The demise of Blithe

Back in 2011 I started to knit Blithe by Kim Hargreaves out of some Rowan 4ply cotton I got from a destash. Those of you who will remember I had a skirt with a stripe of the same colour green in it that I thought would go perfectly with that top.

So it was all off to the races and I knit Blithe on 2.25 mm needles in a month. I had to add length from the get go because, as my Ravelry notes indicate “My waist is not at my hip!” I continued on, added the buttons up the front and the sleeve caps before I trying it on properly. Rookie mistake #1!!

Note: I do remember trying it on before adding the buttons but it was a little hard to get the right idea of fit until they were added.

I attached the sleeves and without weaving in ends tried it on…. well…. it was completely potato sackish on me. The sleeves were more like wings attached to the top of my shoulders and there was no shape whatever. Rookie Mistake #2 I knit a 34 instead of a 32.

So here I was with this tiny gauge top that looked like a potato sack on me and did absolutely nothing for my figure. Can you see where this is going?

I was mad…. I dumped it into a corner and promptly moved on to something else.

FAST FORWARD 4 years later!

As you know I have been frogging some knits that I just don’t wear and knitting things I will actually WILL wear.

The Trail tank by Mel Ski popped up in my feed about a month ago and instantly I could see it knit in my fennel green Rowan 4ply cotton that was currently stuffed in a ziplock bag where it has not moved.

I started the tank yesterday and figured I should take some pictures to show you this horrible potato sackish top that I clearly wasn’t going to wear EVER.

Well…. when I tried it on, it wasn’t so potato sackish… and the sleeve caps didn’t look like bat wings…. granted I am more a 34 now and not a 32 so this would probably explain my shock. It is however still on the too short side. I do have a skein left over that I used to start my tank but I’m questioning if it would even look right if I tried to add length to it and if I really even want to do that.

I’ve been wearing it around the house today to get an idea of fit and if I really want to keep it. I’m pretty sure Blythe will meet her ultimate demise today where she will be frogged so I can carry on with my tank. Fingers crossed if I do frog, this new top will be the one that the yarn was meant for and I can stop looking at this yarn as an angry rookie knitter.

So should I frog or should I not?


2011 In Review

7 adult garments
6 T sized garments
3 pairs of socks
4 toys
3 hats
2 shawls
1 infinity cowl

Phew! Not too shabby!

There is one knit in the mosiac you haven’t seen yet. I just put up a teaser shot for now but it will be released sometime this month. Any guesses which one it is?

I ended up frogging Emelie. I just had the sleeves left to do but wasn’t feeling it so I frogged and will most likely re knit in the future.

The socks I still haven’t decided on so I’ve moved them to live with the stash for now. They may or may not resurrect themselves in the future.

This year I am resolving to KNIT WHAT I WANT! I’m not joining 12 sweaters in 2012….. although I’d like to…. I’m not going to hold myself to any crazy feats. I’m going to knit what I want to knit when I want to knit it.

Here’s to a great 2012!


Pattern: Gamine by Tori Gurbisz of Lachesis & Co

Yarn: Paton’s Classic Wool

Ok so I lied but not intentionally…. Gamine is my final FO of 2011.

I was all set to frog back and move the button-hole positions up two stitches but when I realized I would have to frog the hem, collar AND both button bands I decided I could live with it.

This was a test knit for Tori of her wonderful cabled vest design, Gamine.

Isn’t that back panel fabulous??

The construction of this vest reminded me of  knitting  Agatha. Like Agatha this is also knit top down, starting with the back you knit to the under arm then knit each of the front pieces before joining in the round to knit the body.

I really enjoy knitting garments this way. Not only is there no seaming but you get a really good idea of fit as you go.

Originally I had sewn on brown leather buttons but they were just too “grampa`s cardigan“ for my liking. I took mum with me shopping for some new ones and she came through, as usual, with a button that pulls out the beige and grey flecks in the vest. Thanks Ma!

This is a great layering piece that looks great dressed up or something I can just throw on at home for that bit of extra warmth this winter.

A great garment to round out 2011.

Peppermint Pukes

The last FO of 2011 that I have yet to blog about., my Peppermint Pukes. These socks were started in Cat Bordhi’s sock class that I took at KnitEast. It was Cat’s Discovery Sock class and we used her recipe to knit them. I was quite surprised to discover that knitting plain socks Cat’s way I only need 48 sts!  Yes my friends 48 sts! That leaves a lot of leftover sock yarn. I have worn  these a lot since I cast off and they still fit great. The only thing I’m not sold on is the way we did the heel. It doesn’t sit right on me and constantly slides up and down but that’s an easy fix. I’ll just substitute Cat’s Heel for a different one and I’ll be all set. I’m also undecided about the pizza toe… it fits well and feels ok on but it looks kind of poofy on your foot.  Looks like I’m still searching for the perfect “vanilla” recipe for my feet but I’m getting pretty close.

Thank you to all that took the time to vote for T’s Rossbeg cardigan a few weeks ago. T’s cardi won in her category and Monika’s shawl won in the accessories. I received my package of goodies yesterday in the mail and wanted to show you what arrived.

The pink yarn is Donegal Yarns  Soft Donegal, and the brown is Plymouth worsted superwash. T has taken to the lanyard and calls it her dog collar :) Thanks so much Carol for the lovely package!


Pattern: Rossbeg from Contemporary Irish Knits

Yarn: Tahki Donegal Tweed

I finished Rossbeg a few weeks ago. I opted to knit the size 3 as T is going through a growth spurt right now and I wanted it to fit for longer than two seconds. I also opted for 3 buttons at the top of the cardigan instead of buttons all the way down the button band. I definitely prefer it that way.

The cardigan is constructed by knitting a strip of cable for the neckline and then picking up stitches along the side of the strip and knitting down. It was a nice change of construction from the norm.

I wouldn’t say I’m in love with this yarn choice. Tahki Donegal Tweed is rather thick and thin and doesn’t make for a very smooth fabric but it was in the stash and I wanted to use it up. If I knit this one again it will definitely be in a solid colour. *surprise surprise*

There is plenty of growing room in this one and will most likely still fit next year but for now it makes a nice sweater for stopping around The Ridge on cooler days.

I knit Rossbeg for the Contemporary Irish Knits KAL that was happening at the Stolen Stitches Group on Ravelry.

We added our finished projects to the voting threads on the group and today the voting will begin. If  you like my version and wouldn’t mind popping over there and hitting the love button for me I’d appreciate it.

While you’re over there you may as well show Monika’s Dangan some love too she’s post # 9 in the accessories category!!


Another test I did for Carol‘s Scrumptious Knits Booklet.

This is Vesuvius.

A drop stitch eternity cowl that leaves you wanting to knit “just one more row!”

My version is knit with Rowan Felted Tweed dk left over from Manu. I really think the tweed makes this simplistic design pop, I’m sure you’ve got a skein of something special around that would really be great for this pattern.

I forgot to mention before that if the whole scrumptious book isn’t for you, Carol will be releasing each pattern separately mid January!

There will be an adult Ignus around these parts for sure!

Ignus Junior

I’m very excited to show you this adorable test knit I did for Carol Feller.

Its a bonus pattern you get free when you pre order Carol‘s newest booklet Scrumptious Knits.

The hip length tunic is knit top down with a gorgeous cable pattern running down the sides. Accenting cables pop up here and there and there is also the option to add pockets to hide all those special treasures in.

I love that this works well as a sweater dress, no need to worry about coordinating pants just throw on a cute pair of tights and boots and she’s all set.

The oversized cowl makes it perfect for Fall and Winter here in Canada but it will also get some use in early Spring when the snow can’t make up its mind if it`s staying or going.

I knit this version with Berroco Vintage which is a wool, nylon, acrylic blend. I loved working with this yarn and am still surprised that it has acrylic content. You would never know! It is also machine washable making it  the perfect choice for children`s wear.

I loved knitting this and T loves wearing it. It is not restrictive in any way so T can concentrate on playtime instead of needing her clothing adjusted constantly.

If you like this one you should see the adult version of Ignus and the whole collection.

She’s offering the pre ordered booklet at the reduced price of $18. It will go up to $20 after the pre order date.

Take a moment and have a peek at Carol`s pattern page for Ignus Junior... you may notice someone familiar.

Get it now!


There’s nothing like a woolly hat to keep you toasty in the Autumn and Winter months.

I recently test knit this sweet beret for the lovely Preeti.

This is Courtenay, Preeti’s first published pattern!

The leaf motif  knits up quickly with worsted weight yarn and can easily be made slouchier with an extra repeat.

You have to check out all of Preeti’s versions in solid coloured yarns they are beautiful!

If I knit this one again I will definitely go with a solid.

You can get the full scoop on her design here on her blog.

If you’d like to purchase Courtenay you can hit the buy now button and it will take you right to her pattern shop.

A great little beret that you could whip up in a snap for christmas gifting.

Happy Knitting!


I couldn’t pass up this recent test knit for Vanessa of Knit Rhapsody.

If you haven’t already checked out her other patterns I highly suggest you do, they are all swoon worthy.

This is Julissa, Vanessa’s first sweater design. I’d say she likes to start things off with a bang huh?

Julissa is knit top down and this is definitely the way I like to knit sweaters. I’ve done a few top down designs before with Lily but I’ve always had to go back and add the neckline afterwards. I love that this is cast on at the neck, knit, cast off at the bottom and seam a few stitches under the arm. Perfect!

I knit my version with Ultra Alpaca in Sweet Pea. I really have fallen for this yarn. I used the Ultra Alpaca  light version for T’s Korrigan and the worsted for Julissa. They are all wonderful to work with and it comes in so many lovely heathered colours.

The cable and lace pattern is very flattering and looks fantastic on many shapes and sizes. If you check out the pattern page on Ravelry and see what I mean. This sweater will definitely get lots of wear and I fore-see more top down sweaters being knit in the future, they are soo comfy!

There is of course no show without Punch during a photo session.

Someone else wanted to “Sit on the tree with mummy.”

What sweaters are you swooning over this year?