Master Rowan

If you didn’t already know Tanis‘ baby boy arrived into the world a few weeks ago. Go have a peek if you haven’t already he is scrumptious! When I found out Tanis was expecting, last summer, I set to work to find something to knit for her. I must have changed my mind a hundred times, choosing a pattern and colour for someone else is tricky business! She decided not to find out the sex but for some reason I chose a boy pattern to knit and tuck away just in case she did have a boy.

This is the Master Charles pattern by Tot Toppers. I chose not to knit the sleeves thinking he would look rather dapper with a button up shirt underneath or the like and still have lots of room for movement.

My Rav project page

The pattern is knit in the round from the bottom up to the arm pits then working the front and back separately. I picked up 32 sts around the armpits and working an inch or so of ribbing to finish it off.

When Rowan arrived I pulled the vest out to make sure everything was ok before I sent it and started to worry that this was going to be waaay too small. Not having a baby in the house anymore makes you forget how small they actually are. ¬†I got T to put her arm through the armhole and when I saw that her arm fit with some room I calmed down a bit and figured it would most likely be ok for him too ūüėČ

Hopefully it will fit him at some point, preferably NOT in the dead of summer!

Tiny Dancer

Growing up dance was my passion, I took class twice a week and attended many festivals and competitions. From the moment I woke up my feet were tapping and I danced anywhere and everywhere. I spent many hours in our living room practicing routines or making up my own to music.

Of course when T arrived and was a girl it was my hope that I might have passed on a little bit of my passion to her and that she would enjoy it as much as I did.

I enrolled T in dance in September and kept my fingers crossed on the way to her first class that it might be something that she liked. If it wasn’t something she enjoyed that would be fine we would find something else that she loved but I had to at least try and see.

I took T to that first dance class and sat at the edge of the room watching. *parents were allowed to stay for the first week only* The music came on and the children started to follow the teachers movements. Some of the children were crying and running over to their parents and some just surveyed the scene but T…… she was hands on hips, bending her knees, shuffling like a pro *I did teach her a few things before hand to see if there was interest*

I didn’t have my camera with me that day,unlike the rest of the parents but I will forever remember that huge smile and her¬†enthusiasm¬†for what she was doing.

After the class I got into the car and cried like a baby. I was so proud of my tiny dancer, she did amazing. I then called my Mum from the car, she wasn’t sure what had happened when she answered the phone to me crying. I then told her how well she did and that I was so happy that she liked it. You see my Mum was with me at every competition I ever attended, made my costumes, watched me practice and danced with me through every step of every routine. She knew exactly what it was like.

There isn’t really a dance dress code at her dance school and while there are an abundance of pink tutu’s, pink, pink and more pink. I just wanted something different for T.

She has been wearing her Artichaut cardigan over her black leotard for the past few months and it is super cute. I’m thinking of making another cropped cardi in the same style for her I just haven’t figured it all out yet. ¬†I did however promise to make her some striped leg warmers.

These are knit with less than one ball of Knit Picks Felici in the Rainbow colourway and improvised the pattern. I knit them on 2.75mm DPN’s but I think I could have gone down to 2.5mm’s and had a bit of a tighter fit. They do stretch quite a bit when worn.

I whipped these up in a few days and she was able to wear them to her last dance class before the christmas break.

Hopefully there will be many pairs of knit legwarmers in this Tiny Dancer’s future.


I better get this one in before we’re into 2013.

The other gift I knit this year was Surefire Hat by Susan B Anderson.

This was for a friend that is finding it rather chilly when walking her dog *a shepherd I must add* ( totally off topic T can pick a shepherd out anywhere and I often hear “Mummy did you see that shepherd, that was a shepherd mummy!” from the back seat)

I did some secret squirreling to get the style and possible colours right on this one. I found out she was receiving a new winter jacket this christmas with a bright purple zipper so I went with the purple and the other colours just fell into place.

I knit this with 4 different colours of ¬†Cascade 220. I didn’t end up using the striped sequence that was on the pattern and there was definitely ripping and re knitting to get the sequence the way I wanted it but I think it turned out well in the end.

My Rav project page

I originally did the crocheted edging but didn’t like the look on this particular hat in the end so I did an i cord bind off. I always do an i cord bind off with the ws facing, I think it looks nicer that way. I also lined it with black fleece for warmth and because the¬†recipient¬†finds wool itchy.

You should note that this hat is knit on 5mm needles and as a result is quite airy. It definitely needs the lining but if I were to knit this one again I think I’d knit it with the yarn held doubled throughout to hug the head a bit.

I think it was well received. It hopefully will go with her new jacket and keep her warm when she’s out in all the snow we have received this week.

Eastern Winter Shawl

I don’t usually knit christmas gifts, in fact the whole gift giving has been scaled down to just the children in our family.

We do however have two very special people that have been very good to our little family and I wanted to make them something special.

I knew right away I wanted to make the first recipient a shawl. She is the shawl wearing type and she knits too so I knew this knit would be appreciated.

It must be noted that I don’t enjoy knitting shawls… I love how they look when its all said and done but the process is not my fav.

I chose to knit the Northern Summer Shawl by Jo Kelly in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine.

I love how this shawl intersperses sections of stockinette throughout giving me a little bit of reprieve between those yo sections.

I wanted this shawl to be geared more for winter than summer so I held the Ultra Alpaca Fine doubled for a thicker and larger shawl and named it the Eastern Winter Shawl.

I think it worked perfectly.

Warm enough to wear around her shoulders while working at the computer but still delicate enough to wear out, pinned with a brooch.

The shawl was gifted on Saturday and I think its safe to say she liked it.

I know it will be treated well in its new home!

For Good

I finished the For Good Hat for T but things didn’t quite go as planned.

Once I finished the ribbing I realized this hat was NOT going to fit over T’s head.

Apparently I was sleeping when I cast on the smallest size knowing full well that her head is almost the same size as mine!

Instead of ripping out and knitting it in a bigger size T and I decided that the hat would be perfect for her favourite doll Cricket. I continued on and in no time it was done. T helped me choose a button to finish it off.

Rav page for Crickets hat.

T is quite tickled at the thought of Cricket having her own winter hat.I’m sure these two will have lots of adventures in the snow this winter.

If you haven’t heard of or recognize Cricket she is a doll from the 80’s and this particular one was mine. She has a tape player in her back and her mouth and eyes move when she talks, much like¬†Teddy Ruxpin.

T has really taken to Cricket, when she first started playing with it, Cricket was actually bigger than her.It was funny watching her trying to drag her around the house. Now they are more like besties.

Once Cricket had her hat, T and I searched through my stash to find something for her hat.

T chose a lovely blue skein from my stash. *everything is blue with her right now*

This is a special skein of Fleece Artist’s Knit East yarn that I received in my registration bag at Knit East last year. The colourway is Safe Harbour and is more beautiful knit up than the skein would suggest.

This one is a much better fit and actually fit’s me too so I might be able to borrow it here and there when she’s not using it.

This may look like a normal beanie but the construction is actually very different. You knit the brim then cast off most of the stitches before picking them up again creating that great horizontal stitch all the way around the brim.

The stitch pattern is easy to memorize and definitely pops in a mostly solid colourway.

Rav page for T’s version

I think I just may need my own For Good hat but I’ve got a few things that need finished up before then.


Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose

Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool colour 8061

Size: 36″

My Rav project page

It is finished and I am tres happy.

I knit this in size 36 instead of my normal size 32 and it has the perfect amount of ease, Not too tight and not too bulky. I didn’t have any issues with the sleeves being too tight or the armholes not being long enough like so many others did with this gauge because I did go up a size. It is supposed to be a bulky oversized cardigan and I think others weren’t taking into account the different the smaller gauge yarn made.

It overlaps nicely in the front for when I want to wrap up a bit but also looks great open as well. I really enjoyed working with Cascade Eco and will definitely keep it at the top of my list for other bulky knits.

The only modification other than adding a bit of length to the sleeves I made was to add pockets. I did this after I had knit and seamed the fronts. I picked up the amount of stitches needed to knit the panel on the front and knit as per pattern. When I got to an edge I picked up one stitch and purled it or knit it together with the last stitch on the needle creating a seamed pocket as I went.

I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and my phone fits in there perfectly.

I think there will be another Aidez in the future maybe with a different cable pattern and in a colour. This one is just too comfy not to have two.

You have until the end of today to get your pictures up to be entered into the drawing for the Aidez KAL.

The FO Parade is coming right up!

Woodburne Cardigan

I recently had the chance to test knit the Woodburne Cardigan, Carol Feller’s newest pattern for her KAL.

As always I knew right away that I wanted to add Woodburne to my wardrobe and testing was the icing on the cake.

It is knit bottom up with a round yoke and a modified saddle shoulder construction. I had yet to knit saddle shoulders so this was a first for me.

I knit this with Di. Ve Zenith that I’ve had in my stash for a couple of years. I could never find the right pattern for this yarn because it has a bit of stretch to it. It was splitty to knit with but has wonderful stitch definition that really makes the cables pop.

I added a bit of length when knitting Woodburne but because I knew it was going to stretch out a bit when blocked I left about 2 inches for growth.

The cables on this one are so interesting and different and as a friend put it almost Art Deco-ish. It really lends a modern look to the cardigan.

One of my favourite things about Carol’s designs is that they are always different in the way they are constructed. Woodburne’s waist decreases are at the middle of the back between the cables instead of at the sides where you would traditionally find them. I love how it makes the cables look like they are pulled in at the back creating a nice waist.

The cables travel up the sleeves and right over the shoulders with the saddle construction.  The shoulders were easy to knit through once I got my head around what I needed to be doing.

It’s easy to get into ruts with your knitting. ¬†We all usually have one construction style that we prefer and tend to knit it over and over again but I always like to challenge myself, learn something new. I always know I will most likely be knitting out of the box when working with Carol!

I couldn’t be happier with this knit. I knit the 30.5 size with a little bit of a different gauge to achieve a 33 bust. I’m seriously thinking of knitting 33″ busts from now on because they create that little bit of room and are just so darn comfy!

Although the KAL is almost over you can still purchase Woodburne and knit it at your own speed. I would definitely recommend it. This is one of my favourite cardigan’s to date.

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Happy Halloween

This year when I asked T what she would like to be for Halloween she immediately said

A Pumpkin!

Ok I thought a pumpkin will be easy…. until she said “I want you to knit me a pumpkin!”

ummmmm really???

At first I really was going to knit her a pumpkin costume but when we walked into music class and saw THE perfect pumpkin in her size for sale she forgot all about the knit one.

I did however make her a little pumkin top to go with it.

A simple little fascinator attached to a headband that worked perfectly.

I used Cabin Fever Northern Wool in the Pumpkin Colourway and a bit of extra cascade 220 held doubled I had left over from Woodstove Season. I whipped this up in about 20 minutes!

Of course there is no show without Punch…. eerrr Molly!

She has been in every Halloween photo so far so why should this one be any different.

Poor Molly wasn’t too interested in pictures this time…. it was around the time that daddy comes home from work and she was listening very carefully for truck. I see I will have to time my photo shoots around home time from now on!

¬†Now if you’ll excuse us we’re off to take this little pumpkin trick or treating!


I recently finished my test for Elena of a design called Spirited.

It is the adult version of Playful Citrus that I knit for T in the summer.

I started this back in August, it took a month to knit the body and then another month to get back to it and knit the sleeves…. short sleeves at that.

I guess life got in the way of things as it sometimes does but I’m am glad to say it is now finished.

I used 3 skeins of Malabrigo Lace in the Bobby Blue colourway and I actually ran out of yarn before I finished the sleeves.

If you remember the sleeves came to the elbow and were ruched on the original.

They¬†were my favourite design element but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be on my version.

I really like it with the short sleeves as well and think it will be great to wear during the summer.

Another element I love about Elena’s designs are the back decreases.

She pairs decreases down the middle of the back that pull the body in making the most flattering shape.

It was a tad chilly to be sporting a sundress and lace cardigan in October… especially when the photographer had a winter jacket and toque on but it had to be done!

It is fantastic picture taking weather when its overcast and rather gloomy out.

Stormont Kid/Baby

As I said in the previous post, Stormont will be available in kids sizes too.

Here is a look at the  6 Р18mths size.

I knit this one up in Valley Yarns Northampton in light grey complete with pom pom!

The perfect cabled  topper to keep your little ones warm this winter.

 For those a bit older, the 18mth- 4yrs size,

knit with Paton’s Classic Wool in Paprika.

This really is a pattern that suits the whole family!

Testing is going well and Stormont’s release is coming right up!