Doggy Days of Summer

Last week we took the dogs to Cassidy Lake for a bit of a paddle to get cooled off. It was a scorcher for sure and even I *won’t get in unless its bath water* took a little dip. When we arrived at the loading zone it was empty and ready for two big dogs to frolick. Being so close to the road was a bit of a concern as Boss and Moolly normally roam free on the Ridge but Moose took them down and then tied their leads to a long rope that we could just grab if the need be.


Molly is like her mother, in that she doesn’t like to get wet so we weren’t sure she would even go IN the water but with dad by her side, anything is possible.


After some wading around Moose got out the Dingy we had brought along to fart around in it. There’s a story to this dingy. I won it in 1999 at an Irving Mainway Convience Store. The manager called to say I had won a dingy, two paddles and pump, when could I come pick it up……… I won….. but how did I win??? Apparently I had put my name in for a draw….. ohhhh right the draw…… I’d figure out who entered me in for the draw later, but for now I’ve got me a boat to pick up. Turns out my mum had entered my name, it ALWAYS happens to her, she never wins unless she puts someone else’s name on the ticket.

Now that dingy has been sitting my closet at mum and dad’s house for 9 years now!! I guess I never really had anywhere I could use it and it got forgotten about. Mum brought it down to us the last time they came over and when we discovered Cassidy Lake was not far from out house while out on a bike ride we knew the dingy would have its first voyage.

Moose took it out for a paddle while I stayed on shore and kept an eye on the dogs. However someone didn’t like being left very much and followed.

Wait for me Dad!!!!

Of course he came right back for her, in she got and off they sailed leave poor Boston and I on the shore.

She absolutely LOVED it and had a grand ole time. I still laugh when I see this picture, Captian Molly leading the way! She lay down in the boat with her head hanging over the side having the time of her life! Of course dad came back to get Boston but he wouldn’t get in without me… can you tell who’s dog is who’s???

Of course I couldn’t get pictures when all four of us were in it together but next time we come i’ll be sure to bring my tripod to capture Boston. It was an awesome day and we’re now looking into Dog lifejackets so we can get farther out and not be worried about Boston jumping ship :)

It was a good doggy day!

Anger and Frustration

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Thats all I have to say. Ok so its a little more than that but GRRRRRRRRRRRRR is very appropriate.

Soooo my boss quite work last week, in the midst of peak season……… high and dry…………. grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Work SUCKS right now. We have two newbies (management) who don’t know what they are doing, no communication, and the whole team is just GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Alot of things are happening that shouldn’t be, and on top of that the Zone VP is coming to visit on tuesday…… ggggggggggrrrrrreat timing.

I’m sooo frustrated and angry and mad at everything, and its not a nice way to be. Sooooo i’m looking for another job….. wish me luck.

In other news, more brighter news I have taken up a new hobby, Rug Hooking.  I found Deb on Ravelry and asked if she’d be so kind as to show me the ropes of hooking. She did and now I’m off to the races. Although I’ve only been able to go to a few nights of hooking I attended their annual Hook In this past saturday. I was able to make it for a few hours and oogle over all the fantastic mats and art work going on. I did manage to get a few pictures of what was going on and some finished mats.

A picture of the hall and the Hookers that came from all over to Hook.

This rug was hooking by a lady in the group that I hook with…. I don’t know everyones names yet but I think this might be Clara’s.

This rug was my favourite, and just amazing. You can see the picture, albeit blurred a bit, underneath and the top piece is the actual rug that was hooked to look just like it. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!

I purchased my first pattern at the Hook in and can’t wait to cut some wool and get stuck in!!!

 Boston Loves his Timmies!!!

~ uhhh can I have another double double mum????~

First Snow!

Saturday night we got the first snow of the season, about 3 inches. The good thing about being in the country is that it stays longer so Sunday we were able to take the dogs out and enjoy it.

Here’s Bosty Saturday night as the snow was just starting to fall.


~ Ok Mum what’s with the white stuff?? ~  

The next day……

   ~ Sniff sniff sniff!! Can I eat it mum?? ~

  ~ PFFTTT What an amateur…. its just snow ~

  ~ This is soooooooo coool!!!! And I can eat it ALL!!!!  ~

There was of course a family picture, I wanted to send it to our sponsor children as some of them have never seen snow before and have no idea what its even like. I used the timer but everytime I ran back over the dogs thought I was playing…… this is the best shot of the lot.

It is actually a very good picture of what things are normally like with us, Boston trying to eat Molly and Molly glued to daddy’s side :) I love my dogs!

It hasn’t all been fun though….

Yesterday I found out my friend (co worker) that was terminal, the one I knit the prayer shawl for, passed away saturday night. It was a sad day yesterday at work but I am so glad she’s no longer in pain and is in a better place. My heart goes out to her husband and family as they are the ones that now need to continue on without this wonderful person.

Rest in Peace my dear friend, Rest in Peace.

Mr. Paisley

So Tuesday night was all excitement on the ridge. I donned my new……

My new cowboy hat and REAL cowboy boots……. I’m in love!!!! I got these at Sheplers in Kansas, I’m in love with that store too!!!! Laura took us there to get Moose a cowboy hat and I end up getting boots *insert cheesy grin* I wanted everything there, it all was so dang cute!!

We wore our hats home from Sheplers, I think Laura thought we were crazy but man was it worth it.

Anyway as I was saying I donner my hat and boots and we were off to a good ole country concert.

The main event was Mr. Brad Paisley

woooo weeeeee he is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

Opening for him were Taylor Swift,

That girl has an amazing voice and ability to write songs for being only 17!

And Rodney Atkins, he’s not too shabby either :) Seriously though he plays some great music, if you don’t recognize the name check out his my space here

 Its rare to see three awesome acts in one show so we really lucked out and it was sooo worth it.

Earlier on in the year I got tickets for mum and dad too, I think they enjoyed it. No hats for them but dad did have his cowboy boots on *wink* like father like daughter.

Have a great day everyone and go crank some country!!! That means you JEFF!!

Meme and puppies

So Dianna tagged me for 8 Random things meme. I’d really rather get Moose to do this cause I can never think of anything about myself.. Alright here goes nothing….

1. Every morning a feed the cat, get my breakfast and go down to the computer and read blogs for at least half and hour before I get ready for work. If I sleep in and don’t get to do that part of my day I feel very discombobulated.

2. I kiss my cat and tell her I love her before going anywhere…. you never know what might happen.

3. I am not a people person and avoid as much human interaction as possible with people I don’t know.

4. I love Little People Big World, I could watch that show over and over.

5. When I was little my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told her a dog.

6. I love dance movies and will watch them over and over.

7. I have weird eating patterns, i’ll eat the same thing for breakfast for 6 mths, then change to something else for 6 mths and not eat that first food for along time…. don’t know why

8. I have a habit, when getting into bed, that all my clothes go in the huge pile on the floor, clean or dirty that grows and grows until it gets out of control. Moose just looooove it!

I’m tagging Laura, Ren, Heidi, Dave, and Monika.

We’ve been searching for puppies or dogs but haven’t quite found the right one yet. I’m sure they’ll pop up soon, so I’ll just have to be patient. Speaking of Puppies, while visiting Moose’s family last week we got to stop in at my brother’s to meet little Loki.

Talk about adorable????? He is the cutest little thing. Right now he’s got a black studded collar, he’s a macho little thing you know :) He was a tad sleepy when we got there as he’d just got back from a long walk in the park with one of his doggy friends Riley the German Shepard. Please excuse my wind swept look, I’d been on the back of the bike all day and was rather bedraggled looking.

Pictures of a finished sock to come!

Done and Done!

The house is sold! One open house and 24 hrs later its done. Well sir that was definately quicker than I was thinking but I’m glad its over and done with. Our closing date is June 1st so the hunt is on to find land or/and a house by that time. Driving home from work the other night I was feeling really sad to be leaving it. Even though the plan was to sell, its still MY house. MY very first house, and its not like I’m tired and ready to move on from this one. I still love it. The location is great, the house is fab and I love our lot. I know deep inside it really is time to move on but your first house is a special one, one that will remain close to my heart. I don’t even want to know what they will be changing or repainting, gahhhh that just kills me!!!

So moving on, we’ve been looking at some land and a few other fix-er-uppers. June first won’t be long coming around but we still have a little while before the perfect thing pops up. Whatever it is I’m ready for the challenge. Sock on the other hand…. I’m not so sure about. She knows new people have been romping through her house but I’m not quite sure she knows we’re moving yet. Poor thing, she’s in for a shock when we do.

On thursday night Moose and I went to see the Watoto Children’s Choir at one of the local churches. Watoto is a response to the critical AIDS crisis in Uganda. They provide homes for orphaned children of the epidemic. They place the children in a family enviroment rather than an orphanage.  The houses are given a house mother and eight children. The villages are little clusters of these homes, a school, water project, medical clinic and multi-purpose hall. Its a fantastic organization, one I’d love to help out with. So the choir gives these children a chance to travel, share their stories with others and raise awareness about Watoto. The kids were soooo energetic, they didn’t stop dancing the whole time, they made me tired just looking at them. I apparantley had my camera on the wrong setting while at the shop and therefore can’t get any of the pics I took off it so you’ll have to watch this instead.

Check out this video I found on You Tube of the show