Here she is, and I’m smitten!

Pattern: Elia by Julia Trice

Yarn: Colour Adventures Bella Worsted in Sour Cherry

My Rav Project Page

Holy Heck I don’t think the combo for this sweater could be more perfect.

Cables, shawl collar, stunning colour!

The yarn was a gift from my lovely friend Elena of Colour Adventures. This was my first time knitting a garment with a hand dyed yarn. I’m always a bit nervous using hand dyes because I don’t enjoy the stripes and variegation that some hand dyes produce and I guess that makes me just so darn picky.

I can’t get over how perfectly this yarn was dyed. Like it was made just for me. The subtle tones are perfect and it just blends together so beautifully. The Sour Cherry colourway is such a gorgeous tone and suits Elia perfectly.

Julia really knocked it out of the park when she designed this gorgeous sweater.

Elia is knit from the bottom up to the armholes, producing mirrored cables on the front and back. It is the separated to knit the front and back before joining and adding the shawl collar. The sleeves were knit separately and set in. While it did take some time to set those sleeves in, stockinette sleeves to a garter body it was well worth the time. Seaming can really make or break a sweater and I wasn’t about to botch this beauty with poor seaming.

Julia’s pattern is so well written.  She has included stitch counts, row counts and a very handy cheat sheet that lays out each row of the pattern, waist shaping and what corresponding row of each cable chart you are on. Genius!

There are also two length options in the pattern. I of course knit the longer version and added a bit of length to the sleeves as well since my body type is beanpole.

I love shawl collars!  I’m always cold and used to wear turtlenecks all the time but since having T I don’t really care for the tight ones around my neck anymore. The shawl collar is the right amount of cosiness without the tight restriction. The collar on Elia is quite high up and I wasn’t sure what it would look like or feel like but I am happy to report I absolutely love it. No restriction and just the right amount of cosy. I think I would add a shawl collar to every sweater if I could.

Huge thank you to Elena and Julia for helping me create one hell of a sweater!

It’s almost June and one would think I wouldn’t be sporting a wool sweater at this time of year but it looks like I’ll be wearing this one for a little while longer on The Ridge. I’m looking forward to it warming up but until then I will be sporting this sweater and enjoying every minute of it.

Knitting woes and a come back!

Things don’t seem to be going right for me knit wise this week.

Monday I realized I was using the wrong weight of yarn on a project…..

Today I realized that I made a mistake at the beginning of a shawl I started now that I’m halfway in…..

I was feeling rather frustrated about my wasted knitting time until I pulled out my blocking board to pin out this beauty!

These are the gorgeous cables from a sweater I just finished.

The pattern in Elia by Julia Trice and the yarn is the very scrumptious Colour Adventures Bella Worsted in Sour Cherry. What an amazing pairing!

All will be revealed shortly!

I can’t wait to show you the finished sweater. Its my first sweater knit with a hand dyed yarn!

I hope you have been having more lucky with your knitting than I have at the moment. Tell me, what are you knitting?

No Snow Blues

Winter has been anything but spectacular so far this year. We had a few dumpings of snow although nothing has really stuck for any length of time. Last week it was -37C  but during the middle of the week we had a huge wind and rain storm with temps going up to 10C…… Mother Nature just doesn’t know what it wants to do this year.

The wind storm we had caused mass power loss across the province, trees were dropping like flies and people loosing shingles left and right.

What we are left with is straw coloured grass and lots of fire wood to cut up for next year…..

I’m glad that through all of this I at least have some pretty knitting to look at.

I’m testing Splitstone for Alicia Plummer in the most gorgeous shade of Cascade 220.

My Rav project page

The colour number is 9456 in case you are interested.

The cable pattern adorning the front of this one is very intuitive and is making for a quick knit. I only had two skeins of this in my stash but managed to track down another one from my LYS. I’m currently at a stand still while I wait for it to arrive.

In the meantime I’m enjoying looking at this brilliant blue.

It is definitely helping the “no snow blues”.

Aidez – One down

It’s been a week already!

We are now up to 32 participants I have linked them all below.








So how did you make out this week? Were you able to cast on? Did you make any progress?

As you know I started off with a sleeve and amongst everything else going on was able to finish it.

I ended up making the sleeve 2 inches longer than called for in the pattern. I have long arms and I prefer my sweaters to go past my wrists otherwise I end up hauling them down all day long so I’m hoping that little bit of extra length will be a perfect fit.

The yarn and needle combo really makes this cardigan flies off the needles, its so nice to knit something chunky every now and then.

I did see some great progress being made by other participants via blogs and Ravelry this week.

Sara from LundenKnits is cruising right along with her beautiful pumpkin version.

Photo Copyright LundenKnits

There aren’t many coloured versions on the go, most of us have chosen to go neutral but I do love seeing bursts of colour here and there. Doesn’t this just scream Autumn?

Heidi from Lilibeth’s Garden  is choosing to knit the body in one piece and things seem to be coming together perfectly!

Copyright Lilibeth’s Garden

Tina of Peacfully Knitting is joining me in knitting the sleeves first.

She’s getting some beautiful stitch definition with the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande she is using.

If you have questions or comments about the pattern feel free to post them here and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can. Others are also welcome to chime in too.

Don’t forget to tag your projects on Rav as CCOAIDEZKAL that way everyone can see your progress. As always if you need help with tagging just ask!

Make sure you link your blog or rav page using linked simply below so we can all visit your progress. All you need to do it enter your name and url !


Things have been super busy around here and it seems like I only have time to post and go as of late.

Hopefully things will settle down in a bit and I can post some of the other things I’ve been meaning to chat about but until then how about another KAL update.

I finished Chalkstone!

Pattern: Test knit of  Chalkstone by Isabell Kraemer 

Yarn: Rowan Calmer colour # 487

Mods: There were a lot of mods for this one. The xs in the pattern had a bust size of 38 which I knew would drown me so I sized down the pattern to be about a 32.

You can see my notes about specific numbers for the body and sleeves here.

I also had to play around with the raglan decreases to make sure I had enough of the pattern left on the front and back when I reached the neck.

My Rav project page

It took a lot of trial and error to get this sweater just the way I wanted it but I am glad I put the effort in to a create a sweater just right for me.

This is the first time I have worked with Rowan Calmer, such a great yarn that has sadly been discontinued!

It was extra springy, super stretchy and really nice to work with.

When I say stretchy I mean REALLY stretchy! Before I blocked this sweater it seriously could have fit T.

I love the results of the elbow length sleeves.

They really suit the colour and feel of my version making it a great summer sweater.

When I started this knit I thought the colour would not suit me well but upon completion I couldn’t be happier and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of this colour.

*Special thanks to Dad for taking these pics for me*

I’m guest posting on LuvinTheMommyHood today!

Head on over and take a look!


It’s that time of the week again…


and I have a finished sweater!!

Meet Chuck, my test for Andi of Untangling Knots.

Knit with Cascade 220 in THE perfect shade of red #9552.

I love cropped sweaters, they truly look fantastic with day/tea dresses so when I found this dress in Portland on the way to Ireland I knew it had to be mine. It was a tad big at the time under the arms but other than that it fit well so I took it home.

My mum however is a whizz with the sewing machine and has been taking things in for me for a long time. She added a  quick tuck on either sided and  fixed the issues! Thanks mum!

……but what’s a black and white polka dot dress without a little red right!

I knew immediately I wanted my version of Chuck to be red to complete my ensemble. I found that perfect shade of red when I knit T’s Miss Lancelot in the Spring and knew I wanted to use that same yarn again for mine.

The center cable really sets off this little number but surround it by simple cables and you’ve got the perfect combination.

I adore the  3/4 sleeves and the fact that my summer dress is now wearable through the Fall and Winter with the addition of a worsted sweater.

The sweater is knit from the top down in pieces and then joined at the under arms to be worked in one full piece to complete the sweater.I really love this technique. Everything comes together so quickly and before you know it you have a finished body.

The sleeves are picked up and worked back and for in short rows for the caps and then joined in the round.

Andi’s pattern are clear, concise and very well written.

I would definitely recommend knitting one of her beautiful designs, you won’t be disappointed!

The only thing chuck needs know is a longer collared shirt so I can wear it with jeans too.

Suggestions are welcome!

KAL Time – Cabling

It’s KAL time and I’ve got a new purdy to show you.


I’m very close to finishing Chalkstone.

I’ve had to make some adjustments along the way and thats why its taking a bit longer than it should.

I did however start another sweater, a cropped one actually that is zooming right along.

I’m testing this sweet design for Andi of Untangling Knots!

I’m using cascade 220 in the exact colourway I knit T’s Miss Lancelot with. This red is truly a perfect red and needed to be added to my wardrobe too.

 You may remember about the same time last year I test knit a cropped cardigan for her called Agatha!

That cardigan has seen much use since last year and gets tons of comments. It seemed a no brainer that I needed to knit another cropped number she has designed.

All being well I’m hoping to get both sweaters done this weekend!

Wish me luck!



Farrah is finished !

Pattern: Farrah from Berroco Glint #306

Yarn: Berroco Glint Colour 2901 Goddess 7 balls

Mods: no mods other than to add one row to the neckline with a couple of decreases so it wasn’t so wide.

The only issue I had with the pattern, and I wouldn’t really say its an issue but I used 2 balls less than what was set for mum’s size. It doesn’t seem like a lot but its almost $20 difference in the size of the sweater.

I have six balls left over from the kit that I plan on selling too if anyone is interested. You could definitely squeak out a 32 with that.

 This was a simple soothing knit with lots of stockinette and some yo’s to keep your attention.

If I hadn’t have gotten caught up in all those test knits it definitely would have been done long ago!

Such a simple sweater that makes a great statement.

I think I’d fancy this one in brown tweed for myself.

It suits mum perfectly and I think she’s already thinking about what she wants me to knit for her for Winter.

It’s pay back for all those hand knits she knit me growing up and I don’t mind a bit!

I wanted to share a bit with you on how this sweater was knit.

Here’s a look at it blocking before I started seaming.

You begin by casting on at the bottom edge of the back. The back is then knit, increasing for the sleeves when you get to the top.

The sleeves are then knit leaving an opening for the neck and decreased back down to finish off the front.

It’s the first time I’ve knit a garment like this and it was pretty interesting.

 and with the resident blocker!

Honey Stripes

Pattern: Satsuma Stripes *due to be released in August*

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in Honey

Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton in Putty

My Rav project page

I’ve been following Sharon on Ravelry for many years now. Everything she knits is beautiful and eye catching so when I saw that she was looking for testers for her first pattern I jumped at the chance.

Satsuma Stripes is a breton style pullover worked from the top down. It features a wide boat neck, folded cuffs and hem not to mention all those fun stripes.

 This was the quickest photo shoot I have ever done!

When I stepped into the clearing the black flies attacked! You can see the little pigs in the picture above on the left hand side around my elbow area. I was wearing white shorts and they were quickly coated in a sea of little black bodies. Most of the shots Moose captured were of me shooing them off me or flailing my arms around my head.

Thankfully we got enough to make it work!

This was my first time doing a knitted hem. I have used a sewn hem in the past but the knitted one really worked out well and doesn’t seem to flip up on itself like the sewn one does. I’ll be implementing this design feature again for sure.

 This was another pattern that used the contiguous method developed by Susie Meyers.

I think I am hooked!

I love the finished product even more so once it was blocked.

The yarn bloomed nicely making this my go to sweater for the rest of the summer!


What a great weekend!

I finished THREE knits!

 It feels so great to have some needles cleared off, but I still have a few projects left to go before I will be satisfied with the current state of my WIP’s!

I had my first REAL smore!

Enjoyed toasted marshmallow’s and hanging with visiting cousins.

Of course there was fun on the 4 wheeler,

and playing around with sparklers too!

But most importantly….

 We got to spent some quality time with Daddy!

That’s the kind of weekend we like best….

Right Moolee?