to get my hair cut due to the cold neck syndrome but there was also one more knitterly thing that was making me think twice.

My lovely Gretel. Last winter I finally found a style of hat that I could wear through all that snow to keep me warm and still look cute on. I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to wear her if I got my hair cut and what in the world would I do to keep the ole ears warm this winter??  As soon as I came home from getting my hair done I dug out Gretel and tried it on…..

Perrrrrrfect! There’s still enough hair there to pull off the slouchy beret so it only makes perfect sense that my next project be a new beret.

 This is Sikkim by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops. Everyone know’s who Kirsten is and her wonderful designs!  Sikkim is a slouchy beret that she recently came out with and I immediately queued it the minute I saw it. Sikkim is amazing, the colour and patterning make it pure perfection.

I was kind of shocked when I went to the ravelry page and realized only one person has made the beret so far, not including Kirsten’s of course. I’m assuming it will only be a matter of time before more people cast on, i’m hoping they will because this is a pattern you don’t want to miss out on.

I’m also taking the opportunity to knit another Through the Loops pattern. This Koigu RPM will become Kirsten’s Socktoberfest Mystery Socks. I’m not the greatest for KAL’s as I usually get side tracked with another knit but I WILL have these done by the end of October. I’m planning on knitting then both at the same time and doubt I will have any troubles keeping myself entertained with one of Kirsten’s patterns.

I guess its a Through the Loops knit off on the Ridge. Wish me luck!