Start Date: July 6th 2008

Finish Date: July 23rd 2008

Pattern: 2830 by The Zephyr Girls

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Col. 9452 Lot 8553

Needles: U.S. circs size 8

As you can see this knit has been done for a while but I couldn’t find a nice enough day to take the pictures until now. I ended up knitting this as a medium and had no problems whatsoever with the pattern. A couple of things I would change if knitting it again though would be to move the button holes in one stitch closer to the body. I found that the placement of the buttonholes make the sweater look pulled at the button bands. Also the first and last button holes I would move closer to the top and bottom to make the bands sit nicer. 

Other than those small changes I loved knitting this pattern. The colour of cascade heathers I chose had me intrigued from the get go, i’m not usually a blue person but this colourway was screaming knit me so whats a girl to do!  I’ve had comments on it already and i’ve only worn it twice, everyone seems to love the sleeves, I agree, they are my favourite part! 


The versatility of wearing the neck up or down and the layering I’m going to be able to do with it also makes it fun.


Another great piece for fall and winter.

More pics can be seen here

Casting on :: Casting off



Pattern: Clapotis from Knitty

Yarn: Fearless Fibers colourway Mermaid

Needles: U.S. 8 circs

Start Date: May 18th 2008

Finish Date: June 2nd 2008



550 yards was definately NOT enough for this pattern. I ended up having to fudge the end as I was running out of yarn and still had the end decreases to do. I managed to make it work and was glad in the end to get it off the needles. The end result is nice but I must say it does get rather boring after a while. I don’t think I’ll be knitting this pattern again.                                                            


                      After my problems with Spencer I was anxious to finish a sweater that was actually going to FIT. While perusing Ravelry I fell in love with mskat’s version of 28Thirty. I had some yummy Cascade 220 heathers in my stash just begging to be knit into it and so 28Thirty was born.


While its not my usual colour, something about it caught my eye. I still wasn’t sure even when I brought it home what the heck I would make out of it. Its not something I had destined for a project or even a colour I could really see myself wearing but it came home anyway and sat with the rest. It only sat for a few days before I cast on for 28Thirty, if the colour choice was totally up to me it would probably still be sitting on the shelf but Moose and Heidi’s hubby suggested the blue would make the best 28Thirty so who was I to argue. I mean come on they picked out fabo knitters like myself and Heidi so how could they go wrong??? 😉 As I cast on I was still unsure that another choice would have been better but then, it clicked! Something about that shade of blue made me fall in love….. me fall in love with blue???? For reals?? Every stitch I knit, I liked it more and more, I think this is going to be a favourite sweater for me this fall. I’ve only had one minor hickup so far….. see its back to the old Spencer routine again. Serously people I swear someone’s inserted a pump and given it a good couple of shots to my bust because once again I had fitting issues. 28Thirty is knit top down so I was fortunate enough to be able to try it on as I went. I got to the point where you seperate the sleeves and are able to try it on. Slipped it on, fits good, looks great, went to place one button band on top of the other…………no go. NO FREAKIN GO!!!! What in the world is going on???? I was knitting the size s which is a 32-34 and it wasn’t freaking fitting!!! All my clothes are this size! At this point i’m devastated, in love with the yarn, love the pattern and yet SOMETHING is getting in the way!!!!  I just happened to glance at the pattern and just below the point where I was it said, if it doesn’t fit just go back a row and add more increases, well we may as well give that a try because I DO NOT want to rip this whole thing out and start over. Then I glance at the sizing again for the pattern and realized that the measurements for the xs,s and m were all the same numbers up until this point, sooooo if I went back a row and started doing the medium *there was no difference except the number of increases* all should be well and it SHOULD, HOPEFULLY, BETTER, fit. So i’m back on track knitting a medium and am just at the point where I separate for the sleeves again so fingers crossed this works!!!!

I’ve also cast on for a pair of socks. I think Summer of Socks kinda stirred the sock knitting mojo up in me because I have several pairs in mind that will get rid of a good chunk of my stash. There was one particular skein that I was longing to knit with, it had already been wound into a center pull, and if I remember correctly I had even cast on for a sock with it but do you think I could find it??? All I could think about where socks were concerned was this particular skein and the stockinette socks I wanted to make with it. Finally a week or so ago I found the ball, wound just like I thought and a few stitches cast on the needles like I remembered….. in the basement! IN THE FLAMING BASEMENT of all places. How it got down there I do not know but I’m very lucky it wasn’t moth/bug eaten as our basement is not finished. I squealed with glee when I found it and promptly cast on for my plain jane socks.  One down one to go!


      Have a great weekend, good treat yourself to a big ole ice cream!!!