C is for……..

In an effort to catch up on the ABC along here is my C post.

                                                      C is for Casting on Cobblestone!


Finally I have a few knits out of the way so I could Cast on for this sweater. I’ve only had the yarn for a little over a month…… every day it would stare at me, BEG me to Cast on. I’d tell it well, maybe tomorrow once I get that duffle coat of my needles. Then it was well, I really should finish the sleeves of that sweater I’ve been working on since 2007…. FINALLY it is all done, FINALLY I can Cast on. I’m using Queensland Kathmandu Aran which I bought at Webs last month. I’d wanted to use the Skye tweed that the pattern calls for because there is such a great defination with the stitches but everyone knows its now discontinued and I sooooooo missed out on the big sale at Webs last summer *sigh* So the lovely site that is Ravelry had some great finished Cobblestone’s made with the Kathmandu. I checked on Webs and at 4 dollars a ball how could I go wrong. I cast on for this on the 26th and let me just tell you how fabulous this yarn is. I was expecting it to be rough and arany but it is soooooo soft and just scrumptious to work with. Finally after working about 5 inches with the stuff I looked at the label…. 85% merino, 10% silk, 5% cashmere…. Holy crap that would explain it! Now I’m wishing I would have got more of this stuff for a sweater for myself. I’m having the greatest time knitting this pattern, I don’t know what it is exactly that is captivating me, its just knit and purl after all but there is something about the two side sections of purl that has me in a trance. I can’t stop knitting!! I say to myself ok I’ll knit till the next purl section then go do something, but when I get to that purl section I have to knit it, and when I’ve done the purl section I have to knit the next section and when I knit the knit section I have to knit the purl……… ahhhhh the cycle is endless but it sure is making the body go quickly. I’m alot farther on than this picture now, I may have the body finished up today or tomorrow as there’s only 5 more inches or so. Moose just might be able to wear it this year yet :)

Enough about Cobblestone, are you all wondering how the clogs turned out and what Moose thought???? If your not then why the heck aren’t you!!! *grins* Ok really though the clogs are felted. Moose loves them, and can be seen prancing about in them during the evening’s. That makes me one happy Donkey!


and it just hit me….. C is for Clogs!

       Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Clogs Men’s Medium

       Yarn: Lion Brand Felting in Chocolate, Patons Classic Merino Wool in Old Gold

       Needles: 9mm circs

       Start Date: Feb 20th 2008

       Finish Date: Feb 22nd 2008

So as you all know I ran out of brown, 6 rows too short and had to use the gold for those extra six rows because of this I had to felt that slipper a little bit more to catch up with the other. They turned out wearable in the end and thats all that matters I guess. I will be knitting this pattern again, in the near future, as I plan on making a pair for my mum and dad for when they come to visit.

Next post will be all about Hooking, for Monika, you will be able to see just how its done. Maybe not ALL about hooking, you’ll have to wait and see :)


Warm hands and cold feet!


                Pattern : Chevalier Mittens

                Start Date: January 1st 2008

                Finish Date: February 11th 2008

                Yarn: almost 200g of Cascade 220  * Two different dyelots, one for each mitt as I ran out. Thanks to Pat I was able to finish*

                Needles : 3.75mm DPN’s

 I did the shorter version of these mittens, which is minus two green sections on the pattern. Good thing because they are a TAD long as is but they are wearable. Love how they turned out and i’ve got tons of comments on them already. The first night I had them on , after finishing a few hours earlier, we are paying at the counter of Canadian Tire. The young girl at the counter says WOW I love your mittens!!!

me: Thanks!

Moose: *pipes in and says* You like those?? I made them for her!

young girl: YOU DID???? YOU MADE THOSE????

me: LOL no he didn’t, I did.

young girl: YOU DID???? Well my names ______ and next time you come in here you can make me some.

me: *smiles*

SUUUUURRRRE hunny I’ll just go home and whip you up a pair right now!! Hey at least she liked them :)


                I have all the pieces of the duffle coat finished I just need to sew it all up. I probably would have had that done today but you see I had a knitting emergency.

MY MOOSE NEEDS SLIPPERS!! Thats right folks his poor ole donkey slippers have holes right through the feet and he’s been whinning that he needs new slippers. The thought occured that I could knit him a pair of felted clogs….. that was pushed out fast as I knew he’d never wear them. The whinning insued and finally I said

me:  I could knit you a pair of felted clogs?

Moose: what are those??

me: I’ll get the pattern and show you. *off I run to get the pattern* I show him the pattern and he says

Moose: ok

me: *astonished* You’ll really wear them???

Moose: Yup

me: *excited now* OK what colour do you want them?

Moose: whatever you’ve got, they’re just slippers

TYPICAL MAN!!! But hey i’m knitting my moose slippers *beams* that he’s gonna wear!!!

I started last night during Corrie and finished the second one up this afternoon


I didn’t know if I was going to have enough yarn in the stash to do these but I thought if I did mustard soles and cuff’s then I should hopefully cross my fingers and have enough left for the body of them. I guess I was a little excited about knitting something for Moose that I cast on with the body colour and didn’t realize until I was at the cuff…… yes yes ok I was over excited. Today when I cast of the clog two I debated on whether to make number 2 the proper way with the mustard bottom and have them not look like a pair or try the same way as the first and hope there’s enough. Well I went with HOPE and I was 6 stinking rows short of brown. 6 STINKING ROWS!!!! DANG that burns my butt. Moose, well he couldn’t have cared less and said just use what you got, they’re only slippers. ARGGGGG I know they are only slippers but I want them to look the SAME!!! I had no choice but to fill the 6 rows in with mustard, its not that bad really but its still annoying. Tomorrow I will felt them once the Moose is up so I can get them to the perfect fit. Fingers crossed!