We had friends stay with us this past week from Arizona. I found out a week before they arrived and thought oh I should whip her up a cowl because she is probably going to freeze.

The days ticked by and I still had yet to cast on….. Oh I’ll just crank it out on the weekend I thought…….. apparently I WASN’T thinking straight that week because the cowl I knit definitely took longer than 2 days to knit.

Pattern: Stockholm Scarf by KnittedblissJC

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Dk in colour 2181

Needles: 6mm circs

Mods: I knit this in the round casting on 252 sts.

My Ravelry Project Page

The Stockholm scarf although fun to knit was definitely NOT a weekend knit with 252 sts per round in a lace and rib pattern. I picked up 2 skeins of Berroco Vintage Dk because I wasn’t sure how she would handle the washing aspect and I think I chose right. She has dark hair so the red was a pretty easy decision.

 I, of course, ran out of time to knit the full two skeins, like I had planned, but was able to get a good sized cowl out of the yardage regardless. I think i had about 16 repeats of the 4 row pattern. In the pictures I have it folded in half before wrapping around my neck and it was perfect.

I had it blocking the day they arrived before but it still wasn’t dry a couple of days into their stay. I moved the blocking board to my bedroom before they arrived so it would be out of sight until it dried completely.

It was finally dry when I checked it before our trip to Fall Brook Falls. (It’s been a couple of years since we have been there.) It was a brisk day for our grand outdoor adventure but lots of fun when bundled in handknits.

 They are off home now but hopefully she will get some use out of it especially next year when they visit again. I’ll have to get knitting on some more accessories to keep them warm because the next trip might be a snowy one.


I’ve had a lot of comments on my new blog look so I think its about high time I tell you about the lovely lady behind it all.

© Luvinthemommyhood

Shannon of Luvinthemommyhood created a wonderful new look/logo for me.

I knew “kind of” what I wanted and left the rest up to Shannon’s creative talent. I was a little nervous leaving it up to Shannon, even though I have seen tons other sites she has created because….. what if I didn’t like it?? That is laughable now! She most definitely captured me in a sense I don’t think I could have even come up with and I really love it!!

Thank you so much Shannon!

If you haven’t visited Shannon’s website I highly suggest you do. She has a lovely community involving knitting/ sewing and family life.

She’s currently doing another KAL, this time Downton inspired. We are all knitting a project with a Downton feel while watching Season 3. I may have already watched Season 3 but you bet your boots I’ll be watching it again.

On top of all that Shannon designs her own patterns too.

I recently whipped up her Stasia Cowl pattern.

If you are craving a quick knit with a unique construction then this is the cowl for you.

Stockinette and garter stitch stripes made for a great car project. I finished it up in one day, a perfect instant gratification knit.

I used Berroco Vintage DK that I had left over from my Ravi cardigan.

The pattern calls for worsted and is quite bulky on 8mm needles so I knew that I could get away with a dk weight and still have it be cosy on me. I also went down a needle size with the dk in order to accommodate for the switch in yarn weight.

The construction of this cowl is unique leaving you a double layer around your neck without having to loop it around your neck, sure to keep me warm during the cold snap we are currently experiencing.

I found myself wearing it around the house too a perfect cosy companion!

Are you looking for something cosy to knit this month??


Another test I did for Carol‘s Scrumptious Knits Booklet.

This is Vesuvius.

A drop stitch eternity cowl that leaves you wanting to knit “just one more row!”

My version is knit with Rowan Felted Tweed dk left over from Manu. I really think the tweed makes this simplistic design pop, I’m sure you’ve got a skein of something special around that would really be great for this pattern.

I forgot to mention before that if the whole scrumptious book isn’t for you, Carol will be releasing each pattern separately mid January!

There will be an adult Ignus around these parts for sure!


You know its bad when your husband is whinning about not having a new post to read….. I didn’t realize my knitting captivated him so much :)

Pattern: Quick Mustard Scarf by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky in Mustart

Needles: U.S. 15

Start Date: December 22nd 2008

Finish Date: December 23rd 2008

I was in need of a quick simple project that would distract me from the finishing frenzy just before christmas. Chunky needles and some bright yellow yarn proved to be just the pick me upper I needed.

I knit almost all of this over an hour or two of telly, with only a row or two to knit the following day. A simple soothing knit that grew quickly, ahhhhh instant FO.

2009 has arrived and I thought i’d start off the year with a small project that I’ve been dying to cast on for…. Thermis by Kristen Patay. I’m using Patons Classic Merino in Grey Mix, the same as in the pattern. As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I had to knit it and grey seems to be a favourite colour of mine in the past few months so it only made sense that I make it in grey. This pattern reminds me of a sweater, the waffle stitch and the way the little collar flap buttons over like the top of a sweater, ahhhh I love it so much!

More new knits to come and plans for 2009.



Almost a month ago we seeded the pasture….

Not a very exciting picture for most but this picture represents all our hard work over the past months coming to life.

We cleared treed land, dug it all up, tilled, picked rocks, limed, seeded…. all with only the hope that this would work. After each step was completed we still didn’t feel any farther ahead, it still just looked like a bunch of mud. That picture above, with those little green sprouts is proof that this actually could work. There are little clumps of sprouts all over the pasture which excites me to no end. Although the grass will mostly stay dormant until the spring, I’m hopeful it will really take off.

We’ve been trying to keep the dogs and ourselves off of it as much as possible but the work on the pasture is far from over. Its fencing time!!

Rolling out the first roll of fencing was very exciting! Once again it just brings us one step closer to our goal. We’re a good part of the way through our 3rd roll and think about 1 more roll will do it to complete the outside perimeter.

There’s been many trials and tribulations working with this fencing. Roadblocks have occurred, we’ve had to work things differently than we originally planned on but we are getting there slowly but surely. There have been some pretty cold days we’ve been fencing, my Casually Cowl has kept me nice and toasty. I can’t wait to get some use out of it snow shoeing this winter.

 Its amazing when I walk out the front door now, I look over, see fencing up and can actually picture animals roaming around in there. Roll on spring so we can build the barn!!!


Wow!!! Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments on my hair. Its reassuring to know you all thought my decision was a good one. A few of you are worried i’m going to freeze this winter with no hair and while it did cross my mind that I wouldn’t have my hair to use as a scarf anymore I had a plan.

*Picture taken before the chop!* 

Neckwarmers of course!!

Pattern: Tudora by Cheryl Marling

Start Date: September 25th 2008

Finish Date: September 26th 2008

Yarn: Cascade 220 colour 2452

Needles: US 6 / 4mm straights

I’ve had this neckwarmer in my queue for quite a while now waiting for the right yarn. I just happened to have some yarn left over from another project *haven’t blogged about it yet* and thought I just might be able to squeeze a Tudora out of it. I cast on and wouldnt you know it I ran out with about 10 rows left. Heidi, luckily had made a gorgeous Drops Asymmetrical Jacket out of the same colourway so I messaged her to see if she might have any left overs hanging around that I could steal.

She had a couple of little balls, enough to finish Tudora with a little bit to spare. Thanks Heidi!

I knit pretty much the whole thing while watching a couple of episodes of 24. I cast off on the way into town the next day with mum. I showed her the pattern…. and she wanted one too!!! She’s got great taste what can I say! Pics of Tudora #2 coming soon!

This pattern is perfect for my new hair, its is VERY tall, the front comes up over my chin so no doubt it will get alot of use this winter. No worries folks I WILL be warm!!! There will be more neckwarmers too!!


So now that my comments are fixed “That was awesome” I have a quick little knit I’d like to show you.

Pattern: Stacked Eyelet Cowl

Yarn: Koigu KPPPM

Needles: U.S. 3

Start Date: Sept 9th 2008

Finish Date: Sept 10th 2008

I started this cowl as something simple to knit that I could take with me and not have to worry about patterns and messing up or so I thought. I ended up knitting the dang thing in one night because I just couldn’t put it down. The minute I wound up the Koigu I was in love. The colours were soooo yummy and the changes so frequent, I was mesmorized.

I have had this yarn in my stash for quite a few years now not knowing what to do with it. I bought two skeins intended for socks but I just couldn’t hide a beautiful thing like this from the world. It needed to be seen, admired and loved. Stacked eyelet was the perfect pattern to show off the beautiful array of colours and let it be seen. 

It was very hard to get a picture that captured the true colours. The picture above is the best representation and let me tell you the colours are more amazing in person.

I have a few other knits nearing the finish line so hang in there while I have a little FO partaay before we get to the new knits on the needles.

Finished knit and a challenge


Pattern: Cashmere Neckwarmer by Kim K.

Start Date: September 1st 2008

Finish Date: September 1st 2008

Yarn: Queensland Kathmandu Aran in Brown

Needles: US 11

This was a quick little knit I polished off while watching my newest obsession 24. I’m nearing the end of the first season and can’t wait to get stuck into the next 6.

Queensland Kathmandu is such a yummy yarn, I had two balls left over from Moose’s Cobblestone so I thought i’d whip up a nice little neckwarmer just in time for fall. The weather here as been rather fall ish with the odd hot day here and there so i’m thinking i’ll be using this soon rather than later.

It’s long enough that I can tuck it into my jacket for a little bit of extra warmth when it gets really cold…… I’m trying not to think about that yet but it will be fastly approaching!

I finished it off with a nice chunky wooden button, delic!!

I have been getting geared up for the cold season, but this week, and for the last few months now I have been sweating my hole off piling wood. We ran out of wood last year so this year we ended up getting 6 cord and it was lucky me who gets to pile it.

Last years process took a LONG time because I was using a small 4 wheeler trailer to cart the wood from the pile, to the basement door and then wheel it inside with the wheelbarrow. Not this year, this year I have the tractor and a large trailer that I am piling as high as I can get it before taking it around back.

I was doing pretty good, the pile was slowly but surely getting smaller with each load but I was really getting sick of seeing that pile of wood everytime I walked out the door so I grabbed Moose on Sunday and we assessed the damage. He figured I had a good 6 trailer loads full left before the pile was finito so a challenge was born.

My challenge was to get it done by the weeks end. If I did two loads a day for 3 days it would be done. Of course things and appointments happen that cause 2 loads not to get done in a day but I still figured I could get it done by the weeks end. Today is Friday and baby I just finished the last load of wood!!!!

I had one load left to do and was determined to get it done today and then I wouldn’t have to look at another wood pile until next year.


Of course it had to be boiling hot out!! The heat factor paired with coveralls, gloves and wellies makes it sweaty work. I did however have my trusty helper.

And….. my not so trusty helper……

Sweet victory was mine when I picked up the last log from the trailer!!!

Those coveralls look hot huh *wink wink*

Challenge complete!!! Done for another year!!!

*you can’t see them but there are two more rows behind that one*


Casually Cowl

Cowls have taken over the blogosphere!!!! If you haven’t already knit one I KNOW your tempted to. What could be better than a simple knit, quick project, most definately portable that could be done in a matter of hours. After seeing many many many cowls out there I finally decided to give one a go and see what all the fuss was about…… Casually Cowl was born.


                                                                          Casually Cowl

               Start Date: June 6th 2008

               Finish Date: June 6th 2008

               Yarn: Handspun gifted by my MIL

               Pattern: my own

               Needles: 5mm circs

Knit in a matter of hours, I couldn’t put this down. Round and round we go and after a few shows that were  PVR’d I have a nice new Cowl.



   This is quite a thick handspun so will be very nice in the winter and cold fall nights. I’ve even tucked it on the bike with me incase we are driving home late one evening and i’m freezing my buns off. I now see why you can’t knit just one, I’m already contemplating my second.

                                       I also received the cutest gift in the mail this week from Kristina.


    Is that not the cutest little felted purse? I love the little felted ball as the zipper pull. I’m assuming she made this herself, its even lined with bright fabric too, I *heart* it! As if that wasn’t enough inside was something even cuter.

                                                      The card reads “I just had to get you these”


              Although I haven’t seen Mr. Owl since winter i’m sure he’s still hanging out on the Ridge somewhere. These little guys will remind me of him everytime I use them, which will be very often! They are too cute NOT to use. THANK YOU soooo much Kristina, you nailed the me factor once again :)

                                                         Lots more FO’s coming at ya!!