Knit East 2013

This past weekend I attended a maritime knitting convention called Knit East held at The Algonquin.

This is the second time the event has happened and the second time I have attended.

This year had a fantastic line up of teachers:

Bristol Ivy, Susan B Anderson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Ann Budd, Deb Barnhill and Stephanie Pearl McPhee.

There were so many choices for classes that I had a really hard time choosing and trying to fit everything I wanted into a two day schedule. In the end I took..

Left to right : Design a toy workshop with Susan B Anderson

                Inventive Colour with Mary Jane Mucklestone

Design a Shawl with Bristol Ivy

I thoroughly enjoyed every class, learning lots of new tips and tricks along the way.

Mary Jane brought MILES and MILES of swatches, I think I spent more time oogling those and her samples than anything else. It’s no wonder I left her class feeling inspired and all fired up to knit fair isle.

Susan brought a truck show of toys that were so much fun to look at as well. I think there will be some more toys in my future too.

All 3 of these ladies were so lovely, down to earth and some much fun to learn from.

We had stunning weather for the end of September. It stayed in the 20′s all the entire time.

 We ate Al Fresco all weekend,

We met new friends,

and ate delicious Spinach Feta Dip.

Heidi and I found this little gem on the second day and ended up eating there several times before heading home.

Of course it wouldn’t be Knit East without a…… Shawl Swap!!

Sarah and I organized another Knit East swap.

We had 48 people sign up for this years swap which was amazing.

So many beautiful shawls!

It was a wonderful weekend that was over all too soon.

Very much looking forward to Knit East 2015.


I’m very excited to be a part of Pom Pom Quarterly’s 6th Issue.

Autumn 2013

copyright Juju Vail

Copyright Juju Vail

My newest design Hierro, meaning Iron is inspired by the many wrought iron gates and fences found throughout the UK. Several times a day during my childhood I would pass by or be swinging off of Hierro of every kind.  Hierro is a perfect mesh of slipped stitches and bobbles creating an eye catching accessory perfect for our Autumn weather.

I used Elena’s gorgeous Colour Adventures Sweet Merino DK for this pattern in the Sherwood colourway.

I wouldn’t exactly call Pom Pom Quarterly a magazine.. It’s this lovely little book full of  beautiful aesthetics and stunning photography.

Pom Pom is available in print directly through Pom Pom, a LYS that carries the mag or digital copy through Ravelry.

This issue includes 8 knitting patterns, recipes, techniques and tutorials.

A beautiful little gem you will definitely want to add to your library.


I did a little interview with Anadiomena on their blog about the design if you care to take a peek.

Elena is sponsoring the the Autumn KAL in the Pom Pom group on Ravelry so if you’d like to knit Hierro make sure to post a finished picture in the Pom Pom group by the end of October to be entered in to win Elena’s yummy yarn.

Happy Halloween

This year when I asked T what she would like to be for Halloween she immediately said

A Pumpkin!

Ok I thought a pumpkin will be easy…. until she said “I want you to knit me a pumpkin!”

ummmmm really???

At first I really was going to knit her a pumpkin costume but when we walked into music class and saw THE perfect pumpkin in her size for sale she forgot all about the knit one.

I did however make her a little pumkin top to go with it.

A simple little fascinator attached to a headband that worked perfectly.

I used Cabin Fever Northern Wool in the Pumpkin Colourway and a bit of extra cascade 220 held doubled I had left over from Woodstove Season. I whipped this up in about 20 minutes!

Of course there is no show without Punch…. eerrr Molly!

She has been in every Halloween photo so far so why should this one be any different.

Poor Molly wasn’t too interested in pictures this time…. it was around the time that daddy comes home from work and she was listening very carefully for truck. I see I will have to time my photo shoots around home time from now on!

 Now if you’ll excuse us we’re off to take this little pumpkin trick or treating!


I recently finished my test for Elena of a design called Spirited.

It is the adult version of Playful Citrus that I knit for T in the summer.

I started this back in August, it took a month to knit the body and then another month to get back to it and knit the sleeves…. short sleeves at that.

I guess life got in the way of things as it sometimes does but I’m am glad to say it is now finished.

I used 3 skeins of Malabrigo Lace in the Bobby Blue colourway and I actually ran out of yarn before I finished the sleeves.

If you remember the sleeves came to the elbow and were ruched on the original.

They were my favourite design element but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be on my version.

I really like it with the short sleeves as well and think it will be great to wear during the summer.

Another element I love about Elena’s designs are the back decreases.

She pairs decreases down the middle of the back that pull the body in making the most flattering shape.

It was a tad chilly to be sporting a sundress and lace cardigan in October… especially when the photographer had a winter jacket and toque on but it had to be done!

It is fantastic picture taking weather when its overcast and rather gloomy out.

Camping- Fall Brook Falls

Hey everyone its me Boss!

Last month mum and dad picked up this wicked trailer to go camping in and I think its totally awesome!

In fact I think its sooo great that I try my best to keep Moolee out of it….. *she’s the boss though so it doesn’t always work out in my favour.*

So this is our camper, a 1970 Prowler!!

We took it out for our second trip *mum will tell you about the 1st trip some other time* last weekend and it was so much fun.

We headed out on a short hike to Fall Brook Falls, home to the province’s largest waterfall.

It was a slippery trek getting to the Falls with all those beautiful leaves on the path,

but I led the way and of course had no problems.

The pictures don’t seem like much but….

when Uncle Neill got up close you could really see how huge it was!

I of course had to go inspect it myself!

I let T tag along too.

I was glad Dad’s Aunt and Uncle could come with us.

They are pretty cool and I like hanging out with them.

I went for a nice dip after all that hiking…

Molly the garden gnome of course stayed with Dad!

Such a beautiful part of the province that I can’t wait to sniff  I mean discover more.

More camping adventure’s coming up…

Woodstove Season

Luvin The Mommyhood’s Summer Sweater KAL has come to an end.

 I didn’t manage to get the sleeves on my lace cardigan finished on time but I did complete this beauty!

Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer is due to be released mid October.

I was super excited to test knit this one and even more excited with the finished product!

This cosy cardigan  knits up quickly on 5mm needles and is a stunning addition to my Autumn wardrobe. I’m glad I chose brown Cascade 220 for this because it will just go with so many things! I have already been wearing it for the past two days and I just know I’m going to wear this one right out and have to make another.

My Rav Project page!

Those chevron pockets are such a cute addition and really tie the knit together with that beautiful chevron back.

I made absolutely no mods to this knit, didn’t even have to add length on the sleeves or body, love that!

When I see pictures of the back of this cardigan it makes me want to walk backwards everyday so everyone can see it. hehe

That or I may just have to do a few twirls mid sentence!

My buttons are ones I purchased a few years ago from Beadic on Etsy. I’m so glad I was able to find the perfect knit to adorn them on. Beadic doesn’t seem to have anything in her shop at the moment so I’m not sure if she is still in business or not but if she is I will definitely be putting in another order. Her buttons are delicious!

I have been wanting to knit myself a cardigan to go with this dress for quite some time.

It’s a very light dress but paired with tights and this cardigan I will now be able to wear it year round, love outfits like that!


Today my not quite 3 year old started Preschool.

Although sometimes shy T takes after Moose by having a very laid back attitude and had no problem marching right up to those doors like she’d done it every day for the last year.

A stop for a quick picture and then it was down to business…..

She made a bee line for the cars of course!

I’m excited to see her grow and make new friends with all the adventures she will be having at Preschool this year!


I just finished an amazingly cute hat for T and had to share.

This little number was a test knit for Alicia Plummer.

An adorable slouchy that ranges from baby all the way up to adult and only took a day to knit.

It features 3 sets of oak leaves around the body of the hat and a great twisted rib that really makes it pop.

It’s knit with dk weight yarn and I chose Berroco Vintage DK  in a beautiful red to go with her winter coat.

I won’t have to worry about it getting dirty because I can just through it in the washer… you would not believe how dirty this girl gets!

I’m glad that the hat quest is taken care of for this year. I always seem to have trouble finding exactly what I want…and choosing from pink, pink or pink in stores REALLY drives me mad!

Ok Fall… We’re ready for you!


There’s nothing like a woolly hat to keep you toasty in the Autumn and Winter months.

I recently test knit this sweet beret for the lovely Preeti.

This is Courtenay, Preeti’s first published pattern!

The leaf motif  knits up quickly with worsted weight yarn and can easily be made slouchier with an extra repeat.

You have to check out all of Preeti’s versions in solid coloured yarns they are beautiful!

If I knit this one again I will definitely go with a solid.

You can get the full scoop on her design here on her blog.

If you’d like to purchase Courtenay you can hit the buy now button and it will take you right to her pattern shop.

A great little beret that you could whip up in a snap for christmas gifting.

Happy Knitting!


I couldn’t pass up this recent test knit for Vanessa of Knit Rhapsody.

If you haven’t already checked out her other patterns I highly suggest you do, they are all swoon worthy.

This is Julissa, Vanessa’s first sweater design. I’d say she likes to start things off with a bang huh?

Julissa is knit top down and this is definitely the way I like to knit sweaters. I’ve done a few top down designs before with Lily but I’ve always had to go back and add the neckline afterwards. I love that this is cast on at the neck, knit, cast off at the bottom and seam a few stitches under the arm. Perfect!

I knit my version with Ultra Alpaca in Sweet Pea. I really have fallen for this yarn. I used the Ultra Alpaca  light version for T’s Korrigan and the worsted for Julissa. They are all wonderful to work with and it comes in so many lovely heathered colours.

The cable and lace pattern is very flattering and looks fantastic on many shapes and sizes. If you check out the pattern page on Ravelry and see what I mean. This sweater will definitely get lots of wear and I fore-see more top down sweaters being knit in the future, they are soo comfy!

There is of course no show without Punch during a photo session.

Someone else wanted to “Sit on the tree with mummy.”

What sweaters are you swooning over this year?