Agatha Tour and Giveaway!

I was excited to be asked by my long time blog friend Claire, now podcaster of the NH Knits podcast, if I would like to give away a copy of her first ever knitting pattern.

Of course!!  How could I not support her with the release of her first pattern!!

agatha socks

Agatha Socks

Agatha, named after one of her chickens who quite often gets herself into trouble escaping the coop, is written in two sizes, Women’s Medium and Large and provides both written and charted instructions.


Knit top down these socks feature a beautiful all over lattice pattern perfect to wear throughout the Fall and Winter months. Can’t you just picture these cozied up on the couch in front of a roaring fire?

Claire currently hosting a KAL in the NH Knits Ravelry group for Agatha.  The KAL will run until Oct 31st and she is offering 3 prize bundles to giveaway. She will be talking more about the prizes in Episode 28 of the NH Knits podcast. Just in case you thought this couldn’t get any sweeter there is an automatic discount code on Agatha when you purchase through Ravelry. The pattern will be $2 until the end of day Sept 25th after which time it will go back to the regular price of $3.


So if you have some needles at the ready and would like to be entered into the draw to win a copy of the Agatha Socks for yourself, leave a comment below telling me what colour and or yarn you would knit your Agatha’s in.

Comments will be open until Sunday September 27th at midnight!

You can also check out other places on the Agatha Tour for more chances to win.

Pavilion Socks

Pattern: Pavilion Mystery KAL by Rachel Coopey

Yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat BFL in English Toffee

I finished my Pavilion socks! I kind of lost momentum on the second sock and the foot seemed to take forever but I pushed through and finished them. It then took a while for me to get pictures…

Mods: I knit these on 2.25mm’s instead of 2.5’s but when up a sock size and knit the medium to compensate for my smaller needles.

I also added two more slipped stitches to the sides of the heel flap because it wasn’t quite long enough as written.

This was my first time knitting with Wandering Cat Yarns and won’t be my last. Valerie and Rhonda really nail their colours, this is english toffee to a T! Alley Cat BFL is one of those thinner sock yarns that are becoming more and more popular. I really enjoyed knitting with it and I’m interested to see how these wear with their nylon content.

Rachel designed these socks as one of the knit alongs for Unwind Brighton, a fiber festival that happened in Brighton, England just over a week ago.

The Royal Pavilion or Brighton Pavilion as it is now called was Rachel’s inspiration. A little research tells me that the Pavilion, built in three stages,was once a royal residence.

During the first world war it was turned into a military hospital for 14,000 wounded and now is a tourist attraction. You can see the picture of the hospital here.

I love learning about buildings with so much history!

 So there you have it!

Another pair of socks complete which means its time to cast on another pair!

I really must get up to date with my picture taking though, things are getting finished before I have even pulled the camera out.

Such is the busyness of summer!

And breathe…..

Coming up for air… where has the last month or two gone??

They are clearing trees * read butchering forest, my snowshoe trail and this little Moosey’s home* across the road from us. Yesterday this poor discombobulated Moose was peering over our fence trying to figure out how to get in. I’m sure the poor lad didn’t know what was going on and was just trying to find safety. It was with a sad heart that I watched him climb back up the hill and into the trees. I hope he was smart enough to figure out that he could get to our clearing in just a few more feet to the right and then he would be safe.

I cut the grass for the first time this season on Sunday ,clearly it has been a few weeks since I wrote this post, in my winter coat and hat…… What the deuce??? It has been a coooold Spring, everyone still has the heating on and there is a frost warning. Not cool! I’m so glad that summer is slowly arriving and hopefully things warm up.

Things have been super busy around here, hopefully I can fill you all in on that shortly but until then I have some new projects on the go.

I’ve been doing a lot of purging around the house and and getting rid of things. I had previously purged the stash of things I would never use but there seemed to be a mountain  of leftovers accumulating that needs to be dealt with. My thought is the quickest and easiest way for me to use up these leftovers is definitely to knit a blanket but that lead to a whole other bunny trail of which blanket and do I have colours that go and so on and so forth.

Romi swooped in and saved the day when she offered a coupon for one free pattern. Her Carson Throw jumped out at me and I immediately wanted to cast on.

I grabbed some co ordinating colours and cast on. It is coming along nicely and I’ve just started using a second colour. I can’t wait to add more colours to the mix and see it progress.

More stash diving is on the go because Rachel Coopey is doing a MKAL *mystery kal* for Unwind Brighton.  Solid or semi solid yarn is what Rachel has suggested for these socks so I’m knitting mine with Wandering Cat Yarns BFL in English Toffee.

This is my progress after completing the second clue. The third and final clue was released a week ago and I’m still trying to find the time to get caught up…. soon!

Before I could even start my MKAL socks I need to clean off my sock needles. They were  housing my half finished 2nd Patina sock. Poor Patina’s they got left by the way side while I was involved in a huge project but now its time to finish them up. I’m really enjoyed this Tanis pattern and even though it has been slow going, when I do have the time to knit on them it just makes them last all that much longer. Look for an FO picture soon!

So those are the stash projects I’m working on right now and I’m holding myself back from casting on more…. I need to get something off the needles first me thinks.

What are you working on? Do you have a queue the length of your arm that you need to cast on RIGHT NOW??

Talk to me, I’ve really missed chatting with you all.


Pattern: Spate by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Madelinetosh DK Twist in Saffron

My Rav Project Page

*Pics taken by T! My little photographer did well!*

I didn’t think I would have time to knit anything for the Olympics this year but since we had a snowy weekend I managed to start a pair of Spates. I’ve been wanting to knit this pattern since I reviewed Journey but just haven’t had the time. Jane and Shannon are also having a Journey KAL right now so I’m double dipping! The Journey KAL runs until the end of February if you were thinking about joining in.

They worked up quickly and were the perfect instant gratification project. I used leftovers from the His Golden Lair shawl I knit before christmas and I literally used every inch of yarn. I had half a inch of yarn to weave in on each mitt! Cutting it a bit too fine I know but I wanted to make the ribbing at the top as long as possible. If I had had more I would have added half a dozen more rows.

 Madelinetosh DK Twist was a yummy choice for these fingerless mitts.

I really enjoy knitting with this base. It is much superior to the Tosh single ply that they use as a lot of their bases in my opinion. I’ll be keeping this one in my if I use Tosh again.

So that’s my Olympic knitting but I haven’t watched a stitch of the Olympics…..

Hopefully the rest of you are faring better in that department than I am.

Are you almost done your Olympic knits?

Summer Sweater KAL


Over at Luvinthemommyhood the Summer Sweater KAL is in full swing.

I’m a little bit behind in picking a project and starting but I finally cast on something last week.

I will be knitting Clam Digger by Melissa Schaschwary, the kids version of Cattails.

I’m using leftover white from my Cattails and extra purple from my Jill’s Dress *which is almost complete* I just can’t believe I’m knitting a size 6 for T…… how did this happen?

There is a ton of chatter going on in the Luvinthemommyhood group and lots of pattern and yarn pairing to make your queue grow once again!

Will you join us?

Celtic Cast On is now on Facebook so if you would like to get post updates and other fun updates you can find me here.



Business Casual KAL – The Winners

It’s time to announce the winners of the Business Casual KAL!

Can I just say that all you are all winners because collectively we knit a whooping 82 pairs of Business Casual Socks!!! AMAZING!

I know you are all going to enjoy wearing your socks just as much as I have been since I bound off both pairs.

So… Shall we get down to the prize business?

First up was the lovely skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in the Atlantic Colourway donated by the lovely Tanis herself.

 The winner is LundenKnit! Sara finished 3 pairs socks during the KAL.

Next up another lovely skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label this time in the Thrills colourway donated by Megan of Stockinette Zombies.

The winner is Hundgestrickt!

Tina knit these neutral soft grey business casuals.

We also had a lovely skein donated from the ladies over at Wandering Cat Yarns.

This is Wandering Cat Yarns House Cat.

400 yards of 100% merino in the Water Dragon colourway.

The winner is Divadar who also knit more than one pair, I believe it was 4. Here are her socks.

The next prize was an uber cute sock bag donated by the lovely Susan of GirlCaveBags.

The winner is Carambole! Here are her Fleece Artist Socks.

Next up were our patterns donated by the designers themselves.

SpillyJane donated a pattern of choice.

The random generator chose Hege as the winner. She also knit 4 pairs of socks.

 Jeannie Cartmel donated a Pattern of choice.

This prize goes to LauraH3 who knit these variegated casuals.

Last but certainly not least Elinor Brown donated her colourwork pattern, Culture Socks.

The final prize goes to rstovin who knit these lovely pink grapefruit BC’s.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated prizes and for all of you knitting along with me.

You made this KAL so much fun!

Hope to see you all next time around :)

Business Casual – Finished Pair!

It’s time for another update and I’ve got a finished pair!!!

These are knit with Tanis Blue Label in Brick

I knit them with 2.25mm dpn’s knitting 4 repeats for the leg and 4 and a half repeats for the foot.

They are a perfect fit and I couldn’t be happier with them!

Lets have a look at our other finisher’s this week!

Viki chose Tanis Blue Label in Aquarium for her second pair of lovelies.

Laurah3 knit her socks with Yarn Bee Walk Away Sock with PBT.

Mum2x2 used Turtlepurl Yarns Big Turtle Toes for the version she knit for her husband. A lovely manly pair!

Gemfireknits used Cascade Yarns Heritage Quatro Colours for her variegated pair. Love the subtle striping.

Pattymatt used Lang Yarns Jawoll Color Aktion for her rustic pair of Business Casuals.

DivaDar finished her second pair of Casuals. This time using Ella Rae Lace Merino!

Mombeauty chose Knit one Crochet too crock-o-dye for her socks.

Michelle is the only participant so far to knit her socks in two different colours. She used Biscotte and Cie La Douce in Lime and Turquoise colourways.

We’re on the downward slope now, with three weeks left to finish.

I’ll reveal the final prizes next week that will hopefully give you the boost you need to finish up those socks.

Business Casual – Chugging

Sorry this is a little late this week folks! Lots going on and I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and get this done.

My socks are coming along nicely and hopefully I will have some pictures for you next week.

 You all have been knitting up a storm and I love all the FO’s that keep rolling in!

Let’s take a look at those finished Socks!

Nzfriend knit her kitty approved Casual’s in Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in the Thunderhead colourway.

Hege completed her second pair in Garnstudio Drops Fabel. Love how these ones stripe.

Victoriasmum used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight. Such a beautiful semi solid!

Jhocy Indigodragonfly MCN Sock in the colourway “And then Buffy Staked Edward. The End”

Sara of Lunden Knits finished her second pair in Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering in Gus and Clara.

Claire of Far From Harm Farm knit her in Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet.

There are still lots of pretty socks in progress too!

From left to right by: Tanis Lavallee, Dimples74, TammyG

From left to right : Rosehiver, Porcupine, Jansezknit.

We are at the halfway point now with almost 4 weeks left to go!

I’ll have more prizes for you next week as well so keep chugging so you don’t miss out on a chance to win!

Business Casual KAL – Prize Alert

We have more beautiful FO’s this week!

Rhonda of JediKnits finished her pair of Business Casual’s in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Pink Grapefruit. I have a soft spot for the Pink Grapefruit colourway and might have gasped when I saw these. Love!!

Viki of Ruby in Stitches used Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in the Twilight colourway for her socks. Love the semi solidness of these!

Sarah of Wicked Stitches knit her socks toe up and two at a time using Tanis Blue Label in the Dove colourway. Another beautiful grey pair. *Grey seems to be a popular colour for this KAL.

Mel of Knits with Camels used a variegated skein of Tanis Blue Label in the Aquarium colourway. I don’t recognize this colourway, not sure if its an OOAK or an older colour…. I love that this pattern works well with solids right through to variegated’s. Endless possibilities.

  Tracylw knit Business Casual’s for her husband who has a size 14 foot!!! She used  Tanis Blue Label in the midnight colourway.

DivaDar used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi for her socks. Love the striping of this Pleasant Prairie colourway.

SOMESylvie knit her version with Squoosh FiberArts Merino Cashmere Sock in the Blackberry Crush colourway.

RoseHiver knit these gorgeous BC’s out of Tanis Blue label in a OOAK *one of a kind* colourway Raspberry Burst.

Hege of Cloudberry knit business casual’s for her husband using Garnstudio Drops Fabel in colour 300.

Pam of Califishknits finished her socks using Knit Picks Stroll Multi in the atmosphere colourway. Another fun stripey pair.

Well done everyone for finishing your socks so quickly!!

Since we are on the topic of yarn…. how about a few more yarn prizes!

The lovely ladies of Wandering Cat Yarns are generously offering up a skein of their delicious hand dyed yarn as a prize.

 This is Wandering Cat Yarns House Cat.

400 yards of 100% merino in the Water Dragon colourway.

Thankfully this prize isn’t at my house because I don’t think it would ever make it to the mailbox!  Thank you so much ladies for this beautiful prize.

Megan of Stockinette Zombies dipped into her own stash and is offering a skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in the Thrills colourway for one lucky finisher!

Photo copyright Tanis Fiber Arts used with permission.

Thrills was the May 2012 colourway from Tanis Year in Colour Club.

So 3 skeins of yarn are up for grabs if you finish your socks and have a picture of the FO up by March 25th. I do have more prizes coming up but I’m going to hold off on those for a while yet :)

How are your socks coming along this week??

I know quite a few people that finished early have started a second pair!

Business Casual KAL -Travelling Stitch

I made great progress last week on my socks. I’m cast on one sock in each colourway and have been tandem knitting them back and forth. This method seems to be working out well for me and Iove being able to play with both colours at the same time. I managed to turn the heel of each sock this week.

 The Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Brick.

This colourway seems to be pooling a bit but I think the colours are close enough that they won’t be that noticeable once they are complete.

Tanis aptly named this colourway Brick. The colour is spot on!

Wandering Cat Yarns Barn Cat BFL in Parrotfish

I thought this was going to be a variegated skein but to my surprise when I started knitting I realized it was striping. I’m really enjoying this colour combo, reminds me of the beach.

Now how have your socks been coming along??

Woweee! We have two finished pairs of socks already!

Sara of LundenKnits knit her socks in a mere 3 days! Incredible.

She used Tanis Purple Label Cashmere Sock in Sliver Plume.

I love the shades of grey with subtle pops of pink in these socks.

The colourway is a special kit colourway and not available through Tanis shop.

I believe Sara has a second pair on the go already!

Monika of Smoking Hot Needles also finished her socks in 3 days.

I want these ladies sock knitting stealth for sure!

Monika knit her version with Wandering Cat Yarn’s Alley Cat BFL in the Fern Gully colourway.

Everyone else’s socks are looking good!

Here are a couple of WIP’s from this week.

Left to Right : Versions by DeadlysmurfLaina and Hotcheese

Left to Right : Versions by Fancybell, Redknitz, and Tracylw.

Make sure your projects are tagged CCObusinesscasualkal because there are ton’s more WIP shots to come next week!

I’m going to leave you with a short video of how I do the travelling stitch. I know some folks are having a bit of trouble so I’ve tried to explain how I do it.

The video was a quick job because I have a sick little girl at home so hopefully this won’t confuse you even more!

Travelling Stitch