Recently I won a contest on Oiyi’s blog!

This lovely package arrived for me last week. It contained a copy of Oiyi’s first published design LaReine, a skein of OkayKnits Sawa Sawa yarn in Vermeer  and the cutest little sock monkey tape measure made by her friend Tomo. You can purchase them from her Etsy shop here. I would totally recommend getting one or even a few for christmas presents they are VERY well made, I love mine to bits. Thanks Oiyi for the wonderful goodies!

If LaReine has intrigued you, Oiyi’s latest design is sure to make its way to the top of your queue. A sneak peek of Kouyou can be seen here. I actually just finished test knitting this design and it was a fun knit!

 I hope to have a blocked Kouyou to show you next week once the pattern is released for purchase!

Spring is in the air!!

And the knitting goes on. There are some big happening’s going on at the ridge right now but that will have to save for another post. I have Finished Knits and yummy yarn to show you!!

The weather is slowly warming and some layers are being shed but these little ears get sore very quickly with the cool winds. It not cold enough for a hat most evenings when we take the dogs out but I do need something to keep these little ears of mine safe and warm.


Calorimetry from Knitty teamed up with some Rowanspun DK the lovely Claudia gifted me was a perfect match. I love the tweedy goodness of olive green with mustard flecks… yummm! I of course had 2 skeins gifted to me so I just had to make some matching fingerless mitts. I used the pattern from the February issue of Simply Knitting. I ended up making three of the dang things, the first was too big so it was frog and reknit with alot less stitches to fit snuggly on my tiny wrists.


I finished the Calorimetry off with a lovely little chocolate button. I heart these buttons so much! Spring here I come!!!


What?? Your not waiting for the yummy yarn I promised were ya??? ok ok Lately I have had some what of a lucky streak, all within the same week.

I won a contest over at Yarnivorous aka Lynne’s blog. She sent me a fantastic package from the opposite side of NA in California.  Socks that Rock *squeals* and A Piece of Vermont both yarns I have neither touched nor tried, a cute set of stitch markers and a wonderful postcard of her homeland Oz. Thank you sooo much Lynne I can’t wait to try out these yummy yarns!


The luck continued when Kelli informed me I’d won a runner up prize for a contest at her blog. I recieved a $10.00 gift certificate to use at Zero Markers. Hummm the decisions! I kept coming back to the same set and knew it was the one. I was however plesantly surprised when they arrived. Not only did I get two extra markers than expected but the ones I ordered were GREEN!!!!!!! Call me stupid but I thought they were brown in the picture. You would have thought the description of “YELLOW TURQUOISE” would have given it away but nooooooo. I’m chalking it up to being over excited about winning a contest :) Anyway when they arrived I opened then and exclaimed “THEY’RE GREEN!!!!!!!!!! ohhhhh I love them!!!” Yup made my day they did! Thanks Kel for spoiling me so!


                       I do have a finished Cobblestone to share with you but that and more exciting things coming soon!