I’ve talked about my designer crushes before, you know those designers that just design ALL the things that you want to knit.

Well I have developed a new crush this season.

© Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed

Dianna Walla is the designer behind the Sundottir sweater from Wool People 6 *probably my favourite edition so far* that I just HAVE to knit right now!

It seems to be a popular pattern at the moment and I can definitely see why. It is a beautifully timeless sweater and something I need to make for my wardrobe overhaul. I’m going to be frogging an old cardigan, Penny, and repurposing the yarn for what I’m hoping will be one gorgeous Sundottir.

Poor Penny had three runs through my knit and reknit mill but I was just never 100% happy with it. It was the first sweater quantity I ever purchased that wasn’t acrylic and I’m excited at the prospect of having something wearable with it after all this time.

I also recently came across a pair of colour work socks that I added to my queue right away. It was only after the fact that I realised it was another design by Dianna.

© Dianna Walla / Paper Tiger

Nikoline is a beautiful classic pair of socks that are inspired by Norwegian knitting. I’m going to be diving into sock yarn scraps for this one but I think I’m going to keep with the classic look.

I also found a wicked colour work cowl that you guessed it just so happens to be designed by Dianna. So much goodness I can’t stand it!!

© Crillia Rose / Skacel

This is the Pine Bough Cowl and is a free pattern on Skacel Fiber Studio and Dianna’s Ravelry Store. This one is going to take some more contemplation over colours and yarn choice but I hope to knit it up too.

So it looks like it’s going to be a Fair Isle Fall around these parts and I’m looking forward to playing with a bit of colour!

What strikes your fancy during this Autumn Season??


Pattern: #11 Forestry (Old Penny) by Veronik Avery

Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed *now discontinued*

Needles: 3.25 and 4mm needles

It’s almost ridiculous how long it has taken me to complete this cardigan. I cast on in Nov of 2008 and finished it rather quickly. It was only when I tried it on that I realized that I had picked up way to many stitches on the bands and needed to rip it out and reknit. *I’m chalking that up to the early sweater knitting days for me.* At that particular time the last thing I wanted to do was rip it out and reknit so it was thrown in the corner to sit for a while.

It wasn’t until 2010 maybe *I know it was after T came along and I was out of the baby fog* that I finally picked it up and decided to finish it. This time I picked up the correct number of stitches and knit away. I didn’t have any extra yarn from this project and was terrified that I would run out before I bound off so I modified the neck a bit cutting out some short rows. I thought the neck was a bit on the short side but decided I could live with it that is until I saw the pictures Moose took…. GOOD GRIEF… that was attempt #2.

My third and final attempt happened this week. I decided once and for all to pull out this cardi and put it to bed. I ripped back to the beginning of the short row shaping on the neck. I had a good amount of yarn left over after attempt number 2 and  figured I could squeeze out ALL the short rows, the three final rows and bind off without running out. I definitely cut it close but I can now say I’m satisfied with it although given another ball I would make the bands and neck longer for sure.

Neck and bands aside the cardigan fits perfectly and will be worn a lot no doubt.

There was only one modification I made on Penny. I thought the back was a little plain so I added 4 rows of coin cables down the middle to add some interest.

It may have taken two years to complete but it was worth it. I’ve come such a long way with my garment knitting in those two years and this cardigan will always have a story to tell of the early days.

The end is near…

As 2008 is coming to an end I’ve been thinking about new knits old knits, knits that are still in limbo…. did I say knits that are still in limbo yet??? I have 4 projects that are still on the needles and need to be done and done now!!!! Every time I go on ravelry they are all sitting at the top of my projects page glaring at me, some are from 2007! Yikes! The time has come to completely wipe out the WIPS and start with a clean slate for the new year. Sooo lets have a look at the offenders shall we??

First up is Penny, this is a recently new cast on and my constant WIP at this time. I’m knitting this with Classic Elite Skye Tweed that I’ve had in my stash for a few years now.  I only have the back and collar left to go and I’m crossing my fingers that I have enough yarn.

Second is Winder, I loved this skirt from the moment I saw it on Knitty. Can’t say that this has been the most exciting knit though.  I’m using Patons classic merino, 3 panels have been knit, there are 8 in total…  its been a slow process on 3.25mm needles and is currently waiting in the WIP basket to be added to.

Number 3 is the mate to my New Years Sock. The pattern is On the Run by Anni Design, this was when I still happened to be involved in the Sockamania monthly KAL.  I starting knitting the first sock in January of this year, 11 months later sock two is still no were to be seen. This pair needs to be put to rest asap.

Lastly, and it IS last on purpose is my Cable Blanket. I’m almost embarrassed about this one. I started it in September of 2007 folks!!!! The pattern for the blanket is for 4 panels. Many people thought the finished blanket was too small at 4 panels so I bought enough yarn to do 6 panels I believe. I have 3 panels done now, waiting to be sewn up with 3 more to knit. I get bored very quickly with this one, hence the reason it is not finished. I’m also unsure of the best method to sew this up. I’m not really a fan of whip stitch but I’m not sure there is another way to do it. The sides of each panel are one row of knit one row of purl. Any suggestions???

So there you have it 4 projects I’d like to have done by December 31st so I can cast on a new knit for the new year. Realistically I’m not sure I can get them all done, especially Winder so I’ve made myself a deal. If I can get all projects save Winder done in the time alotted then I can cast on for a new knit BUT if I by some miracle get all three done and still have time to spare I must continue on with Winder. I would love to have all 4 done and have a clean slate to work with but we shall see. Do you have any plans for your WIPS????