Done and Done!

The house is sold! One open house and 24 hrs later its done. Well sir that was definately quicker than I was thinking but I’m glad its over and done with. Our closing date is June 1st so the hunt is on to find land or/and a house by that time. Driving home from work the other night I was feeling really sad to be leaving it. Even though the plan was to sell, its still MY house. MY very first house, and its not like I’m tired and ready to move on from this one. I still love it. The location is great, the house is fab and I love our lot. I know deep inside it really is time to move on but your first house is a special one, one that will remain close to my heart. I don’t even want to know what they will be changing or repainting, gahhhh that just kills me!!!

So moving on, we’ve been looking at some land and a few other fix-er-uppers. June first won’t be long coming around but we still have a little while before the perfect thing pops up. Whatever it is I’m ready for the challenge. Sock on the other hand…. I’m not so sure about. She knows new people have been romping through her house but I’m not quite sure she knows we’re moving yet. Poor thing, she’s in for a shock when we do.

On thursday night Moose and I went to see the Watoto Children’s Choir at one of the local churches. Watoto is a response to the critical AIDS crisis in Uganda. They provide homes for orphaned children of the epidemic. They place the children in a family enviroment rather than an orphanage.  The houses are given a house mother and eight children. The villages are little clusters of these homes, a school, water project, medical clinic and multi-purpose hall. Its a fantastic organization, one I’d love to help out with. So the choir gives these children a chance to travel, share their stories with others and raise awareness about Watoto. The kids were soooo energetic, they didn’t stop dancing the whole time, they made me tired just looking at them. I apparantley had my camera on the wrong setting while at the shop and therefore can’t get any of the pics I took off it so you’ll have to watch this instead.

Check out this video I found on You Tube of the show

May need a place to sleep

I am waaaaay overdue for another post I know I know. Things lately have just been sooooo… I don’t even know the word to describe it. I’m flat out tired but I can’t sleep, I’m getting restless with my current knitting project but know I must continue and finish it asap even though I’m longing to finish one of my sweaters and knit socks! Our house is finally finished and on the market and the land we want is sold……… WHYYYY WHHHHYYY ME!!!  I’m sure God has his reasons but I really wanted that land! Even my mum said last night  ” I really wanted you to get that land”

So we are back to square one, the search for land. Yesterday, during the open house I had two hours to kill so I grabbed a Cream Egg McFlurry *yummmm* and headed out to find us some land. I drove all around kingdom come, not even knowing where I was half the time, saw the farm I would buy in a second if it went up for sale, but found no land :( There is a place we want to go see this week but because we are on opposite shifts this week we have to wait until the middle of the week to go see it. On a good note the open house went well. We had two offers, we have countered on one and will know tonight at 5 whether we’ll be sleeping in a ditch soon or not :) Only time will tell.

Knitting has been gaaaaa annoying to put it nicely. I’m knitting away on the shawl…well its more like a stole I suppose. Its coming along but I just want it to be done, it seems to be taking forever and all I really want to do is knit socks. I know however that I must get the stole done asap. She’s having her brain surgery today and then they also found a tumor on her lung so they will be doing radation on that in a week or so. I did get my last skein for my Kolsva sweater and I’m egarly awaiting the time when I can finish it up and wear it. Hopefully that will be before it gets too nice out.

I leave you with a sad puppy dog face from Rocco as we all left the inlaws to go home after my BIL’s birthday!

Busy bee’s

I swear every time I write I post I pledge to post more often but this past little while has just been crazy. About 2 inches of ribbing has been knit, thats it two measley inches. On a good note though all the house reno’s are now COMPLETE!!!  *dances around to ole ole theme* Complete, complete, complete ,complete! Our agent was here today and we’ve signed the contract, the house goes on the market tomorrow! EEEKKK! I’m saddened by this but also extremely excited. I’m so happy to finally have everything finished and the house looks fantastic but I soo love this house and don’t want to leave it. Then I get thinking about drawing plans and building and animals and its just even more exciting. We are having an open house sunday from 2-4….. drums fingers now I’ve gotta find somewhere to go for two hours. Hummm Knitting and Tim’s maybe?? :)

My whole two inches of ribbing as been put aside for the time being, a fellow co-worker of mine has just gone into the hospital and then have discovered that she has a brain tumor, this would be the second one! It has been quite a shock and I knew right away I need to do something for her. I had told her about the intent of the blog knitting community to spin and knit prayer shawls for the mothers of the Amish shooting back in the fall *i think*, she thought it was such a fantastic idea then so I thought I’d make her one. I thought she could use it around her shoulders at the hospital and then at home too. She went to the doctor monday and was diagnosed right then and there, they were prepping for surgery last night but we haven’t heard anything since so I’ve really gotta get a move on with this. Thankfully all the house is complete so tonight I can sit by the fire and knit!

Just a quick post for now, I’ll be back with hopefully a completed prayer shawl and maybe some before and after pics of the house.