Yo Yo Yoda

Yarn: Sirdar Baby Bamboo
Needles: 5mm
Start Date: August 26st 2008
Finish Date: September 12st 2008
Sirdar baby bamboo is now my favourite baby yarn. Its incredibly soft, great stitch defination and slides wonderfully along the needles, it comes in a variety of yummy colours that I can’t wait to knit with. Mum and Dad also brought me the Baby Bamboo Too pattern book back from their trip home during the summer, there are some lovely patterns in there that are just screaming to be knit.
This pattern for this was sized for 6mths but the little Yoda this was destined for was nearing that mark already so I added to the length and width of this sweater for more of a 1 year old size which will hopefully fit him well into next year.
Now what’s a yoda sweater without the matching felted yoda hat?

Pattern: Felted Yoda Hat by Sunshyne Leland

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers

Needles: 6.5mm

Start Date: September 25th 2008

Finish Date: September 26th 2008

Again this pattern went up to 6mths and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit when felted so I added to the number of stitches cast on as well as ear flaps and it actually turned out to be a bit too big, it should be wearable for quite a while.

As you can tell from the dates of these knits this post was a long time coming but I wanted to gift these knits before I posted about them.

Here’s Baby Yoda himself:

Talk about cute!

I’m almost caught up with my FO’s but i’ve had a bad case of startitis as of late and have lots more to show you!

Owly cute!

I know in my last post I said tomorrow and its been oohhhh a couple of days but I just couldn’t put the needles down for long enough to post. I’ve got a seriously cute finished object to show you all.





Pattern: One piece baby kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting

Yarn: Bernat handicrafter cotton in ecru

Needles: 4mm straights

Start Date: January 21st 2008

Finish Date: January 27th 2008

I thought this kimono needed a little jazzing up so I embroidered a little owl in the corner with some wool and then added the backstitching down the diagonals to finish it off. I’m very happy with how this turned out. This was a gift for my cousin who is due to have her second baby around my birthday but we really don’t think she’s going to go that long so I thought I better whip something up just in case. Well…… I showed it to Moose and the reaction I got was ” YOU CAN’T GIVE THAT AWAY!!! CAN’T YOU JUST SEE OUR KIDS RUNNING AROUND IN THAT!!!”  Wow wasn’t expecting that, so I guess its getting tucked away with the moss stitch hoodie for a mooselet down the road.

Of course I couldn’t NOT make matching booties so I whipped up this:



Pattern: Fleegle’s seamless Saartje Booties

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Ecru

Needles: 2.75mm circs 2 sets

Start Date: January 27th 08

Finish Date: January 28th 08

I don’t have buttons for these yet, but Mum, keeper of all buttons, has a huge stash that I’m going to be diving into on the weekend, hoping to find the perfect match. Love this no seaming version, just sew in the ends!!!

One last thing before I go, there’s a new knit/blogger in our world. She’s super sweet and if you all have a second to pop on over to her blog and say hello I know she’d love it. She’s got great taste in patterns and yarn 😉 Check Julierose out!