Pattern: Jolene Cardigan by Jenny Watson

Yarn: Berroco Pima Colour 2266

 Mods: Added 2 inches of length to the 51cm chest version.

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Last year when we went to Ireland, Moose came in one day with a UK knitting magazine called Let’s Knit for me. It was sweet of him to pick it up for me. Most UK magazines are in a package and include freebies, this one was no exception. It contained a booklet called The Little Book of Baby Knits. I flipped through and immediately stopped when I saw the cutest little cardigan called the Jolene Cardigan. I knew then and there I wanted to knit it for T. I brought it home, it got tucked away on a shelf and I forgot about it.

It wasn’t until I began a search for some cute patterns to knit for a few friends that are pregnant that I remembered about it. I contemplated knitting it for a friend but knew that I wanted one for T before she grew out of the sizes. I had some Berroco Pima in my stash from a sale last year. It was such a happy colour I just couldn’t leave it behind….of course I had plans to make something for  T  with it.

Why I didn’t immediately cast on in the round is beyond me but I definitely regret it when it came time to sew it up. I spent more time seaming than I did actually knitting the entire cardigan. I finished off the seaming in Ireland with the hopes of being able to take some pictures while we were there.

I did get pictures but it didn’t really get the blocking it needed so I reblocked when we got home and took the pictures you see about which turned out much nicer.

Here are the pictures I did get in Ireland.

T’s favourite landmark at home was definitely Scrabo Tower.  You can see it from many angles as you travel around the area and T’s little hawk eye would catch it every time and yell “There’s Scrabo Tower”, let it be noted that she started saying this with an Irish Accent.. sooo cute.

Around Scrabo Tower is the Scrabo Golf Club and Scrabo Country Park. You park at the golf course and then walk up to visit the tower. I didn’t want to go all the way up to the tower. I wanted it to be in the background of my pictures so we found a goat path off to the side and headed up to find the perfect spot.

Well we found the spot but when golf balls started landing around us we realized we were pretty close to a hole. We waited until the players started to walk down to the hole, lifted T up onto the green and started taking pictures. I literally only have a few moments to take them so they aren’t the greatest shots but I did get T with her Tower :)

I Heart Aran

Pattern : I Heart Aran by Tanis Lavallee

Yarn : Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in natural

Mods: Added two inches to the length of the body. In retrospect I should have added 4.

 Lengthened sleeves to 20 inches from cast on edge to under arm.

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Well it sure did take me long enough to complete this one. I had 70% of it done in September of last year before I gave my head a shake, realized my gauge was OFF and it was going to be too tight. I’m amazed at how much knowledge I have gained since then with my sweater knitting.

I love that this pattern combines the simple stockinette and a big cabled section. It makes for an enjoyable knit! Just enough cables and the right amount of stockinette.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Fisherman’s Wool this time. Now I’m not sure if it was just a crumby lot or if the natural yarn just differs from the nature’s brown I used but the natural wasn’t an even spin. There are think and thin bits throughout and it makes the sweater seem like it has imperfections through out. It seems to be a lot thinner than the brown too. My Classic Raglan and I Heart Aran are both knit with the same size needles and gauge but I Heart Aran is definitely more airy and lighter in weight overall.

The collar is the perfect touch that makes this sweater so cosy.I did omit the button, it just wasn’t my style.  Every time I see it I think of sitting in a ski lodge by a roaring fire with a warm cup of tea.

A great little sweater that might just be the ticket for Ireland next month. It’s kind of hard to pack at this time of year. Today Belfast is 14 C , 10 degrees warmer than us right now  but I have a feeling with the rain and damp I’ll be needing a sweater as well.

I’ll be able to decide more next week when I can see the long range forecast I suppose.

Dunluce Castle

Well I promised you some posts on Ireland so lets start off with Dunluce.

Dunluce Castle is located on the beautiful coast of County Antrim. This medieval castle was built in the 1300’s by the Earl of Ulster Richard de Burgh.

The castle was given to the Northern Ireland Government in 1928 to be preserved as a national monument.

It has been added to  over the years and only the turrets remain from the original building.

It is dramatically positioned on the edge of the basalt crag with steep drop offs on either side. It offers a great vantage point of the sea and any enemy who might try to attack from the waterside.

In 1639 part of the kitchen fell off into the sea taking with it seven cooks. I don’t doubt it for a second, this castle used every inch of that cliff possible but they couldn’t have picked a more beautiful spot. The view is stunning.

There are small signs inside each of the rooms telling you what that room had been once upon a time. Above what the stable and harness room and farther up the guest rooms. When I first walked into the guest area I was shocked at the amount of fireplaces that lined the outside wall. I know a stone castle would be cold to live in but really do they need 6 in one room? It was then that I read about the guest rooms and each had its own fireplace, ahhh yes no inner walls. I’m sure they would have been quite toasty because the really wasn’t a lot of room between them.

T of course took one of her posing fits in front of the fireplace, work it  T, work it!

I think this was T’s favourite tourist spot that we visited. She had tons of fun running around in the grass,running across the bridge and peeking out of windows. She had a grand time exploring!

I took this picture because I just loved how the fireplace floors were set up in the manor house. If you look closely you’ll notice that those are individual pieces of slate all stacked side by side.

The bridge leading to the Manor House.  I love that you can still see some of the details on the corners of the building.

Who doesn’t love cobblestones! Corrie anyone?

We had fun, playing around and climbing turrets.

T had so much fun she didn’t want to leave.

The official website for Dunluce is here. You can read about its history, owners, and what once adorned the castle including items from the Spanish Armada.

We gave Dunluce Castle two thumbs up, a great exploration site for the whole family.