Meme and puppies

So Dianna tagged me for 8 Random things meme. I’d really rather get Moose to do this cause I can never think of anything about myself.. Alright here goes nothing….

1. Every morning a feed the cat, get my breakfast and go down to the computer and read blogs for at least half and hour before I get ready for work. If I sleep in and don’t get to do that part of my day I feel very discombobulated.

2. I kiss my cat and tell her I love her before going anywhere…. you never know what might happen.

3. I am not a people person and avoid as much human interaction as possible with people I don’t know.

4. I love Little People Big World, I could watch that show over and over.

5. When I was little my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told her a dog.

6. I love dance movies and will watch them over and over.

7. I have weird eating patterns, i’ll eat the same thing for breakfast for 6 mths, then change to something else for 6 mths and not eat that first food for along time…. don’t know why

8. I have a habit, when getting into bed, that all my clothes go in the huge pile on the floor, clean or dirty that grows and grows until it gets out of control. Moose just looooove it!

I’m tagging Laura, Ren, Heidi, Dave, and Monika.

We’ve been searching for puppies or dogs but haven’t quite found the right one yet. I’m sure they’ll pop up soon, so I’ll just have to be patient. Speaking of Puppies, while visiting Moose’s family last week we got to stop in at my brother’s to meet little Loki.

Talk about adorable????? He is the cutest little thing. Right now he’s got a black studded collar, he’s a macho little thing you know :) He was a tad sleepy when we got there as he’d just got back from a long walk in the park with one of his doggy friends Riley the German Shepard. Please excuse my wind swept look, I’d been on the back of the bike all day and was rather bedraggled looking.

Pictures of a finished sock to come!


Well today is an exciting day here at Celtic Cast On…. its KNITTING DAY!!! Finally I get to sit down and just knit away my cares, and not by myself mind you, Heidi’s coming over to join me. Heidi hasn’t been a knitting for very long but she’s hooked 100%, obsessed, lives breaths and dreams yarn… just like the rest of us. I’m soooo glad my knitting friend is in so deep, with us!!! Today though is a special day for Heidi, I’m going to be introducing her to sock yarn!!! She already knit her first pair of socks with 100% wool but before she jumps off the deep end into the yummy world of sock yarn I told her I’d show her what she’s in for and this way she can pick a brand she’d like to start with. I’m excited to show her my stash as it has grown to a fair amount in the past year. She’ll have plenty of skeins to oogle over, here’s a little sneak peak for her.

She’ll also get to thumb through the yarn books in my collection too, and i’m sure she will be adding a few key ones to her wish list. I was a little worried of what Jon *Heidi’ husband* might think of me if she comes home raving about all the sock yarn and books she’d want to buy so I thought I’d give him fair warning. Click HERE to see the email I sent him and his reply!!

Heidi’s daughter Faith just started a blog. She’s 10 years old and a fabulous little knitter. Go on over and welcome her to the Knit blog community!

Here’s a little something I whipped up last week.

ok ok I didn’t whip that up. It was actually gifted to me. See tomorrow is my boss’s last day of work before she is transferred. The other day she came in with this on, I grabbed her arm and said oohhhhh I want your jacket!!! She explained how she’d had it since she was 19, well that was more than 20 year ago now. It is still in great condition, just needs a little bath. Yesterday she said she wanted me to have it as it was too small for her anyway. There are some peep holes showing under the arms were the sewing broke but that is easily fixed, I can’t wait to wear it!

My bro emailed me pics the other day of a new addition to the family

This is Loki! He’s only a few weeks old and I’m dying to go up and see him. He’s oohhh sooo cute, I need to find a little something to take to him.

I’ll have some knitting pics later today!

OH MY I FORGOT TO ADD!!! We have had an offer accepted on another fixer upper, so pending the water test the house will be ours at the end of the month :) That is all!