Construction Update

Our first week of Construction went well, we accomplished a lot!

We dug up the driveway

and put in a french drain so the water will no longer pour straight towards the house. The water situation was what started the whole construction bender. Our front porch was rotting away as the water washed out the under side.

We dug  two more trenches to place sonotubes in for the new deck and porch.

Once those were filled back in we were able to get the concrete poured and set.

We had a very good fore*woman* keeping an eye on things for us.

Thankfully we got most of the digging done before T came home because once she got in that digger she didn’t want to get out.

She spent hours in there with daddy playing around in the dirt.

Next step: Hang the joices so we could frame some walls for the porch and small addition.

It’s coming along nicely but we still have a long way to go,

for my little house on The Ridge.

Camping- Fall Brook Falls

Hey everyone its me Boss!

Last month mum and dad picked up this wicked trailer to go camping in and I think its totally awesome!

In fact I think its sooo great that I try my best to keep Moolee out of it….. *she’s the boss though so it doesn’t always work out in my favour.*

So this is our camper, a 1970 Prowler!!

We took it out for our second trip *mum will tell you about the 1st trip some other time* last weekend and it was so much fun.

We headed out on a short hike to Fall Brook Falls, home to the province’s largest waterfall.

It was a slippery trek getting to the Falls with all those beautiful leaves on the path,

but I led the way and of course had no problems.

The pictures don’t seem like much but….

when Uncle Neill got up close you could really see how huge it was!

I of course had to go inspect it myself!

I let T tag along too.

I was glad Dad’s Aunt and Uncle could come with us.

They are pretty cool and I like hanging out with them.

I went for a nice dip after all that hiking…

Molly the garden gnome of course stayed with Dad!

Such a beautiful part of the province that I can’t wait to sniff  I mean discover more.

More camping adventure’s coming up…

Ice Cream

We took T to the park recently for some play time.

She enjoyed the swings,

the slides,

but most of all…

we enjoyed some much needed time with Daddy!

 On the way home we stopped at our favourite Ice Cream Shop!

Moose and I have been frequent visitors to Sully’s for years.

In fact way back when we first met and were dating we always went to Sully’s.

It’s set up in the old train station in town, run by students and have a wonderful charm to it.

There are some benches outside where you can sit, enjoy your ice cream and watch the world go by.

The street in front is a pretty busy spot so there’s always something interesting to see.

Of course our ice cream was pretty interesting too!

I ended up trying a new flavour that day, Pecan Brittle Delight…. delicious!

There’s nothing like a cold  ice cream on a hot day!

But it tastes better when its enjoyed with family.


What a great weekend!

I finished THREE knits!

 It feels so great to have some needles cleared off, but I still have a few projects left to go before I will be satisfied with the current state of my WIP’s!

I had my first REAL smore!

Enjoyed toasted marshmallow’s and hanging with visiting cousins.

Of course there was fun on the 4 wheeler,

and playing around with sparklers too!

But most importantly….

 We got to spent some quality time with Daddy!

That’s the kind of weekend we like best….

Right Moolee?


Sorry for the radio silence everyone.

I’m having a few issues with my host that I’m trying to sort out. I’ve had no blog access or email so if I owe you a reply bear with me as I catch up on everything.

After two weeks with buckets of rain,

I’m glad that we are finally getting some sun on The Ridge.

We’ve had lots of  outdoor fun,

and there’s been a good deal of knitting too!

I’ll be back shortly with more details!

Travellin’ | Singin’

We’re on the road!

Well I finally decided what knitting to bring with us on our trip so I thought since I have a two hour bus ride and T is sitting between us reading a book like a pro. * I sometimes stress about trip’s and what its going to be like with a 2 year old but so far we’ve had a wonderful time, although we haven’t made it off the plane yet!!*

Sooo as for knitting…

I started a test knit before we left, Lancelot by Solenn Couix-Loarer for T. Solenn is the lovely lady behind Miss Korrigan that I knit for T that is already too small now. I think I’ll be knitting a summery version of Miss Korrigan soon.

I also swatched for Gemini, Jane Richmond’s newest design from Knitty. I have bought the perfect skirt for this top last year when we were in Ireland but I couldn’t find anything to go with it. Can’t wait to get it done.

I also have the buttonbands left to finish on T’s sunshine cardigan, hopefully I will be able to get some FO pics while we’re away.

I hope to have a few FO’s by the time I get back and lots of pics of course!

I’m not sure when I’ll get to check in again but would love to hear what you are all up to!

Ice Caves

Last weekend we loaded up the old snowmobile and headed out in search of some Ice Caves.

Not far from where we live there are some snowmobile trails that we knew would take us to this spot.

Moose and T went down first so I could get some shots from above.

There were ropes tied from tree to tree that were a great help getting down…and up. Otherwise you’d have to be a billy goat to go about it…. and even a billy goat would be in trouble with all that ice.

The meltdown happened when Moose put T up on the ledge so he could pull himself in. It was crazy slippery and almost impossible to get inside. She freaked and started yelling ” I don’t like it, I don’t want to go in!” and that was the end of T and the cave lol

So T romped around and ate our picnic outside while Moose and I took turns inside.

It was incredibly slippery. Someone had tied a rop around the middle column but it just swung around in circles when you tried to use it so it was pretty useless. I slide back down that hill sooo many times before Mr. Jimmy Rig decided he was going to make me stairs to get in.

He used some twine that was lying around and a some branches to make them and I was able to just walk up the rungs and get in….. why didn’t someone else think of that?

There wasn’t much inside the cave but it was still  kind of cool to see how the water had frozen.

and peak out the hole!

Finally just before we left T decided that she wanted to sit with me at the mouth of the cave to get a picture…. that was after she saw a squirrel when she was running around and started screaming I DON’T LIKE IT and crying lol

She talks about that squirrel often and how she didn’t like it but we also left him a snack so there are good memories of the squirrel too.

On the snowmobile trails there are warming shacks every so often that house a wood stove and some seating. We didn’t both going into this one on the way home.  We weren’t that far from the truck and it was pelting down ice pellets so we just carried on.

It was a good run but I think T will enjoy it more when she’s a bit older and will actually enjoy exploring the cave.

That being said she does love going on the snowmobile so it wasn’t all a loss!

Day 14 – Where I craft

Day 14 – Where I craft

A Month of Craft Photos

I’d like to say I use my little crafty corner upstairs by my stash to create in but it’s right outside T’s room and it would also mean the dogs would want to be up there with me  too. So instead when I craft, T is napping, the dogs are napping and I am at peace and can do as I please for a while.

Notice the light attached to the side of the shelves??? One of my V day presents from Moose. We don’t have a light in the living room, who knows why the people that build this house thought they wouldn’t need a light in the most used room in the house….. anyway…. Moose is always complaining that I have every light in the house on when I knit in the evenings…. well I do need to see what I’m doing and my computer screen just doesn’t creat enough light.  A standing lamp would last about two seconds in this house before T, the dogs or Moose knocks it over so  I came home yesterday to discover he installed a light in the perfect location for my knitterly needs. He even put in a dimmer switch, how awesome is that??

The pink behind the couch is my new MASSIVE blocking board he also made that hangs from two eye hooks installed in the beam on the ceiling!! I’ve been looking at folding blocking boards because I might be stealing pieces of our gym floor when I need to block something. It wouldn’t be soo bad if I didn’t need to block as often as I do and Moose didn’t use the gym every day :)

Two wonderfully crafty gifts from my most awesome Moose to enhance my knitterly life and my crafting space!

He is the best!!


We were supposed to get a big storm yesterday… everything was cancelled…. but our 10-15 cms of snow only amounted to a few inches in the end with lots of freezing rain. I was excited at the prospect of actually HAVING some snow this winter that didn’t end up getting washed away by rain the very next day but again luck wasn’t going to go my way.

Freezing rain however is better than rain… at least for sliding!

As you can see the dogs love to get in on the action too.

Poor Molly couldn’t get the brakes on fast enough, the ice was playing havoc with her back legs.

Then of course there is the chase!

I can remember growing up we had farmers fields behind our house with an access road that ran into them from our driveway, now this is teen years I’m talking so it was when we lived here in Canada. When everything was iced over and hard we used to zing down that road on crazy carpets with not a fear in the world. We would be out there for hours at a time surfing, going down head first and of course making jumps. It’s a wonder I still have all my bones in tack not to mention my teeth.

T of course picked up on the love for sliding right away. Sliding down and then gun hoe to get right back up that hill and slide again.

5 or so more inches of snow wouldn’t go a miss and would  help out our efforts when trying to avoid running into tree’s and large rocks!

It’s also a  little hard to get stopped right now digging your heels into the ice.

Nevertheless it was a great way to spend the morning with my two favourite people!

Our driveway is a complete sheet of ice right now, we could easily skate on it.

We have before!

Busy Busy Busy

Things are super busy right now.

  • T is back into the swing of her Fall activities
  • We have been running here there and everywhere.
  • I’ve been wrapping up test knits
  • Packing for Knit East this weekend
  • Blocking a shawl for a swap at Knit East
  • Preparing to leave my baby overnight for the first time
  • Thinking about a mindless project to take with me
  • Not to mention laundry, and general house cleaning too.

But in the midst of it all I dropped everything when T requested a picnic lunch.

This is the second day in a row we have enjoyed a picnic lunch outside. We have been having beautiful weather these past few days and I wasn’t about to say no to some time in the sun with my girl.

We of course had a few other attendee’s at the picnic…

One has to be watched very carefully, he has a sniffer like no other and just can’t resist when it comes to food.

The other is more laid back but she certainly wasn’t about to miss out if Boss took the plunge.

We enjoyed some great outdoor time, playing in the sand box and getting some raking done.

Now that naptime has arrived I better get back to getting things done around here.