Cable Comfort Throw

Pattern: Cable Comfort Throw by Lion Brand
Yarn: Lion Brand Thick n Quick in Pumpkin
Needles: U.S. 13
Start Date: September 2007
Finish Date: December 18th 2008

This is was my longest standing FO and its D O N E!!!!
I hadn’t used Thick n Quick before this project and was pleasantly surprised at how soft and warm it is. During the seaming of the last panel I had to actually take my sweater off I was so warm with it laying on top of me. That being said it will be nice and heavy on a chilly -20 day like today.


If I were to knit this again…… which I definitely WILL NOT! I would knit it all in one piece to avoid all the seaming. Once I decided on which seam looked best it wasn’t that hard to do but I still would have preferred to not have had to seam it at all.

For some reason tonight WordPress is all in html… I can’t seem to figure anything out so you’ll have to excuse this post if it looks like i’m yelling at you.

I have an almost finished Penny to show you and will be starting sock number 2 of the new years socks tonight. I’m making pretty good time so far and think I can have all 3 done before the 31st.

The end is near…

As 2008 is coming to an end I’ve been thinking about new knits old knits, knits that are still in limbo…. did I say knits that are still in limbo yet??? I have 4 projects that are still on the needles and need to be done and done now!!!! Every time I go on ravelry they are all sitting at the top of my projects page glaring at me, some are from 2007! Yikes! The time has come to completely wipe out the WIPS and start with a clean slate for the new year. Sooo lets have a look at the offenders shall we??

First up is Penny, this is a recently new cast on and my constant WIP at this time. I’m knitting this with Classic Elite Skye Tweed that I’ve had in my stash for a few years now.  I only have the back and collar left to go and I’m crossing my fingers that I have enough yarn.

Second is Winder, I loved this skirt from the moment I saw it on Knitty. Can’t say that this has been the most exciting knit though.  I’m using Patons classic merino, 3 panels have been knit, there are 8 in total…  its been a slow process on 3.25mm needles and is currently waiting in the WIP basket to be added to.

Number 3 is the mate to my New Years Sock. The pattern is On the Run by Anni Design, this was when I still happened to be involved in the Sockamania monthly KAL.  I starting knitting the first sock in January of this year, 11 months later sock two is still no were to be seen. This pair needs to be put to rest asap.

Lastly, and it IS last on purpose is my Cable Blanket. I’m almost embarrassed about this one. I started it in September of 2007 folks!!!! The pattern for the blanket is for 4 panels. Many people thought the finished blanket was too small at 4 panels so I bought enough yarn to do 6 panels I believe. I have 3 panels done now, waiting to be sewn up with 3 more to knit. I get bored very quickly with this one, hence the reason it is not finished. I’m also unsure of the best method to sew this up. I’m not really a fan of whip stitch but I’m not sure there is another way to do it. The sides of each panel are one row of knit one row of purl. Any suggestions???

So there you have it 4 projects I’d like to have done by December 31st so I can cast on a new knit for the new year. Realistically I’m not sure I can get them all done, especially Winder so I’ve made myself a deal. If I can get all projects save Winder done in the time alotted then I can cast on for a new knit BUT if I by some miracle get all three done and still have time to spare I must continue on with Winder. I would love to have all 4 done and have a clean slate to work with but we shall see. Do you have any plans for your WIPS????


Turkey Lurkey Weekend!!

How did That happen???? I haven’t blogged since the concert??? Soooo much has been going on this month I just haven’t had a second, never mind trying to catch up on my bloglines.

Molly and Boston are very much at home now with us. Molly has definatley developed into a dad’s girl while Boston is definately my boy. I’m quite surprised Molly took to Moose because her previous owner was a female and it was just the two of them all the time. I’m glad though that she’s taken to him and not afraid of men.


Moose and I have both been busy tackling THIS!!!

Thats 5 cord of wood sitting in our driveway waiting to be brought inside….. ugggggg but it is no more!! We worked at it a few loads at a time and managed to get it all inside before it got too cold. I can remember bringing in wood at my parents when there was snow on the ground and it was always freeeezing!!! Not this year, wood is in and ready before the leaves really started to turn.

Our assembly line process was that I filled the trailer of the 4 wheeler up at the wood pile, driving around the back of the house to the basement door, with Boston in tow, pull a cord that Moose had hooked up to the hitch of the trailer, which dumped the load, Moose would then pile the wood into the wheelbarrow, wheel it in and stack it up. Repeat this process a gazillion times!!


Glad we managed to get it all in because as of yesterday it has been super cold out! The fire is on and the wood is being put to good use.

I have been knitting through all this. I managed to pull an old WIP out of my basket and get cracking on it again. Its the Tweedy Aran Cardi I started in January……. I know I know. But I did manage to crank out the first front. Only one more front to go and I can sew it all together.

Of course other knits have been popping out at me and the Tweedy is back in the basket for now. I started the Cable Blanket found here. Its going to be for the living room, in a yummy pumpkin colour which match the decor wonderfully. When explaining to Moose what I was making with that “big” yarn  and how nice and cosy it was going to be he replied ” WOW!!! I’m sweating all ready just looking at it!” One panel is done, with 4 more to go!

This is another project thats consuming all my time that I can’t put down but I’m almost finished it so I may as well just wait and give you an nice fall FO on the next post. Its Thanksgiving today here in Canada. We’ve already enjoyed one turkey at the in-laws, today its my parents house for round two!! YUMMMMM!!!!